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2006 2007 ENDEAVOR BIKE.
Designed by Colony BMX with WeThePeople Co.
Frame: Colony Endeavor full CrMo 20.6" - 13.75" -74.5 ° -71.0°
Fork: Colony complete full CrMo
Colourways: 1.PurplePeopleEater Frame/Fork/Bars 2.Gunpowder white Frame/Fork/Bars
Brake/F: Tektro 985AFS
Brake/R: Tektro FX-570CD
Brake levers F/R: Tektro 289A
Brake cables: Jagwire - white
Headset: Integrated
Stem: MJ Cycle MF-950
Handlebar: Colony complete bar full CrMo
Grips: Velo mushroom - black
Sprocket: MJ Cycle MJ-ST01-60 28T - Black
Crankset: Tubular CrMo
Chain: KMC Z510
Pedal: Wellgo LU-A18
BB set: MID BB sealed CrMo spindle
Rims: Alex DX2418 36 hole F/black R/chrome
Tyre F: Maxxis M-Tread 2.1
Tyres R: Maxxis M-Tread 1.85
Spokes: Black steel
Hub F: Sealed 3/8" bearing low flange
Hub R: Joytec cassette 14mm SB with 10T driver 36h
Pegs: Steel 3/8" & 14mm (1 x each)
Seat: Colony Slim Seat
Seat post: Alloy Micro adjust
Seat clamp: Colony Slimline

Ryan Guettler Signature Bars designed by Ryan Guettler. 13 Butted whole heat treated CrMo Bar. Rise: 7.3". Width: 25". Back sweeps: 12". Upsweep: 4". Weight: 650 grams. Colours: Black, Black & red two tone paint, Black & grey two tone paint.

Designed by Ryan Guettler. Full heat treated CrMo fork. Single butted fork legs. Full CNC machined one piece steer tube. 4mm thick drop outs with weight saving cut outs. Oversized blowholes inside steer tubes to further reduce weight. Oversized drill hole in fork crown to further again reduce weight. 3/8 axle slots (also available in 14mm & with or without brake mounts). Colours - Black, white & dark grey. Weight: 1050 grams. LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Clint Millar, www.colonybmx.com.au, march 2006: We are in Taiwan right now & just received our final prototypes of our OneWay street & park pegs. These pegs are one product that I am very excited about & we have been working on these for a year now. These pegs are very unique in that they feature a special offset internal machining process that reduces the weight significantly. They also feature an optional built in chain tensioner which again reduces the weight of your bike set-up. The heat treated 4140 crmo pegs with built in tensioner weigh in at a very light 139 grams each! Similar titanium pegs are approx. 130 grams each but our pegs will be so much more affordable. We also have a OneWay park peg made from heat treated 7075T6 alloy which weigh in at 99 grams each! This unique offset machining process is patent pending. The pegs will be available late June 2006.

Designed by Clint Millar. Super light weight design multi purpose. CNC machined from 4140 heat treated CrMo. Patented unique offset machining process reduces weight dramatically. Optional built in chain tensioner. 4 inch length with 37mm diameter. Black ED finish. Weight: 139 grams. Sold individually.

Designed by Clint Millar. Super light weight design for park use. CNC machined from heat treated 7075-T6 alloy with hard anodizing. Patented unique offset machining process reduces weight dramatically. Optional built in chain tensioner. 4 inch length with 37mm diameter. Black finish. Weight: 99 grams. Sold individually.

Designed by Clint Millar and Chris Harrison. New shape saddle (slim to medium). KP2 covering. Embroided logo. 8mm CrMo rails with rail brace. Limited edition painted rails.

Designed by Clint Millar. Super light weight design CNC machined from 6061-T6 alloy. Designed to fit today's small drop outs. Will only fit 5mm dropouts. 2 different length bolts to fit all dropout sizes. Black only. Sold individually.

Designed by Clint Millar and Ryan Guettler. Light weight minimal design. CNC Machined from 7075-T6 alloy. Single grub screw mounting bolt. Black finish. Sold in pairs.

Super light weight. Weight 18 grams. Black only.

Hollow CrMo m8 stem bolts. 6mm Allen key heads. Sold in 6 packs.

