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1999 Founded in 1999 in Fountain Valley, CA, USA.
Nirve Sports, Ltd. designs and develops its own proprietary branded bicycles, parts, components, clothing and accessories. The Company's brands include Nirve (bicycles) and Voxom (components). Bicycle models are available in BMX race, trail, & freestyle, cruiser, mountain & comfort styles.Gary Ellis is the team manager and is playing a role in product development. The company owner, Bill Duehring is an ex-CEO of GT.
2000 2000 Nirve Clutch bike test in BMX Plus! february 2000.
2001 NIRVE
Mike Laird 2000
Stephen Murray 1999, when Gary Ellis first rung me up and asked me if I wanted to ride for him I didn't believe it was him on the phone. I stuttered, didn't know what to say, I was so scared. After a while he's just like me and you, a real cool guy and he does an awesome job. He's excellent. Anything I want he's there, he'll change my tire, give me drinks when I want it, gives me food when I go through my runs, he's awesome man.