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Sources: Dig #5, Props #8, Ride BMX UK #18 august 1995, Ride BMX US october 1995, Seb Ronjon, Soul BMX Video #6, ...
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Date: june 10-11, 1995.
Place: Hastings, UK.
Organisation: Stu Dawkins

Keith Duly, Ride BMX UK august 1995: I'm gonna run you through the basics, if you wanna know exactly what happened at this year's Jam go buy the official Backyard video produced by Dave Parrick or even MX TV's new video by Mark Richards OK? This year's Jam was definitely the largest so far we reckon 2,000 spectators each day. Brighton DJs from First Down played both days, and it you're into hip hop then get the latest, 'World Service'. Anyhow, the atmosphere was cool.
Keith Duly, Ride BMX UK august 1995: Local B Boy Max Whitling won the first dirt group up, Squirt of Dirt.
C group went crazy, I definitely saw someone pull a clean backflip [Matt Cowell probably] and a truck driver. Funk - this Jam was definitely due to go off. Top three out of the 30 riders were Kevin Looker [who pulled a Truck Driver, a 720, and a bar hop -C group material?], S Keep and Matt Cowell.
Most of the guys in B group could have ridden in A. Dennis' Joe Sandlands came very close to a front-flip, Mark Buckwell also tried a front flip [it's a local thang] just before attempting a backflip which resulted n a 40, maybe 50ft vertical ghost ride. Mark has a nice loft, know what I mean? He's rad. Bean Hearne has got that kinda Foster style, he did a whole load of smooth busdrivers and superman variations, he made fourth. I didn't see his friend Paul ride but he should have. Those two boys rule Ashford. It's kind of a shame but that 'smooth' [for want of a better word] style gets overlooked at comps, but I guess stunts are where it's at these days. I think that those who appreciate the way Scott Stevens and Dylan Clayton ride know whet I'm talking about [did I just compare Scott Stevens to Dylan Clayton? Yep]. I don't remember who mentioned it first, but Dan Price is straight outta San Diego. His 3 included the annual 180 3rd place. Darren Cleggett rocked the house for the Wrecker Crew. While you're at it you can paint Backyard's Ellis Hardesty with that 'smooth' brush. Lombard made second with a flip, a 1 1/2 busdriver and a close no-foot can can flip attempt. Rad. Kristian Forge made first with a flip, superman, and a 1 1/2 bus.
A group was really a continuation of B. I'll start with Dave 'The Fishop' Bishop. He did mostly no footed stuff, which included a seatgrab can can and a crazed 1-hander no-footer to other hand no-foot can can did he pull it? Toss a con and find out. Fourth place went to The Boy, he busted a fat suicide to busdriver, a no-handed rocket to no footer, a double bus, a seat grab superman, and a slammed 1 to 1: I think that's what you call it when you do a busdriver and then throw it back again before you lands. Kids these days, huh? Boyley didn't jump straight all day, and he crashed things that he usually pulls. I guess some guys just prefer to go off on quiet Monday mornings than in front of 2,000 people. Ronnie Remo hit a nice X -up before crashing a truck and pulling a flip. Shaun Andrews carried on that X-up theme before crashing a few new school tricks. Dennis Wingham came very close to pulling a fat front tip, of course he slammed hard instead. His final jump was a big flip to tailbone to limp. GT's Mike Canning made second this year and rode a blinder; nothing, nice X-up step-thru lookback to no-foot seatgrab, and a beautiful 360 lookback. Mike is beautiful. Taj flew in from the US to rule the six pack on Friday night His best included a huge one-handed to tabletop 360, a big 360 no-footed thang, and a close double tailwhip. U-G-Peee! S&M's Ian Morris did a bunch of crazy 360 variations and stalled a slow busdriver. It really was just another day for Ian. Wait for the video, because when you see him crash his double bus you're gonna die: no-one crashes like Ian crashes. Scott Stevens tickles my fancy, turndown, tabletop, no-hander, bus to X-up, you need to watch Scott. Steve Grace pulled a no-foot candy bar to something, crashed a truck, drove the bus, no-footed a seatgrab, and finished on a no handed rocket. Zak came close to pulling a 360 flip, he tried another and came even closer but landed on his butt. He ended up being shipped off to hospital, but I think he was OK. Those tailbones are damned strong. Stuart King looked clean, high superman seatgrab, an amazing tailwhip during which he found his pedals at about 5ft above the landing. WOW. Then he crashed a double truck and a 360 tailwhip, but even his crashes are clean. Did I mention he pulled a left hand drive, don't even ask If it came down to a fist fight, Neil Wood would have won. A big nothing and a busdriver to one hand made Woody the racer king. Everyone wanted to see Fids ride and luckily enough for the crowd he was on his usual stolen car mission. A huge nothing to no-foot step thru, a 720, and a middle finger nothing all pulled clean were just three reasons why Fids won. Only black DJs from London are cooler than Fids.
Spelling the word 'chasm' is easier that trying to pronounce it. Is it 'kaz-em' or 'chizem'? Whatever the case this year's deep cleft' was a bit of a monster. 35ft wide with a 20ft drop bang in the middle, Similar to last year's but with a dirt take off rather than a metal one. First guy to jump it was Jason Lunn. Yes, the Jason Lunn. Greg from France cleared it one handed He did it big as well, apparently this was just another stop on his World Chasm Tour. Double A Neil Wood made it look easy while Rob lndri made it look hard. Mark from Tunbridge over cleared it with a slam, then slammed even harder with a 360 attempt. Rowan Fryer lofted it with a nice arc and took this year's Chris Eubank award after milking it. Local boy does good Dom landed in an arse slide. Taj over cleared it and mashed his wheel [he returned on Monday to crash three tailwhip attempts over it - whassup with Mondays these days?]. Skin kicked arse and broke his shoulder. Dave the Fishop did a dog leg. Crash of the day went to CIive Gosling who totally landed backwards after letting for of a 360. Freestyle stars Tabron and Stuart King also cleared it, but Jon Taylor came a bit short and his bike officially killed someone. Catman was barred from trying it because his gearing was more suited to flatland. Catman kicks butt. Did I mention the guy in the black jacket and glasses? He did it too. The Chasm is still there and you're welcome to try it although you might wanna try building it first. Anyhow, the 1995 Backyard Jam was a great success, thanks to Stu, the good weather, the riders, and the DJs.
A GROUP DIRT 1.Fids 2.Mike Canning 3.Stuart King 4.Mike Ocoboc 5.Keith Duly 6.Ian Morris 7.Zach Shaw 8.Scott Stevens 9.Dave Bishop (tie) 9.Neal Wood (tie) 11.Taj Mihelich 12.Franck Duflo 13.Thomas Stellwag 14.Shaun Andrews 15.Richard Ball 16.Ronnie Remo 17.Stephane Vervins 18.Nicolas Curie 19.Steve Grace 20.Dennis Wingham

david lombard no foot cancan flip
David Lombard no foot cancan flip

B GROUP DIRT 1.K Forge 2.David Lombard 3.Dan Price 4.Dean Hearne 5. B Keegan 6.C Last 7.Joe Sandland

C GROUP DIRT 1.Kevin Looker 2.Sebastian Keep 3.Matt Cowell 8.Richard Webb
Matt Hoffman riding on a wet ramp in front of a couple hundred people. This was a no handed double barspin.

SQUIRT OF VERT 1.Max Whiting 2.Sebastian Keep 3.Richard Dickinson

C GROUP VERT 1.L Oakley 2.D Stubberfield 3.Mark Joint 4.Joe Sandland