Clint Millar, october 2006: Dave Freimuth is the newest member of the Colony team. Dave has left Macneil on good terms & now will be riding for Colony BMX. Plans are underway already for his own signature frame & fork. Expect to see the forks in the new year & the frame soon afterwards. Colony & Dave are looking forward to an exciting future together. Dave joins the already varied team consisiting of Ryan Guettler, Pete Radivo, Kenny Raggett, Nick Richardson, Haimona Ngata & myself (Clint Millar). In more Colony news our full debut range of parts are shiping now worldwide when everyone reads this, hopefully, fingers crossed. No seriously, they are shipping now, so expect Colony products on bike shops shelves very soon. Distribution for Colony is in the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands & South Korea. Also the first official team tour will hopefully be going down in Australia & New Zealand around the BMX Games & Xair comps which is January / February 2007. The team will be hanging out in the South Island of NZ riding, camping & filming for an upcoming Colony DVD production. The entire team will be in attendance.
2007 Clint Millar, www.fatbmx.com, february 2007: Colony BMX are gracing Nick Richardson with his own signature frame to go along with his Bloody Oath Bars that are available now. Nick's frame will feature the special tubing that Colony have access to dubbed, Colonized tubing. This special tubing affords all our frames a really light weight ride, yet still very strong. The Bloody Oath will come in two sizes, 20.85 & 21.25 TT. Prototypes are being made now & are expected to weigh in at around 4.1lbs !! Yes, 4.1 lbs. Nick's frame along with the MVP, Dave Freimuth's signature, will come in 20.25 (4.65lbs) & 20.75 TT (4.7lbs) & will be available in July this year.
The Official Stem which is Ryan Guettler's signature will be available in July this year. Expect something very different with this stem which is still a classic 6 bolt front load stem but with a few nice differences. More soon enough on colonybmx.com.au which is having a huge overhaul as you read this. Expect it all soon.

Clint Millar, www.fatbmx.com, february 2007: Kenny Raggett's signature frame called the Sect, will be available in March & will come in two sizes, 20.5 (4.62lbs) & 21.0 TT (4.7lbs)

Clint Millar, www.fatbmx.com, february 2007: Our roadtrip DVD from Brisbane to NZ & back will be available sometime in May/June this year... and will retail for only AUD$9.95 ea !! Packed full of bonus stuff too !!!

www.databmx.com, juin 2007: la dernière fourche MVP (Dave Freitmuh signature) est sorti en France via www.unleaded.fr. Elle est 100% Crmo Japan FPHT (full post heat-treated), terme poétique qui veut dire traitée thermiquement aprés soudure. Les bras de fourche sont non seulement double butted (épaisseur variable en fonction des zones de stress) mais en plus elles sont tapered (le diamètre extérieur passe de 31.8mm à 25,4mm, c'est à dire que le diamètre est maximum là ou on a besoin de la solidité et plus fin là ou il n'y a presque aucune contrainte), la combinaison des 2 techniques donne un compromis légereté-solidité. Le pivot est 100% Crmo Jpan usiné Cnc. Elle est dispo pour axes de 10 et 14mm, à 109€ (ce qui est canon!). Le poids est top avec 932g (947g avec le bouchon). Elle est ridé par Shelter, Pascal Guérard, Mik et Bruno Faucon.

Available july 2007. Full CNC machined precision lever. Super lightweight at 60grams or 2.11oz. Half the weight of any other BMX lever on the market. Increased braking power and performance. Annoying lever wobble reduced due to precision CNC construction. Left and Right Versions. No cable ferrule to bend or strip out when using straight cable. Optional special ferrule included for gyro users. Compatible with Odyssey gyro cables, SST orgy cables & Dragonfly cables when using a gyro. No sharp hardware or edges to cut fingers. Replaceable brass bushings included. ,$74.99 ...

Clint Millar, www.colonybmx.com.au, november 2007: Frames will now be delayed now until March 2008. We have had some very stressfull days here working on a problem that has hit us this week. I am very sad to report that we encountered a problem with our 2008 frames recently shipped worldwide. There has been a manufacturing fault discovered in that the BB shells are ovalised on all Bloody Oath, MVP & Sect frames for 2008. This in turn would make the BB bearings sieze up & not turn freely. This does NOT affect any 2007 model Sect frames out there. As these frames were not up to our strict quality standards, I made the decision to have them re-called before they hit the markets around the world. I don’t want Colony products out there unless they are absolutely 100% perfect. This problem does not affect the 2008 Sect Limited Edition complete bike I am happy to report. I am sorry for the delay this will cause but in March it will be worth the wait. We are having them all made again & making sure this rare problem never occurs again. I thank everyone out there who has supported Colony from day one. We here at Colony always strive to offer you the best possible products & we will continue to do so.
colony transformer levers 2007
2008 Welcome to the team… Simon O’Brien !!
Clint Millar, www.colonybmx.com.au, january 2008: Yes, Simon has joined the team !! We here at Colony are very excited to see Simon join Shane in our very exclusive flatland team. Welcome to the team Simon !! ,Our flatland program is starting to take shape exactly how I wanted it. Both Simon O’Brien & Shane Badman will have a huge input into what our products look like & the specs they have. Expect to see Shane’s, The Cube frame, that you already know about & some bars from Simon. Also from Colony a sprocket, freecoaster hub, some 2 piece cranks, pegs, stem & Pivotal seat & seat post combo. All these will be available around July/August this year depending where you live in the planet.

