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Country: Brazil.
Started by Rogério Lauria de Oliveira (Rodela), Renato Paiva and two other friends.
Owned by Rogério "Rodela" Lauria.
1993 Rogério "Rodela" Lauria and three friends started Master Bikes at the city of Taubaté, São Paulo (Brazil) because they were tired of not having good BMX parts to buy and any imported bicycles and parts were too expensive due to tons of government taxes. Master Bikes is a rider-owned company since Rodela and his friends are all riders. Master bikes' frames, handlebars, forks, pegs and seatposts are made of common steel, since chromoly is very expensive in Brazil, but they are very well made and can take as much abuse as an 100% chromoly frame, the only difference being that Master's frames are a bit heavier.
Rogério "Rodela" Lauria, Dig #23, july 2002: When I was a teenager, I couldn't afford the good bikes I saw in the US magazines, so I wanted to start making bikes for my friends. I went to a BMX bike factory called JNA, had a few parts made, then rented my own space and bought machines and that was the beginning of Master bikes. I never studied any engineering or welding, I just did it.
2002 Rob Dolecki came to Brazil to cover the first Latin American X-Games and did an interview with Rodela, published in Dig #23 july/august 2002:
We're producing 50 frames and about 30 bars per month. (...)
Most Brazilian riders can't afford to pay for an all-cromoly bike. Cromoly tubing is very expensive to buy here. So the frames are constructed of steel but other products like forks are made mostly out of cromoly. (
Otávio: the fork's steer tube is the only chromoly piece, CNC'd from a 4140 cr-mo block) (...)
We're selling Master products only in Brazil. We're the biggest BMX company here. (...)
It's important that a rider owns Master because it's easier to communicate with the team riders for the necessary information, like changing angles, etc., because I understand everything from riding myself. I'm very happy that all the riders give recognition because it's a rider-owned company and it's great seeing people riding my products.

Master rider Marcos Paulo de Jesus, A.K.A. Pig, won 1st place at the Latin American X-Games Flatland, 2002.

Master bikes founder Renato Paiva founded Street Solution and is making aluminum pegs with titanium sleeves and aluminum pegs with steel sleeves, with help from Master bikes.
2003 Master Jujuba 2003, frame designed by Eugenio "Jujuba", Masterbikes rider from Rio de Janeiro.
2004 Master bikes has just released its first frame featuring integrated headset.

Master Bikes is now manufacturing cromoly frames (Master Serginho) and handlebars! Since cromoly still is very expensive, again due to our lovely government's taxes, they managed to import the tubes from Taiwan to cut and weld them at home (Brazil). The frames feature the same high quality as ever but now they're stronger and lighter.

All frames: 20", 20,5"and 21" top tube (FSA flatland frame 18 1/4"), 1/4 inch laser cut dropouts, euro or US bottom bracket.

FSA flatland frame.

Master Serginho cromoly designed by Master rider Sergio Santanna, from São Paulo

Rogério "Rodela" Lauria.
Marcos Paulo de Jesus