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Founded in 1994 by Chris Gack.
1994 Gack Street Bikes is a new company from Citrus Heights in California.

Gack Hubs have sealed bearings and heat treated chromoly axles wich are 14mm in diameter.

Ride BMX UK april 1994: Kris Gack's company Gack Street Bikes is picking up speed: sealed hubs with 14mm axles, big pegs, and flip flop stems are available right now [pricey but worth it], with more product coming in Spring including Monkey bars, the Streetbike frame, and a new BMX frame called the Ridehard - a lighter race version of the Streetbike with flip flop stem, oversize headset with pressed-in bearings, etc etc. Also, word has it that Kris will start working for Hoffman Bikes as new products designer, and may move to Oklahoma City to work from there with Matt - Gack Street Bikes will then operate out of OKC.
GACK team