A sad goodbye to Freimuth.
Clint Millar, www.colonybmx.com.au, september 2008: It’s one of those things that are on the horrible side of running a bike company. Having to make hard decisions that you just don’t want to have to do. I recently had to make the call on a few changes within Colony and some of these are to do with the team. After being on Colony from close to the beginning I had to let Dave go. It was the hardest decision I have had to make and one that I did not take lightly. Dave is no longer an official part of the team as such but will still ride Colony products until he decides not to do so. Even Dave’s son, Thompson, will have an MVP frame waiting for him when it comes time as we are sending Dave two extra frames while they last. One for his son to ride in years to come & another for Dave to hang on his wall as a momento of his signature frame with Colony. So the split is definately on the very best of terms. I must thank Dave for all his efforts these last two years & I will look back on the days when I was lucky enough to have one of my all time favourite riders on my own team. Good times for sure & I am very grateful to have been able to have Dave an integral part of Colony. Thank you for everything Dave & good luck with everything in the future.
2009 Colony BMX Restructures
Brian Tunney, www.expn.com, january 2009: Australia's preeminent BMX brand, Colony BMX, announced plans earlier this week regarding the restructuring of the company. Originally owned by Clint Millar and Chris Harrison, Millar announced that Harrison had left Colony, leaving himself as the sole owner of the company. In addition, Colony BMX is no longer distributed by Triplesix Distribution in Australia. Millar will also be taking charge of Colony's distribution, which he plans to do on his own from Brisbane, Australia. No formal name has been announced for Millar's distribution, but the switch is effective immediately.
But that's not all; Colony has a new art director. Effective immediately, Cooper Brownlee of Focalpoint BMX is responsible for the all things graphic from Colony. And his first ad, featuring Liam Fahy-Hampton, looks pretty darn good.
So what does this mean for all of us? Well, unless you live in Australia and are politically embedded in BMX distribution house politics, nothing. It's simply just a few behind the scenes changes for Colony that will, in the words of Clint Millar, "move Colony in the right direction." And if the current momentum behind Colony's full line of completes, frames, forks, bars, components and poker sets is any indication, then expect to see a lot more of Colony's right direction in the near future. (If you don't see it coming, Clint Millar might no-foot nosepick your forehead....)
Clint Miller, march 2010: We now offer our Clone Cassette hubs in a female bolt style version. Our design is a little different than some others out there. They feature a 3mm section of the 14mm axle that protrudes into the drop outs. This creates a much cleaner & stronger design we feel. If you run pegs you just use 10mm versions on the rear to suit the 10mm hardened CrMo bolts supplied. 6061T6 alloy hub shell. Special female axle design with 14mm axle protruding into drop outs by 3mm. 10mm hardened CrMo 17mm hex head bolts. Polymer bushing bearing in driver for trouble free performance. ;Comes standard with 9T driver. RHD and LHD versions available. 36 hole only. Available in Black, White, Red, Purple, Blue & Tangerine.Weight:14.63oz

2011 LINE.
colonybmx.com.au, september 2010: Our 2011 complete bikes arrive into the country (Australia) today and will be in all good BMX stores early next week. Descendent in Blue Storm and Wasabi. There will also be a new Endeavour in two colours. We will also have a range of pro level bikes such as a Sweet Tooth Pro, Teddy Pro, Lowcut Pro & Rebirth Pro. All these pro bikes feature all our parts packed into one pro level custom bike right out of the box.
Team Colony
Shane Badman

Dave Freimuth october 2006 - september 2008

Ryan Guettler

Clint Millar

Simon O'Brien january 2008.

Haimona Ngata

Pete Radivo

Kenny Raggett

Nick Richardson february 2007: Nick Richardson getting his own Colony frame this of course means he is parting ways with wethepeople but on the best of terms. - ....