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Event: CFB 2000 round 3, finals.
Date: july 6-9, 2000
Place: Woodward, PA
Leif Valin pulled off the best contest runs of his life and scored a well deserved second place. STUNTMEN FLAT 1.Penonzek, Nathan 2.Valin, Leif 3.Faris, Andrew 4.Rybak, Brian 5.Wilhelm, Matt 6.Kotaro, Tanak 7.Uno, York 8.Behnke, Aaron 9.Cooper, Andrew 10.Desroche, Jeff 11.Cerra, Stephen 12.Powell, Scott 13.O'Brien, Simon 14.Mulder, Steve 15.Burnham, Shawn 16.Gavagan, Brian 17.King, Keith 18.Wright, Matt 19.Wright, Aaron 20.Frost, Aaron 21.Huffman, Bryan 22.Vail, Paul

STUNTBOYS FLAT 1.Watanabe, Eiichiro 2.Horikawa, Kenji 3.Monis, Ron 4.Schiavi, Joe 5.Yuki, Maehata 6.Crowther. Brett 7.Sinko, Lajos 8.Beardsley, Dane 9.Kennedy, James 10.St.Gelais, Matt 11.Cabrerra, Dave 12.Downs, Brett 13.Walter, Bob 14.DiClaudio, Adam

SOON TO BE FLAT 1.Ledbetter, Bryan 2.Teitel, Jesse 3.Petrin, Dave 4.Wagoner, Rob 5.Abraham, Christopher 6.Ortiz, John 7.Pitchford, Marquel 8.Klisiak, Kim 9.Barnwell, David
The downhill dirt section at Woodward starts out small and just gets huge. The fifth set is large and intimidating.
TJ Lavin landed a huge turndown flip over the fifth set while Ryan Nyquist pulled a 720 over it.
Dave Mirra entered and qualified.

TJ Lavin

STUNTMEN DIRT 1.Lavin, TJ 2.Nyquist, Ryan 3.Nastazio, Cory 4.Doyle, Chris 5.Wirch, Scott 6.Aitken, Mike 7.Garcia, Joey 8.Porter, Kevin 9.Stricker, Josh 10.Mirra, Dave 11.Jacobs, Dave 12.Noirot, Romuald 13.Lyons, Todd 14.Homan, Van 15.Cooke, Allan 16.Walkowiak, Todd 17.Wade, Danny 18.Chalk, Ronnie 19.Mackay, Colin 20.Beringer, Matt 21.P'Simer, Dan 22.Delfs, Billy 23.Whitton, Alistair 24.Bostrom, Aaron 25.Kehl, Mark 26.Aloise, Adam 27.Rainha, Mark 28.Duncan, Chris 29.Condusta, Dominic 30.Ellison, Andre 31.Steveson, Dave 32.Winkleman, Colin

STUNTBOYS DIRT 1.Davison, Richard 2.Sabecky, Todd 3.Kaht, Jeremy 4.Riiska, Joe 5.Krofcheck, Matt 6.Brewster, Ben 7.Draper, Scot 8.Condusta, Dennis 9.Stroud, David 10.Daye, Mike 11.Moody, Joel 12.Caro, Alejandro 13.Mulville, Mark 14.Wilson, Shanton 15.Green, Austin 16.Adams, Randy 17.Shay-Winkler, Catlin 18.Venditti, Evan 19.Hawk, Toby 20.Brown, Jared 21.Simms, Brad
The vert contest was fairly uneventful and it may have had something to do with the fact that the gravity games were right around the corner and no one wanted to get hurt.

Mat Hoffman: No-handed-one-footed-540, front-peg-grab-540, front peg-grab-no-footer, and lots more.
Jamie Bestwick: Alley-oop front-peg-grab, and alley-oop everything else, huge airs, and the best moto-style of the contest.
Dave Mirra: No-hand-to-X-up-540, superman-seatgrab over the channel.
Kevin Robinson: Alley-oop-540 across an eight-foot channel.
Rob Nolli: Barspin-to-barspin back, suicide-nosepick-to-double barspin (almost pulled it).

