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1976 Trek begins producing it's first products: hand built steel road frames.
1993 Trek acquires Fisher.
1995 Trek acquires Bontrager.
1996 Ride BMX UK october 1996: TREK, a MTB company, is now making BMX bikes. Trek have a couple of new pros - KIYOMI WALLER and WADE BOOTES [who used to ride for REDLINE] - and a new line of bikes, with no less than twelve models in the range. Trek are not only offering race bikes, but are also doing freestyle bikes as part of the range, including a dirt jumper. Trek are even the main sponsor of this year's NBL GRANDS. It sounds like Trek are going for it in a big way. "The goal is to be a winner in any category we are involved with, if that means going for GT, then so be it" said a Trek director.
1997 Importateur français: Sunex.
1998 Chain Gang video. chain gang

TREK team
Byron Friday Team Manager 1997 - ....

Simon Tabron may 1999 - december 2000

Josh Stricker 1998 - january 2002