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Digbmx august 2013: BMX video preference is so subjective but there is one key fact that united everyone long before the Internet days…. you pretty much watched, and were influenced by, whatever came your way. Depending on when you started riding, where you grew up, which videos you where exposed to in your early years, or what style of riding you liked… you may even have a list of 30 videos that we haven’t even heard of, but those videos will have shaped your outlook on BMX and helped get you hooked.
Movies, cartoons, TV RAD, E.T., BMX Bandits, Stick it, ...
Musicals Julie Zenatti, Enhancer, Eric Prydz, Bat for Lashes, ...
TV commercials Canigou, Hollywood, Kelloggs, MBK, ...
20inch issues 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 1994 & 1996 year enders, Hall of Pain, The BMX Files.
2-Hip Ride like a man, Life On The Edge, Non Stop To San Francisco, Rock And Roll, Degenerates
411 issue 1, issue 2, issue 3, ... www.411vm.com
AFA King of the skateparks, 1987 AFA Masters finals, ...
Allied Heroes and Madmen, Loiter, Loiter 2
Animal Animal, ... animalbikes.com
Aspire BMX video contest round 1-3, ... www.aspirebmx.com
BACO BacoVision, Baco 2, Ride for Life, Hardcore.Underground.Dope, Homosexuals, Girl Just Wanna Have Fun, Pride, Straight In '98, Baco 9, Baco 10, ...
Base Brooklyn Neighborhood Superheroes
BMX Plus! 101 tricks, Freestyle Raddest Tricks, Rad TV, 101 Freestyle Tricks part 2 Psycho version, ... www.bmxplusmag.com
Bobby Carter Hang-5, Explorations, The 25th parallel, Diversion
Bully Slow ride
Demolition Demolition
Dirt Brothers Hicks in action, Dirt Brothers rule video
DK Damn Kids, Intuition
Dog on a Bike Miracle Boy and Nyquist, Dig, Dig 25, Naty's world, Fuzzy Logic, ...
Dorkin Dorkin York, Dorkin 2, Dorkin 3, Dorkin 4, Dorkin 4 1/2, Dorkin 5, Hypnosis, Wheelies, Balancing Acts, Dorkin 10
East Coast Destruction ECD 2, ECD 3, ECD 4, ... www.eastcoastdestruction.com
Ells Bells 665 1/2 Not Quite Evil, Ring The Gack, DED, Release The Grease, Glote, Hoice, On The Down Low, The Shutdown, Rebirth, Finding Shades
Empire Chill Bro
Etnies Forward, Grouded.
Faction Who Brought The Dicks ?, Running On Empty, Shutter Speed, ...
FBM: Ring of Fire, Live Fast Die, The Bar is Closed, Albert Street, All Time Low, ... www.fbmbmx.com
Fit: F-it, Barcelona, Puerto Rico, Fit life, ... www.fitbikeco.com
Fox Expendable Youth, Expendable 2, Expendable 3, ... www.foxracing.com
Graveyard Static, Novocaine, Comic Q
GT GTV, Demo Tape, Code 4130, Dead sailor, Direction
Haro Team Haro Freestyle, Candy, Fantasy.
Hoffman Aggroman, Head First, Ride On, Madd Matt, Until Monkeys Fly, Best Of HB TV, CFB 2000 round 1,CFB 2000 round 2, CFB 2000 round 3, CFB 2001 round 1.
Huffy Annihilator
Infection Infection 2 (Euthanasia), Infection 3 (Post Mortem), Infection 4 (Good ol' Boys), Infection 5 (Metal Militia)
inTRIKat: RealiTV, Linkt, Blend, Connect, Infinite Pieces, ... intrikat.net
JINX: Velvet Taxi
Kink Wasted days, Cheap thrills
Little Devil Seek and Destroy, Criminal Mischief
Monolithic The Brotherhood, FlatStyles, ... www.monolithic.us
Mosh Easy Style
Odyssey Video, Euro 2004
Orchid Step on it, ...
Poor Boy Loose Change, Heavy Metal Thunder, 500 miles, BMX-Men
Primo Made in Taiwan, ... www.primo-usa.com
Profile Saluting brutality, ... www.profileracing.com
Props video magazine, Road Fools, special releases, ... www.propsvisual.com
Ride BMX US Thunder, Generation, Role Models, Through The Lens, Basics, Industry, Turbulence, Parts, Drop the hammer, ... www.ridebmx.com
Schwinn American Muscle
Scum Lights Out, 1201
Shine Issue 1 - 3, ...
S&M: 44 something, Inferno, Video 4, ...
Snap and Transworld BMX How to dirt jump, Rhythm, TW How to, ... www.ridebmx.com
Square One Up in Arms, Wide Awake Nightmare, ... www.squareonebmx.com
Standard Rogers Garage, Happy Days, Fat Ones, Style Cats, Domination, Exit 63, Country, Eurotour
Standpoint Standpoint videozine issue 4.
Terrible One You get what you get
Tip Plus The family
Transit 1 .....8, ...
Trash Homeless III, Homeless Trash, Dirty Deeds, Nowhere Fast
Trek Chain Gang
Trend Trend 2001
UGP Superstitious, Face Value, Mission of nonsense, Roots 2001, Roots 2002
Useless Useless, Filler
Valley Side
Z-Ride Vizion, The royal Z-Baums

Others Alarash, Don't Quit Your Day Job, E-Clips, Flatland Fugitive, Focus, Free Style Flatlands, Freestylin, Freestylin Fanatics, Going Postal, High Action BMX, How I Wasted My Summer, HOT, RAD & TRICK, Metalmorphosis, The Beginning, Volume 0.
Backyard/Seventies Backyard, A dirty weekend in Southsea, Behold the wonders ..., On Location, Unlock your BMX, The Last Resort, Livid, Word, Less is more, From love to hate, Anthology, ... www.seventies.co.uk
Cheeky Monkey Tense Nervous Headache, Get Your Tricks Out, Dirty Jumpers, Extremely Unextreme, Mad Monkey Mayhem, Down Town, Jungle juice, Barry on a Grifter, ... www.cheekymonkeybmx.co.uk
Clicked issues 1 to 7, Resurection, ...
Compzine video one, video two
Federal Trafaelio, 9 1/2 days
Ride BMX UK True, Cassette, No front teeth, ... www.4130.com
Fly: Uno www.flybikesbmx.com
Flat TV: issues 1 to 6 www.flattv.tk
OG Parade, Trick Star, Trick Star II, Trick Star III, The Function Victim, ... www.original-gypsy.com
Dragonfly Dynamite, Take one.
KHE Flatland school, Cosa Nostra
Soul video magazine 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... www.soulbmx.com
We The People etc
Clandé Clandé, Incognito.
FISE Fise 2002
Flava Issues 1 to 5
Frame Première, Segundo, Trilogy, A different point of view, Hell Segundo
Mexicos Cream, Flat's cool
Ouomo Fast Forward.
Ronjon Sébastien: Yaourt, Gerbouz, Groumf, Bicloune, ... www.satoorne.com
Solitaire SOLitaire 1, SOLitaire 2
Twenty Le mal est fait. www.twentyvelocross.com
Martti Kuoppa Moments
Canadians Canadians Eh!, Canadians III, Canadians 4
Flatland Manifesto Paved Paradise, Issue1, Issue 2, Issue 3, Issue 4, Best of issues 1-4, Issue 5, Flatland Manifesto Europe, ...
Highroller Highroller 5: Beer, sex and BMX, Highroller 6: Journey
Vibe video magazine Vibe issues 1 - 5