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1985 ACS Locking levers
Steve Potts has come up with a new brainwave. It's a neat little button on the lever that you press down to keep the brake locked on. ACS are making a new lever incorporating the new idea.
Freestylin march 1985: Steve Potts, Mike Buff's brother and owner of the Bicycle Source, has done it again. Like Buff, Steve has a knack for comin' up with innovations - you remember the now world famous Potts Mod, don't you? This time it's a little button on a brake lever that you can push in to lock your brakes up. What you do is, while you're holding onto your brakes just push in this button with your index finger and it'll lock the lever in position, which, in turn will lock up your brakes. Tricky, huh? Could come in REAL handy if you want to let go of your brakes but still want them activated. Pottsie is having the mod made by ACS, so look for a new lever with the modification to hit the market soon. In the meantime Steve is tossing around the idea of staling his own company. THAT would be cool.
potts mod 2
See the button on the lever? That's the Potts Mod II. Just pull in the lever, push in the button and your brakes should hold tight, leaving you to crawl all over your bike.