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Jamie Delaney, www.alliancebikeco.com, 2005: Alliance - This is who we are. This is our world - a unique evolving sphere encompassing all of our lives and all the idiosyncrasies that bombard us along the way. Time passes, the sphere evolves, but our minds are kept young and fresh through the input of you. This is what we have become, this is what we are - an Alliance.
Alliance is focussed on quality and ingenuity. In front of you is over a year's work full of collaboration, thinking, progressions, solutions, dilemmas, successes, disappointments and pride. It feels encouraging to have everyone behind us, lifting us up, supporting us and constantly bombarding us with ideas; because to tell you the truth, Alliance is here for you, because of you.
Thanks to you for being here, providing us with motivation, your input, your support and your encouraging words.
Alliance team
Brandon Fenton

Steve Fong

Stacey Mulligan

Rob Sigaty