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www.bdbflatland.com, 2005: The name of company is BDB….BDbikes. This company is accord priority treatment to production flatland components. Main designer is Dominik Nekolny. The bases of company are two men. And that are Dominik and Martin Drazil. The main products of company are frames, forks and bars. If you will look on the frames…you will see least one important different. Company pride on different way of construction of frames. This construction is for she very substantial. Is that sight on more room over front wheel. Unlike others producers. As by-product are some T-shirts. Which served as advertising and promotion material. There is one thing, which you have to know…..the company rise from riding…no riding rise from company…That’s important thing on the end.
2005 Beginning of BDB company.

The BDone frame is first frame of this company. Construction conception was direct to idea of having more room above front wheel. Unlikes of others, who are direct to room over top tube.
Head angle: 73,5°, Seat angle: 70°, Top tube 18,5" 1,5" x 0,06", Down tube: 1,5" x 0,06", Seat tube: 1" x 0,039", Chainstays: 13,3" 7/8" x 0,039", Dropouts: 5/8" or 3/8" 14 or 10 mm, Bottom bracket: USA, Colors: many, Weight: 6 pounds 2700g, Price: € 239,9.
2006 The frame Firhttubes is second frame of this company. This frame is very innovated. He offers more room yet over front wheel. But now he offers more room over top tube!! This was big disadvantage of old model BDone - little room over top tube. He has Euro bottom bracket. And the weight is very good...so tell you...The down tube make possible have frame nearer your body, if you rolling on front wheel with both feet on pegs and if you need it of course. Inovated tob tube now make possible better move across top tube. The chainstays is now only 12,8". It means shortening frame, and respectively results in better coordination with bike.
Head angle: 73,5°, Seat angle: 70°, Top tube: 18,5", 1,2" x 0,04", Down tube: 1,2" x 0,04", Seat tube: 1" x 0,04", Chainstays: 12,8", 6/8" x 0,04", Dropouts: 3/8" 10 mm, Bottom bracket: Euro, Colors: many, Weight: 4,1 pounds 1850g, Price: € 254,9.
BDB team
Dominik Nekolny

Martin Drazil

Honza Malek