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Owner: Ron Bonner
Location: Orlando FL
Founded: 2002
2002 The Shadow Conspiracy began in 2002 with the release of their first product line featuring bike parts and soft goods. A mysterious marketing campaign and a team rooster with riders like Alistair Whitton, Ryan Sher and Joe Simon had immediately everybody speaking about this new company.
2003 Ron Bonner: The design of a normal chain has the outside links exposed, so when you grind something and the chain hits the ledge you can easily pop off the outside links. But, with our Interlock chain, the design brings the links in and then outside of each other, so you would have to pull off multiple links in order to make it come off. So, it makes it a stronger chain while still offering weight savings. We have a few more revisions with the pins and a few other details that are going to blow people away. chain
Shadow of Conspiracy team
Byron Anderson

John Jennings

Ryan Sher

Joe Simon

Allistair Whitton