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Founder and owner: Carlo Griggs.
Country: UK
Carlo Griggs signature frame, est disponible en 20.5 ou 20.75 pouces (2,6kg).

Cadre de street/flat/park (19.25 pouces) et 2,6 kg également.
bmx.transworld.net, may 2010: We’ve done a raw colorway before, but this latest model features a revised headtube. The Electric Blue and Smoked Black colorways are new. This will be the last TTL with a 13.9? rear end (on the 21? and 21.2?) as we’re switching to 13.58? on all models from here on in.

TTL and TTxL Bars
bmx.transworld.net, may 2010: The 8.75? TTxL bars and 8.25? TTL bars now come in Smoked Black or ED Black finishes. Both finishes are advantageous over paint in that they are thin (like a chrome plate) and won’t cause the knurling to fill up like regular paint. The TTxL bars have revised graphics from Rich Wilson.

Smoked Black Parts Pack
bmx.transworld.net, may 2010: This is a dark brown ED finish which is only available on this order. The pack consists of frame, bars, wheels, rims, hubs, brakes, seatclamp, and sprockets, with each item being available separately. Microlite stems, front hubs, and hub guards will follow.

Microlite Sprocket
bmx.transworld.net, may 2010: These are the latest in the popular Microlite series and come in all the usual sizes and colorways. The design borrows a little from the past and a little from the future with a finish that is first anodized and then machined afterwards to create a dual-tone effect.

Team Grips
bmx.transworld.net, may 2010: Now available in a Natural Gum option.
Phil Dolan November 2002, Phil Dolan vient de quitter la marque espagnole Fly bikes et signe chez Proper.