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Bob Morales, founder of Dyno Products and Auburn Cycles, creates the Thrashguard (sprocket protector) under the Kore Products name. Thus, the KORE brand was created and the current logo was designed.
Bob Morales: While working with some of the BMX riders I knew through my AFA Contests, I recognized there was a need for a product that did not yet exist.
Keith Mulligan, bmx.transworld.net, 2008: These were all the rage in the early 90s. My friend Timmy Strelecki and I ordered these from S&M and I remember being so excited when they finally arrived at his house. As you can imagine it weighs a ton and while it protected my sprocket I still broke chains left and right with it on my bike. Needless to say, it didn’t stay on my bike for long. I think it’s funny I put the “Built Street Tough” and “If It’s Hard Grind It” Vision stickers on it.
kore bmx logo

kore trashguard
Removable 2" ring allows pegs to fit all frames and forks.

kore pegs 1996

KORE team
Edgar Plascencia 1996

Phil Dolan 1996

Chase Gouin 1996