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1990 Hal Brindley and Steve Buddendeck got together and started 2B in 1990.
Steve Buddendeck, Tread #2 summer 1996: We started 2B while on a snowboarding trip to West Virginia, it was really fun. We did 2B for awhile, but basically it was really tough to pay bills.
1994 Fat zine #29, july 1994: 2B Clothing is no more, it's called Play from now on. Hal Brindley is the main man behind the company 'cause Steve B's working at the NBL.
Steve Buddendeck, www.fatbmx.com: There was a company in New York city called 2B! that made hats and they were sort of like a hiphop fashion company and their attorny sent us a letter saying that we couldn't use the name anymore. Actually at the same time Chris Potts had a clothing company and he had been going through the same thing and he tried to fight it and it cost him almost 10 thousand dollars and he lost and Hal and I were like: "Ten Thousand dollars!? We can start a new company for that kind of money!" Right around that time I moved to Ohio to work at the NBL on BMX Today magazine and then Hal started PLAY clothing. We didn't want to fight the battle.