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2005 Rockstar Bikes makes its way onto BMX scene and signs Chad Kagy.
Press Release, november 2005: Woodland Hills, CA - Rockstar Bikes, Inc., a new brand being led by ex-BMX racer Greg Hill, and rider Trevor Preston, has thrown its hat into the ring as a serious player in the aftermarket parts and accessories category for 2006. Its product line currently consists of a high-end dirt/street frame/fork set, which will be available in early 2006. Playing a key role in finalizing the frame's design will be freshly signed team rider Chad Kagy, who entered into a long-term agreement with the brand last week. "Chad's been a top-level rider for years now, and we're anxious to use his input to incorporate what he wants into our first frame, and throughout our product line," explained Hill.
Trevor Preston, the creative force behind the brand summed up Rockstar's intentions; "We want to produce quality products for riders, which are also designed by riders themselves." Preston went on to state, "People that understand BMX, and people that have spent the better part of their lives in this industry formed Rockstar Bikes. We understand the importance of high-quality products with input from people that have years of actual riding under their belt. Our plan is simple; make a high-quality product with an image that people want to be a part of."
Look for Chad Kagy aboard his new Rockstar Bikes Kagy signature frame set available at better shops near you in 2006.
For more information, contact Rockstar Bikes at Rockstar Bikes, Inc., 21135 Erwin Street, Woodland Hills, CA 91367.
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