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Event: KOV 1987 round 4
Date: october 23-24, 1987.
Place: Washington D.C..
Organisation: Ron Wilkerson
The event was held in Washington, D.C. in the Convention Center in conjunction with a bike show.
19 guys fighting for the eight spots in the jam. Chris Potts, Steve Broderson, Mark Eaton, Mike Loveridge and Chris Obermeyer didn't make the cut. Matt Hoffman and Joe Johnson had their typical King of Vert showdown. This time, Matt got the better of Joe to win the class.
Matt Hoffman did double candybar airs and after hearing about Todd Seligman doing them, he pulled candybar lookbacks.
Foreigner of the day: Carlo Griggs. A british kid who ripped it up with the likes of high airs and one-handed rockets.

Carlo Griggs stretches a no-hander over foreign soil.

EXPERTS RESULTS: 1.Matt Hoffman 2.Joe Johnson 3.Dave Voelker 4.Dino DeLuca 5.Gary Pollack 6.Marty Schlesinger 7.Jack Smith 8.Carlo Griggs
Mike Dominguez exceeded even his own standards of radness in the contest by pulling off a successful one-handed one footed 540, about four feet out of the top of the ramp. Brian Blyther took second, Wilkerson third, and Josh White fourth. For his part, Ron Wilkerson did two no-hander no-footers (he calls them "nothings") in his run, got back on the bike each time, but crashed shortly after reentering on both airs. Josh White (who may not be totally impartial) told us the two nothings were real sketchy, with the hands very close to the bars. That's all right for now. Wilkerson has just proven that they can be done. Now all someone has to do is perfect them.
Pedal picker drop-in by Ron Wilkerson.

PROS RESULTS: 1.Mike Dominguez 2.Brian Blyther 3.Ron Wilkerson 4.Josh White