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2008 sugarbmx.com, july 26, 2008: The first SUGAR forks and bars samples, after one year of design, work, changing and most of all waiting they are finaly here. Frame samples yet to come.

digbmx.com, october 2008: There’s a brand new frame and parts brand on the rise from the growing BMX scene in Portugal. Dubbed ‘Sugar BMX,’ the range includes lightweight frames, forks and bars.

sugarbmx.com, july 2008: As the name says this fork has the minimum of material without losing strength. Machined tube were the fork arms are welded. Arm tubes reduce diameter as they reach dropout. Small dropouts 5mm thick with a large laser cutted triangle, even smaller it allow the use of pegs the same way. Steer tube has three diferent thicknesses, thinner on the top thicker on the bottom. CR-MO 4130 heat treated. Top Cap M25 thread.

sugarbmx.com, july 2008: With a thinner and a bit lower cross tube and more marked curves, it reminds me of my first bmx bar when I was 14 years old. Although those were not good and these are. The HABILIS is 700mm / 27.55 3 inch width, but you can cut up to 1 3 inch on each side before the lever gets to the bar curve if you don't like so width. Width: 700mm / 27.55". Height: 203mm / 8" & 209mm / 8.25". Weight: 700gr / 24.7 oz. Cross tube: 132mm. Thickness: 13. Angle back: 10°. Angle up: 4°.

sugarbmx.com, september 2008: Frame Material: 100% Sanko Japanese Cromo double butted Sizes: 20.5" / 20.75" / 21" / 21.2". Chainstay length: 13.50" to 14.25". Bottom Braket: Spanish. BB Height: 35mm / 1,38" (above axelline). Head Angle: 74.5º. Headset: integrated. Seat tube Angle: 71º. Gyro tabs: removable. Brake tabs: removable (option cable holes at the seat tube). Dropouts: 6mm. Colors: Black (for now). Weight: 2.250 gr / 4.96 lbs.
sugar bmx frame 2008
Sugar team
Renato Guimarães sugarbmx.com, october 7, 2008: Brazilian living in Portugal he is the first SugarBikes team rider. He goes high, with never ending energy and has some stretched nac nac’s.