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1994 xposureproducts.com, december 2011: Xposure is a UK based BMX parts company founded in 1994 by Hotwheels. Created to meet the demands of the ever changing BMX scene. Originally production was primarily in the UK, which meant short lead times and an ability to adapt quickly to meet the latest trends and colour ways. At its peak Xposure was distributed in the USA, France and Germany as well as the UK, local machine shops were running 24hour production runs of axle pegs and X-games medallist Simon Tabron had a signature frame called the OX. The late 90’s saw the UK BMX scene slow down and focus on Xposure shifted.
2008 xposureproducts.com, december 2011: 2008 and Xposure is reborn. Offering a range of bold coloured, simple, functional parts that offer outstanding value. The range quickly expanded from wheel-sets and half-link chains to a full range of parts.
2012 xposureproducts.com, december 2011: Cranks, Forks and Grips are currently in development and 2012 will see Xposure parts spec’d OE on GT BMX models.
Xposure team
Simon Tabron