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1984 The Aerospace hub could be the lightweight limit.
BMX Plus august 1984: The latest thing in lightweight hubs is the Aerospace hub, or "no-hub" hub, as we like to call it. The 2 1/2 ounce hub, which comes in two parts, was designed by Pat Clark and used by Scott Furry at the Lumberjack Nationals. The hub is still in the experimental stage and is not for sale.
1986 ACS RL HUB.
Inspired and tested to its perfection by R.L. Osborn, the unique R.L. Hub by ACS has a Newly Designed Anti-Backpedal Freewheel built right into it. So your pedals stay set, right where you left them, no matter how awesome your fakie or long your infinity roll. Plus the R.L. Hub uses Standard Suntour or Bendix Clip-On Sprockets that weigh less and come in more sizes than do regular freewheels.

David Anselme-Croissy, Bicross Magazine, janvier 1987: Révolutionnaire: Salut à toute l'équipe de BXM, votre canard est vraiment totally rad (...). Je vous écris pour vous demander d'éclaircir mon esprit à propos de rumeurs. En effet. il y a quelques temps un kid m'a dit que ACS venait de mettre au point un moyen révolutionnaire, pour le monde du freestyle il me semble Il vous serait très sympa de me répondre (...)
Bicross Magazine: Effectivement, ACS vient de faire un grand bon pour l'humanité en créant une petite révolution technologique: le « free coaster » Explications: c'est le mixage d'un moyeu avec une roue libre et d'un rétropédalage. Il vous suffit de tourner un petit bouton grand comme un remontoir de montre pour changer une option à/autre, et le tour est joué.

www.bmxstunts.com: ACS (Chuck Stephens and Dale Cooper) was inventing what was the first freecoaster hub. You could change your back hub from Freewheel to Coaster Brake in about 2 seconds. All you had to do was twist a little screw on the hub and it switched. Coaster for Flatland and Freewheel for ramps. The great thing about it was it gave you the ability to roll back without the pedals moving when set to the freewheel mode. This was a creative design, but extremely heavy. The hubs would not last long either for a typical rider.
Ride BMX UK august 1994:
If you've ever bent an axle, then think about getting a set of these hubs laced into your 48 hole rims. The idea is simple: the hub doesn't have a traditional axle as we know it. Instead, it has a hollow 17mm high-tensile 'axle' which fits inside the width of the dropouts, and steel allen bolts replace the regular nuts and thread inside the hollow axle keeping flight. You can not bend the axle: if things go awry the allen bolts bend instead and these are easily replaced and only cost 50p each, and you don't even need to take the wheel off and fanny about with bearings to replace 'em. The shells are machined from aluminium, and the bearings are super smooth cartridge units making things roll like glass.
Front and back versions available, and a pair should go for about £140. Simple. Ideal. Totally impressive Could it possibly be any better?
GACK HUBS have sealed bearings and heat treated chromoly axles wich are 14mm in diameter.