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Little parts and accessory company from Canada founded by Shane Neville in 2001.
RONIN is the japanese word for 'masterless Samurai', the warrior who walks his own path.
2001 In 2001 Ronin Bicycles was conceived with a simple mandate - don't copy other companies products, be 100% focussed on flatland, promote the riders who are promoting your company and to support the sport of flatland as much as possible. RONIN
2002 We've stayed on track; the team has grown, we've sponsored tons of jams and contests, the advertising has focused on the riders - not the products, we haven't copied products (but we've been copied more than a few times now), Ronin is available all over North America, Asia and Europe and we are still 100% dedicated to the growth and evolution of flatland.

Staff: Owner/Operator - Shane Neville, Design Guru - Chris Young, Hooligans - Ryan Mountain and Travis Collier, Cheif Weapon Designer - Cory Stratychuk, Illustrator - Peter Ashworth.
2003 www.roninbmx.com, 2003: At Ronin we maintain a very high standard of manufacturing. All hard goods are manufactured in Canada using the highest quality materials, latest technology and demand the highest craftmanship. Here are a few examples of Ronin manufacturing standards: In order to get the tight bends on Ronin handlebars and still maintain strength, light-weight and a smooth bend - we use ball-mandrel CNC benders. This is a high-end process used by only a few other BMX companies. The Shelter is hand-made in Canada, one at a time by a girl named Jenn - not mass produced in sweathshops in China.

www.roninbmx.com, September 18, 2003: It's been a crazy summer for the Ronin family. Cory Strat rode hard all summer, but almost seemed cursed when it came to contests and injuries. A wrist injury kept him out of the CFB and putting his brake lever into his shoulder (yes - INTO) a few weeks before the Vancouver Metro Jam had him off his bike for almost a week right before the contest. Cory's new tricks are simply amazing. I could tell you what he's been working on, but that would spoil the surprise for the Ronin Team Video - Witness. Travis had a great summer - after being a bit bummed on taking home 20th at the X-Games, (as well as taking home some food poisoning) Travis killed it at the Metro Jam 2 weeks later - which is impressive considering how sick he was between the two contests. Fong has a new job and hasn't been able to take in many contests, but has still be riding tons. His new job keeps him busy, so filming for him is like Mission Impossible - but it will happen. Effraim started off slow with a nasty ankle injury which had him off of his bike for almost 3 months. But, he also got some good news and is now the manager of the Southsea skatepark, a job he loves. It was great to have Effraim out here in Vancouver for a couple of weeks. It was even better watching him use chopsticks for the first time - why I didn't bring my video camera, I'll just don't know. Michael Sommer had a great year. After getting his invite to the X-Games at the CFB, he returned to Cali to kill it at the X-Games, riding rock solid. He also managed to freestyle rap in German, with York Uno (rapping in Japanese) during the busride back from one of the parties at the X-Games. To bad some personal problems kept him from coming to Metro Jam - that would have been the party to end all parties - Michi - we love you man! Terry Adams - Baby Bear had an amazing year, killing it at contest after contest and putting together the best sections in each video he's been in this year. After seeing what he's shot with everyone else - it's scary to think what he has for the Ronin video. The Friends and Family team did pretty good to - Simon O'Brien won pretty much every contest he entered, including a little thing called the X-Games. Ryan Mountain is one of the best human beings alive (neck in neck competition with Wade Nelson - both being amazing people for completely different reasons) Marcel Tremblay is missing in action somewhere in California. MSG hit up Europe and positively killed it at Worlds - taking home last place in Master Class- we love you Matt!!!. Mickey Gaidos - enough said. Jamie Mac, busy with work, but still killing it every time I see him ride.
Effraim Catlow pro team

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