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Canadian BMX freesyle bike accessory company. 1664 BMX LTD produces handlebars, wheels, shin guards, chains and logowear for your bmx freestyle needs. 1664 BMX Ltd. is a rider owned and operated BMX company. There are a lot of BMX rider owned and operated BMX companies on the market. What puts 1664 BMX in a league of there own is this; 1664 BMX owner Bernie Tomaszewski is more then just the owner, he also welds and machines each set of handle bars that 1664 produces, this guarantees that customers are getting the highest quality of handle bars available. We don't know of any other company whose owner plays this significant role during assembly production.

Owner: Bernie Tomaszewski
1998 Steve Roy and Bernie Tomaszewski started 1664 in 1998.
1999 1664's Steve Roy and Bernie Tomazuskie interview in Chase may 1999.
2001 January, 1664 has moved its handlebar manufacturing in house. Bars made by the owner himself (Bernie Tomaszewski), from USA 4130 chromoly.

1664 BMX Ltd. has been operating dealer direct in Canada and the U.S since we started the company. We've found that by operating direct with retailers we can keep prices low and margins high. By operating direct with retailers we can guarantee that they get a product when they want it, and at an affordable price. Were distributed in the U.K by Infinite Loop, because of the convenience for U.K retailers and customers. If your local shop doesn't carry 1664 products, our products are also available by mailorder.
2003 Short Bus Productions and 1664 BMX Ltd. are pleased to announce that Street Justice 03 will be taking place on Saturday July 12th,2003 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at 1664 headquarters.
This will mark the third time that S.B.P and 1664 have put on the contest which gives both amateur and pro riders a chance to enjoy riding a great street course designed and built just for this contest.
Last years event had over 15,000 square feet filled with spines, sub boxes, jump boxes, grind boxes, sub rails, 1/4 pipes, hips, and a 40ft wide wall ride. The course gets bigger and better every year, and this year will be no exception.
The contest will consist of Am and Pro Street, Am and Pro Best Trick, and an open class for Flatland. All Am and open Flatland riders will receive prizes from sponsors(TBA), and cash money will be awarded to Pro finalists. Last years event had nearly 100 participants and more than 300 spectators.

Avril 2003, Eastreet distribution importe la marque 1664 pour la France.

1664 products are now available in the U.K! U.K riders have your bike shop or mailorder contact IMG Distribution for your 1664 needs. IMG Distribution
Top Tube Lengths: 20.5", 20.75", 21.0", 21.25", Chain Stays: 13.75" - 14.75", Head Angle: 74.5 degrees, Seat Angle: 71.0 degrees, Seat Stay brake mounts, smaller 14mm dropouts, Euro or Spanish BB, internal headset(Is2), Available with or without Gyro Tabs, Weight: 5.8 lb, Colors – Crump Black, Jon Pratt “Blood Red”, Mike "Smiley Short Bus Yellow", & Chris “Silva” Silver.
www.1664bmx.com, january 2006: The concept for this frame was to make a frame that our team would love, which had perfect geometry, was lightweight, and was strong enough to take the abuse they would put it through. As a result not only do our team riders love the frame, but every rider that has bought one loves it also. Although the frame is pretty light with it’s double butted front triangle, we opted to use .049 tubing throughout the back end to keep the frame strong and rigid. There are a lot of other companies making back ends from thinner tubing and as a result the frames are twisting and breaking. With our team riders still riding the prototypes for almost 2 years now and putting the frame to the test day in and day out, we know that this frame was built with the utmost perfection. Don’t take our word for it, go ride one and find out for yourself.
1664 TEAM
Bob Holliday
Matt Beyers
Brad Boner
Ken Dowdle
Ryan McDowell
Ben Mcpherson
Jon Pratt
Dan Rigby
Rob Sigaty
Mike Wilkinson