In the end it was super close between Hoffman and Bestwick for the win, but Hoffman came out on top. Mirra was feeling beat up from the dirt contest and didn't seem too happy with his riding, and wound up in third. After the contest the year-end awards were handed out and Hoffman took the title, and golden straight jacket that goes with it.

Mat Hoffman
photo: Losey

STUNTMEN VERT 1.Hoffman, Mat 2.Bestwick, Jamie 3.Mirra, Dave 4.Robinson, Kevin 5.Davies, Jason 6.Nolli, Rob 7.Burgess, Jim 8.Thorne, Rick 9.Swope, Steve 10.Kraft, Koji 11.Miller, Pat 12.Parks, Danny 13.Mancuso, Mike 14.Brumlow, Dave

STUNTBOYS VERT 1.Harrington, Josh 2.McElhinney, Keith 3.Miller, Drake 4.Rios, Eddie 5.Burditt, J.D. 6.Lippott, Matt 7.Mercier, Jeff 8.Bland, Justin
John Heaton pulled a backflip to manual.
Kenan Harkin pulled a 360 backflip, decade air and a 720.
STUNTMEN STREET 1.Crisman, Bruce 2.Nyquist, Ryan 3.Alcantara, Ruben 4.Heaton, John 5.Whitton, Alister 6.Wilke, Markus 7.Nolli, Rob 8.Mirra, Dave 9.Winkleman, Colin 10.Harkin,Kenan 11.Byrnes, Garrett 12.Mackay, Colin 13.Beringer, Matt 14.Lavin, T.J. 15.Prisel, Joe 16.Harrington, Jeff 17.Jacobs, Dave 18.Cooke, Allan 19.Jurgens, Axel 20.Homan, Van 21.Miller, Drake 22.Hirsch, Rich 23.Strieby, Adam 24.Kraft, Koji 25.Griffin, Mike 26.O'Connell, Ryan 27.Cielencki, Jim 28.Wizmersky, Brian 29.Laird, Mike 30.LeVan, Jimmy 31.Daly, Mike 32.Marchak, Justin 33.Shellkopf, Chris 34.Porter, Kevin 35.Jones, Terry

STUNTBOYS STREET 1.Harrington, Josh 2.Sieg, Dan 3.Moody, Joel 4.Jensen, Robert 5.Zurawski, Jared 6.Caro, Alejandro 7.Wilkinson, Mike 8.Schiefer, Thomas 9.Rogers, Jed 10.Kachinsky, Brian 11.Moroshan, Nate 12.Davison, Richard 13.Judge, Mike 14.Little, Kevin 15.Kepshire, Dax 16.Bland, Justin 17.Johnson, Dustin 18.Mulville, Mark 19.Kline, Scott 20.Shay-Winkler, Catlin 21.Wilson, Shanton 22.Nichols, Todd 23.Demers, Jon 24.Brewster, Ben 25.George, Lane 26.Rokos, John 27.Wade, Morgan 28.McIntyre, Jayme 29.Smith, Jeremy 30.Hale, Ted 31.McEachern, Rob 32.Pasquale, Steve 33.Schlie, James 34.Lidberg, Jonah 35.Doan, Huy 36.Gruitta, B.J. 37.Craft, Tony

SOON TO BE STREET 1.Cico, Anthony 2.Gingrich, Dacian 3.Lang, Ray 4.Gibson, Brandon 5.Dunlap, Brian 6.Mitchell, Bryce 7.Neudenbach, Joey 8.Williams, Erik 9.Dombrow, Dennis 10.Cabrera, Dave 11.Shumate, Johnny 12.Wilkinson, Ryan 13.Marcum, Kris 14.Gonzales, Lino 15.Little, Scott 16.Burkhart, Brandon 17.Procenko, Ryan 18.Austin, Tom 19.Scott, Brandon 20.Ionson, Cory