../events/1986 AFA Masters round 5

Sources: Freestylin march 1987, BMX Plus! february 1987, www.vintagebmx.com, ...
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Date: november 1986
Place: National Peanut Festival in Dothan, Alabama.
Pro flatland: 1.Dennis McCoy 2.R.L. Osborn

16 and over expert flatland:

14-15 expert flatland: 1.

13 and under expert flatland: 1.
Brian Blyther slammed and got an uncostumary fifth (last).
Pro ramp: 1.

16 and over expert ramp: 1.s

14-15 expert ramp: 1.

matt hoffman freestylin march 1983
Matt Hoffman on the cover of Freestylin march 1987.

13 and under expert ramp: 1.
Dave "downsouth71", www.vintagebmx.com, october 2004: My 1st AFA contest and became friends with Chris Rothrock and many others. I also got my name in the mag for placing. The best memories I had there was 1st the shock of seeing all the people that I admired in the magazine, 2nd I was beside Scotty Freeman and Trevor Hernendez before his run and Trevor told Scotty that he was going to spray WD40 on his rims right before his run but Scott laughed and said that's ok, I really don't need them. He was right his run was so smooth and looked in slow motion it was sweet. 3rd, nobody new who Chris Rothrock was except a few in the south, and he blew eveybodies mind. He didn't know how to pump the ramp so he pedals full blast it looks like he is going to go through the ramp plus his 540's were at least 7 feet high. I also had everybody that I could to autograph my year book from high school which I still have. Man I could keep going.