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1988 RL Osborn found Hammer in 1988.
RL Osborn crée Hammer en 1988 avec une ligne de wear et des protections en néoprène.

RL Osborn, BMX Plus! november 1988: Hammer is my company. I didn't just sell my name to somebody. There's another party involved with me, but I make all the decisions for the stuff we're making and things like that. Hammer's a clothing company. If you like our clothes, cool; if not, we don't really care. It's just casual stuff that I like to wear, and if other people happen to like it too, then cool. We didn't start it to make a million bucks or anything like that. We had an idea on a certain style of clothes we wanted to do, so we did it.

Glenn Mehltretter, november 2005: I knew RL back in the day and I taped part of the Bully Slow ride video. In payment for that work, he sent me the first ever prototype Hammer shin pads.

First ever prototype Hammer shin pads.
1991 Jeff DeVido, www.ridebmx.com, november 2005: I started Custom Cycle in October of 1991. The first items we sold were Hammer shinguards. I was working with RL Osborn back then. I had the exclusive distribution for Hammer at the time. We were selling almost 1,200 shin guards a month. A few years later I bought Hammer and Bully from RL.
Dennis McCoy