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2007 Distribution.
www.magicfruits.jp, may 2007: BMX Force, a new bmx proshop have now a first batch of parts to sell in Lyon, France. The owners, both of them flatlanders, are wainting for you to order or pre-order magicfruits parts. As magicfruits parts are hardly available in the old Europe 'til now. It seems to be usefull for many european riders to know that new adress.
www.magicfruits.jp, september 2007: One more step for magicfruits.jp in Europe! Our products will be avalaible trough www.rasobmx.pt.vu in Gaia (Porto), Portugal. This is a brand new webshop for flatlanders only! Louis is the one running the shop, he is very motivated to distribute well-made flatland products for you.
www.magicfruits.jp, december 2007: MagicFruits is very proud to announce that our parts are avalaible in Hungary, one of the main place for flatland! The adress of the shop is Görb-X Bt. Miskolc Széchenyi út 52. 3/1. 3529, Hungary, phone number is +36703840362, and email adress is online@harlee-shop.com . The owner is Attila Sarlósi, a hungarian flatlander.
www.magicfruits.jp, december 2007: worldwide distribution? Many of you have no opportunity to buy MagicFruits parts outside Japan. A japanese ditributor is taking care of worlwide availability of our products as well as domestic market. You will find more information on where you could buy our products and some others japanese brands like those from our close friends at dirty450. The name of the distributor is Third-Kind distribution. The domestic distribution will include both japanese and foreign brands and in the same time the worldwide distribution will only include japanese brands and bmx media.

New magicfruits ex-ploit frame.
www.magicfruits.jp, november 2007: The ex-ploit is made of japanese sanko tubes with pre-treatment against iron rust and all heat treated after welding. you can find every specifications above. we want the ex-ploit to be our first frame available worldwide. We will produce only 100 frames.
Bottombracket size is Spanish. Internal Head. Removable Gyro tab. Top tube: length;18.15" or 18.6" / diameter:31.8mm / thickness;0.9mm. Head tube angle: 75°. Seat tube angle: 70° / single butted tubing. Down tube: diameter;31.8mm / thickness;0.9mm
Chain stays: length;12.5~ / diameter;19mm / thickness;0.9mm. Seat stays: diameter;19mm / thickness;0.8mm. Bottom bracket height: 11.69". Drop out thick: 5mm. Drop out slot: 14mm
2008 Skinny pegs.
www.magicfruits.jp, march 2008: Due to the rude solicitations of Akira's street riding, we decided to make some changes on the Skinny pegs. First, the underside's holes are replace with four cnc cuts, then the inside was modified for avoiding that pegs bend. The process make Skinny pegs stronger, you need strong pegs if, as Akira, you do handlerails between your home and your parking lot. And the pegs are even lighter, from 87gr to 85gr.

Stunted stem.
www.magicfruits.jp, march 2008: The Stunted stem's bolt was replace with longer ones. For doing it, we cut some more aluminium to welcome the new bolts without any reach changes. The weight is a little increased but the strength is really improved, that is a very important point for us.

Ex-ploit frame.
www.magicfruits.jp, march 2008: The Ex-ploits are now available. Sorry for the long wait. MagicFruits frames is not the only new part. Spanish bottom bracket kit with MagicFruits logo inserted for 19mm and 22mm are also available! It will look good on your new ex-ploit! MagicFruits would like to thanks everyone who had been working on the frames, especially Mo-rich, Miyuki, Akira and "E". I have also heard about special colors only avalaible in a very few numbers of shop. Ex-ploit frames are limited to a hundred pieces.

E-Bar 4.
Weight: 593g. High: 150mm. Crossbar highness: 60mm. Width: 600mm. Up sweep: 0°. Back sweep: 0°

For Peace Bar 2.
Weight: 631g. High: 177.8mm. Crossbar highness: 82.534mm. Width: 600mm. Up sweep: 2°. Back sweep: 4°.
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