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Sources: BMX Plus! february 1990, 990Adjustments, ...
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Date: 1989
Place: Astro Skate Center in Tarpon Springs, Florida.
Organisation: AFA, Bob Morales.

990Adjustments, www.vimeo.com, november 2011: Josh Marsele - AFA Tarpon Springs, FL 1989

990Adjustments, www.vimeo.com, november 2011: Bill Neuman - AFA Tarpon Springs, FL 1989.

990Adjustments, www.vimeo.com, november 2011: Danny Meng - AFA Tarpon Springs, FL 1989.
The style of riding exhibited by most of the participants focused on combinations. The hot tip is to take old-style moves (boomerangs, tailwhips, decades, etc.) and link them to the new-wave rolling craze (whiplashes, death trucks, backpackers, etc.)
The pro routines were cut from three minutes to two.
Indianapolis, Indiana's Perry Mervar pulled his second pro flatland win in style. His run was fast and intense.
Perry Mervar: I started off with a Neanderthal, to double whiplash, to blender decade, to tailwhip, to hang ten, to locomotive, to cliffhanger, to perverted rolaid, to macaroni, to decade, to split-legged decade. Then I did a hitchiker, to flip over, to Gruttola decade. Then I did a hang-five, to double whiplash, to pinky squeaks. After that, I was supposed to do a Perry Doom, but they cut our time so I couldn't.

Pro flatland: 1.Perry Mervar 2.Bill Neuman 3.Dennis McCoy 4.Danny Meng 5.Ruben Castillo

Master flatland: 1.Craig LePage 2.Steve Mulday 3.Bill Nitschke 4.Jay Jones 5.D. Regenye

18 and over expert flatland:1.Tyson Godfrey 2.Steve Mulder 3.Sean Leslie 4.Pete Gan 5.Scott Hart

16-17 expert flatland: 1.Craig LePage 2.Jay Jones 3.Josh Marsele 4.Mark Teo 5.Derek Schott

14-15 expert flatland: 1.Jamie West 2.Jason Hughes 3.E. Santacruz 4.Scott Bailey 5.Kip Williamson

13 and under expert flatland: 1.Matt Smith 2.H. Tamashiro 3.Blaze Hooper 4.Brent Clawson
This was the AFA's first attempt at a streetstyle. After the flatland qualifiers were over, a bunch of launch ramps and wallride ramps were set up in the arena.

Expert street: 1.B. Hernandez 2.Steve Ranger 3.Rob Nolli 4.Steve Trove 5.Ruben Castillo