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Sources: Ride BMX UK #3, Ride BMX US #2 december 1992, BMX Plus! february 1993, ...
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Date: september 5-6, 1992
Place: Stone Edge Skatepark, Daytona, FLORIDA
Chase Gouin won Stuntmen Flat. He touched a little more than usual during his run, but the only person who seemed disappointed with his riding was Chase himself. STUNTMEN FLAT: 1-Chase Gouin 2-Dennis McCoy 3-Albert Retey

STUNTBOYS FLAT: 1-Chad DeGroot 2-Bobby Fisher 3-Mark Hilson 4-Rick Thorne 5-Hiro Tsuchida
Only 3 vert riders entered the pro contest.

Dennis McCoy half barspin to no footer.
Matt Hoffman pulled no handed to no footed 540°. He ended his run with a no handed backflip.
Dave Mirra did a big switch handed 540, and an almost perfect barspin tailwhip air.
Matt Hoffman

STUNTMEN VERT: 1-Dave Mirra 2-Matt Hoffman 3-Dennis McCoy

STUNTBOYS VERT: 1-Jim Burgess 2-Sabre Alexander 3-Rick Thorne 4-Jim Walker 5-Dave Brumlow 6-Jason Enns 7-Eric Carl 8-Mark Owen
The street course was made up of two box jumps, a wide mini quarterpipe and multiple wall ramps, several various-sized bowls and two mini halfpipes.

Flips are becoming almost a mandatory trick in pro rank these days. Dennis McCoy, Dave Mirra and Matt Hoffman were all pulling them with ease. In fact, Dave was pulling them no-footed and Matt had pulled no-footed, no-handed, x-up and lookback flips by the end of the contest. It was close between Mirra and Hoffman. Dave pulled manuals on top of the eight-foot-high, eight-inch-wide cement wall. Meanwhile, Matt was trying to land tailwhip backflips, but in the end it was the Condor in first and Mirra in second.
STUNTMEN STREET RESULTS: 1-Matt Hoffman 2-Dave Mirra 3-Dennis McCoy 4-Rob Nolli

STUNTBOYS STREET RESULTS: 1-Mark Murphy 2-Rick Thorne 3-Dave Brumlow 4-John Wold 5-Jason Enns 6-Chad Degroot 7-Mark Owen

SOON TO BE STREET: 1-Robert Tibbs 2-Chris Hebert 3-Brandon Bowers
Stuntboy: Rick Thorne.
Stuntman: Dennis McCoy.

Brad McDonald, Ride BMX UK december 1992: I went to the Florida BS comp last weekend. It was kind of a small turnout, but it was still fun. Quite a few people are doing backflips now, so Matt and those guys are learning variations. Matt is actually working on a tailspin backflip off boxjumps. He came really close to pulling one that saw on video. It's pretty hard to figure out what he's even doing unless you watch it in slow-mo. Pro Street went: 1st Matt Hoffman, 2nd Dave Mirra, 3rd Dennis McCoy, 4th Rob Nolli Nolli was super-good, a lot of people thought he actually won. The whole thing was pretty close, I'm glad I wasn't judging In vert, it was just Matt, Dave and Dennis, so none of them were too psyched to ride. They all rode real well anyway, with Matt attempting a no handed backflip. Dave ended up winning, but the judging seemed kind of sketchy because some of the judges gave him 100's for his runs. Even though he rode well, no-one deserved a 100 for any of their runs Matt got second, and DMC third, Matt is having surgery done on his shoulder and isn't going to ride the finals, so DMC says this is his chance for a win. He said he'll either win or die trying. Let's lust hope he wins.