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1996 In 1996, Giant brought Linn Kastan and AA Pro Jason Richardson together to design a racing machine: MOSH.
Mosh then became the BMX division of Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd
2001 Video Easy Style.
2003 Mosh stopped doing complete bikes and became a parts company.
Giant made bikes used the Mosh name until 2003 when it switched to Giant. Mosh was then used to label all high end freestyle specific to street, skatepark and dirt riding and simply rename it Mosh parts managed independantly from Giant Bikes. The Team mostly changed in 2003 when the company decided to repositioning in his market.
2008 www.fatbmx.com, december 2008: Mosh is no more. The parts brand, owned by Giant Bicycles, has stopped making stylish BMX parts. The team has stopped too. Riding for Giant now are Taj Mihelich, Corey Bohan and rider/TM Heath Pinter. Not a bad crew. Expect Giant parts and a complete new stylish BMX bike line from Giant for 2010.
Mike Aitken 1999 - 2000 then riding for Fit.
Mike Ardelean 1999 - 2008 Mike Ardelean quit for United Bike.
Jerry Bagley 1999 - 2003
Corey Bohan 2004 - ....
Eddie Cleveland 2005-2008
Lawan Cunningham
Chase Dehart 2005-2008
Rich Hirsh november 2001 - ....
Heath Pinter 1999 - ....
Ian Shwartz 2005-2008
Markus Wilke december 2000 - 2003.