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Bike company from Sacramento, California started by Ryan Pucket and Aaron Huff.
Brandon Casquilho later joinded as 1/3 company owner.
1997 Ride BMX US august 1997: There's a new bike company out called Rigid Bikes. Rigid builds flatland bikes and is now sponsoring Billy Borys, Scott Powell, Nathan Penonzec and Anthony Durbano.
Billy Borys 1997
Anthony Durbano 1997
Joey Garcia 2002.
Nate Hanson november 2002: Nate Hanson is off Fit Bike Co and riding for Solid Bikes.
Nathan Penonzec 1997
Kevin Porter Transworld BMX march 2004: Even with a signature frame on the way, Kevin Porter left the Solid team and is now on Fly.
Scott Powell 1997