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Randell Kim is the designer and owner of Panda Bike Company from 1973 to 1976.

bmxmuseum.com: With some super laid back seat angles Panda was a big player early on. The later models were made by Boss.
1974 Randell Kim, june 2011: Panda in 1974 had the first full hydraulic shock BMX, first free wheel, 6 inch cranks, raise letter knobby tire, anodize brake levers, screw in crank bear cups, standard quarter in ball bearing in crank, front axle, and rear axle, rear drum brakes, 120 gauge spokes, all factory productions.

Randell Kim, june 2012: 10 speeds, folding bikes, and sting rays. First bicycles from Taiwan to sold in the U.S. bike shops.
We started Panda factory racing team with modified sting rays called MX 1, MX 2, MX 3, and MX 4 the shocker. 
1975 1975 PANDA SHOCKER.
Mr. Panda, Randell Kim, bmxmuseum.com, april 2009: The shocker came in chrome only. I designed it in 1974 and production was in 1975. No frame decals. They were only about 450 built. They were the first BMX bike in the world to have hydraulic shocks, 3 rear quick change gears, screw in bearing cups on cranks, 120 gauge spokes, standard quarter inch ball bearing on complete bike and raise letter knobby tires.

Randell Kim, june 2012: I redesigned the Dan Gurney mono shocker and built it in my factory in Taiwan, at the same time made their raised white letter knobby tires. Letters were Dan Gurney and our tires Panda. Dan Gurney’s partners were Mike Devitt and Tommy Kamifugi .
1977 The Panda BMX Bike in Minicycle magazine february 1977.

Test in Minicycle magazine december 1977.
1978 Mr.Panda, Randell Kim, bmxmuseum.com, 2007: The Panda Charger 2 T came after the Panda PX 1.
1. Mx 1
2. Px 1----Has two half moon gussets on the down tube.
3. Charger 2 T--Has round hole on gusset.
4. Pro Am.
1979 PANDA SX 4-A.
Panda SX 4-A test in Minicycle magazine june 1979.
On the cover is a pic of the Panda's Pro-Am. Only time ever BMXA had no rider on the cover. The story behind doing "just a bike" cover was just to be different. It was a hot bike, so it deserved it.

Panda Charger frame test in BMX Action September 1980.
panda bmx action 03 1980
1980-1990 DISTRIBUTOR.
1980 to 1990, distributed Red Line bicycles, GT Bicycles and accessories, Skyway racing wheels, Haro number plates and numbers, Oakley Gloves and goggles.
Developed Pro Am BMX bikes.

Panda racing team traveled around the country to NBA and ABA racing events
Developed Prime U.S.A. clothing and bag line mfg.  Also see Prime U.S.A. Records. Prime U.S.A. put a bid to buy the famous North Face. Skate boards—Makaha [ Larry Stevenson My very good friend] Nash and Valteran.
Bought out Boss racing frames and developed the Boss Racing Products Line.
Sold Boss Product Line to Jesse Guymon.
Panda was slowly getting out of the bicycle business and going into electronic mfg. New Company Golden State Instruments Co.
Randell Kim, june 2012: I Randell Kim is working  to start up Panda BMX again and looking to go into partners with GO Daddy.com BMX racing and manufacturing a new frame design for the Panda Racing Team for the next Olympics. There will be only 5 bikes per dealer on the first special model.
Panda team
John Bear
Big John Romero
Paul Romero
Berkey Kent
Lisa Zeeb
Frank Post