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Event: BS 1996 round 2
Date: july 19-21, 1996
Place: Seal Beach, Los Angeles, California.
ESPN is sticking with its decision not to telecise ground riding.
Jesse Puente was seen heating up the jam circles, but he didn't enter the comp.
STUNTMEN flat: 1.Trevor Meyer 2.Andrew Faris 3.Chad DeGroot 4.Jason Brown 5.Day Smith 6.Gabe Weed 7.Nate Hanson 8.Matt Gibson
Dave Voelker, the former King of Street and Master Showman, surprised everyone by entering Stuntmen vert. Voelker uncorked back-to-back 540s followed by a pulled back-flip fakie that he rolled back to near coping on the other side. He attempted two 900s in his last run, coming close but the slams kept him out of service for street next day.
Taj Mihelich entered pro vert and powered big no-handers.
Jay Miron was reduced to spectator status thanks to a foot injury.

Dave Mirra nosepick to full barspin at Destination Extreme in Seal Beach (BS round 2) on the cover of BMX Plus! december 1996.

STUNTMEN vert: 1.Dave Mirra 2.Dennis McCoy 3.Dave Osato 4.Dave Voelker 5.Pat Miller 6.Kevin Gutierrez 7.Taj Mihelich 8.Rick Thorne
A new kid named Ryan Nyquist showed up at the 1996 Seal Beach BS contest, turned pro and started turning a lot of heads. Ryan rides for Bontrager and is certified "barspin silly" as announced by Matt Hoffman during one of Ryan's street runs. Big air, multiple jump variations and fifth in Stuntmen street.
Dave Osato pulled the trick of the weekend with an all-out 360/tailwhip over the box in Stuntmen street.
Kevin Gutierrez was kicking out the jams all weekend until he clipped his back wheel on a 360 transfer and separated his shoulder.
STUNTMEN street: 1.Dave Mirra 2.Dave Osato 3.Dennis McCoy 4.Mike Escamilla 5.Ryan Nyquist 6.Taj Mihelich 7.Jeff Harrington 8.Kevin Gutierrez 9. 10.Mike Ocoboc
Matt Hoffman: I saw Rick Allison, Scotty Freeman, Eddie Fiola and Spike Jonze at the comp. Mike Dominguez asked me for a bike to play around on. WOW!