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Founder: Yosuke Uno in 1999.
Country: Japan.
www.theflatlander.com/ares, summer 2000: ARES BIKE COMPANY came about when someone finally listened to one of the Japanese flatlanders. Then this flatlander; Yosuke Uno came up with the Ashura frame design and they made it. The outcome was as perfect as you can get, and within minutes more ideas were set forth ...
Now anyone can draw up a bike, but what set this apart from other companies was Yosuke's love for bmx flatland. You see Yosuke is not the X-Games Gold Medallist, nor is he everyone's favorite rider so the 1500 bikes they sold in the 1st month were not because of his image, or his contest standings. Those bikes were sold because they are rumored to be the best products available and that is what is important here. People ride these bikes because they respect the designers' opinions on steering angles, and wall thicknesses, and that is the way it should be.
So now as Ares/88 goes into the last half of their 1st year things are ever changing as ever with more products, more options, more riders, and finally more availability.
Katsu Sera, Cream #16 march 2002: My name is Katsu Sera. Ares is my family name backword. I work on president FunFancy. Co., Ltd.
I met York Uno in Las Vegas on september 1988. He wanted to make BMX frame and parts. We made first products of pegs and c/rings called "Woodland". Woodland products were made with my personal money and I was supporting York. York attended some comp in USA in 1998 but he had not got enough good results at each comp. He wanted to trip to 2-hip contest in East Coast; This contest was his last chance and he won it.
Since 1999, we have established ARESBYKES with York, Kenji and Funfancy co. In the same time we started KOG contests. We made first "ASHURA" frame and built a complete bike for the japanese market. Then, in 2000, Takashi Ito came at ARESBYKES. York and Takashi tripped to every CFB and BSS series comps. Then they were qualified for the X-Games 2000. Takashi got 9th and York 10th.
1999 ASHURA frame designed by Yosuke Uno
18.75" top tube - 74° steering angle - 13" rear stay - weight under 5.75 lbs - full cro-mo - bent down tube allows maximum clearence where needed on front wheel tricks - lowered seat-stays allow for maximum clearence during back wheel tricks
2002 Ares DITA frame designed by Takashi Ito
4130 chromoly, Top tube: 480mm, 6.1 pounds.
ARES team
Kenji Horikawa

Takashi Ito

Alexandre Jumelin pro model alu 2001: THE CHOISE

Simon O'Brien

Akira Okamura (autumn 2001 - .... )

Yoshiro Shinde

Yasuaki Shinjo

Cory Strtychuk

Yasushi Tanabe

Yosuke Uno