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Mike DiMartino is the owner and creator of Jad bikes.
1993 BMX Plus! july 1993: A new bicycle company in San Diego has come up with its own version of a high-performance race bike: the Jad. Take a good look at the photo and you will see that the Jad is a tad different than ordinary garden-variety BMX bikes. No top tube, a megasized down tube and incredibly long Harley-style fork dropouts are some of the most noticeable oddities. Jad also offers custom stems, handlebars and crank arms (angled outward). The complete lad prototype weighs in at about 20-1/2 pounds and they claim that it is ready for some serious race action. For more information, write to Jad Bicycle Mfg., 10824 Explorer Rd., San Diego, CA 91941 or call (619) 581-6512. jad
1996 Jad test in Ride BMX US april 1996.