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Vans Invitational
Rose Quarter, Portland, Oregon, August 18-21, 2005.

The Dew Action Sports Tour begins four days of competition on Aug. 18 at the third stop of the Tour, the Vans Invitational at the Rose Quarter. More than 150 of the top action sports athletes in the world will compete in skateboarding (vert and park), BMX (park, vert, and dirt), and freestyle motocross in pursuit of the Dew Cup and the largest competitive purse in action sports.
BMX Park
press release: Ryan Nyquist, 26, from Los Gatos, Calif., clinched his win in BMX Park Finals at the Vans Invitational today with a run that included a suicide no-hander to barspin backflip.  Nyquist edged Scotty Cranmer of Jackson, N.J., with a score of 92.75.  Cranmer scored a 92.50, while Ryan Guettler, the Vans Invitational BMX Dirt winner, finished third with a 92.00.
“With athletes like these in the competition I couldn’t just sit back, I had to go for it,” Nyquist said.  “It was a rough start to the season, I’m happy to finally have my first win on the Tour.”
Vans Invitational BMX Park Results
1       Nyquist Ryan    Los Gatos, CA   92.75   84.75   92.75  
2       Cranmer Scotty  Jackson, NJ     92.50   86.75   92.50  
3       Guettler        Ryan    Brisbane, AUS   92.00   81.75   92.00  
4       McCann  Steven  Melbourne, AUS  88.00   89.50   89.50  
5       Whitton Alistair        Chester, GBR    89.50   82.00   89.50  
6       Wade    Morgan  Tyler, TX       83.75   89.00   89.00  
7       Harrington      Josh    Greenville, NC  87.75   83.75   87.75  
8       Aitken  Mike    Murray, UT      86.50   81.75   86.50  
9       Cooke   Allan   Greenville, NC  85.50   82.25   85.50  
10      Mirra   Dave    Greenville, NC  83.75   82.50   83.75  
BMX Dirt
tonyd., www.foxracing.com, august 2005: In Dirt last night, Brian Foster was automatically out of it with a couple of injuries that unfortunately held him back. That left TJ Lavin, Allan Cooke and Corey Bohan to do the honors. Corey Bohan was leading until the final run of the night, but was pushed out of the top spot and finished 2nd. Allan Cooke had three great runs for 6th overall. TJ Lavin, too, had a couple of great runs, but finished up 9th.


August 18, 2005 - Portland, OR - Ryan Guettler, 22, from Brisbane, AUS, took the overall lead in points at the Rose Garden Friday evening with his second consecutive first place finish in BMX Dirt Finals.  He currently has 237 points in the overall Dew Action Sports Tour standings. Guettler also finished first at the second stop of the Dew Action Sports Tour, the Right Guard Open. 
Guettler’s best run of the evening included a 360 off the start ramp, followed by a front flip and a tailwhip 360.  His final score, an average of his best two of three runs, was a 94.13. 
The two-time BMX Dirt winner was pleased with his victory at the Vans® Invitational.  “I’m just all nerves right now; I’m so excited to pull out this win,” said Guettler. 
Fellow Aussie Corey Bohan, 23, of Brisbane, AUS, took second place in BMX Dirt with a score of 91.38.  Bohan, who finished first at the Tour’s Panasonic Open, and fifth at the Right Guard Open, is currently in second place in the Dew Action Sports Tour points standings with 224 total points.
Ryan Nyquist, 26, of Greenville, NC, rounds out the top three with a final score of 90.88.  Nyquist will face off against Guettler again tomorrow in the BMX Park discipline. 
Vans Invitational BMX Dirt Finals Results
1. Guettler Ryan
2. Bohan  Corey
3. Nyquist Ryan
4. McCann  Steven
5. Aitken Mike
6. Cooke Allan
7. Young  Gary
8. Doyle Chris
9. Lavin T.J. 
10.Foster James
BMX Vert
tonyd., www.foxracing.com, august 2005: First up was Dave Mirra and Vert. Dave qualified 3rd with two great runs sans a 540-whip and a flair-whip. In the Finals, Dave placed 3rd again with a 540-whip and an "almost" flair-whip. He was a little disappointed with the 3rd overall, and felt it was more worth a 2nd place... but that's the name of the game sometimes.

press release: August 18, 2005 - Portland, OR - Jamie Bestwick, 34, from Nottingham, GBR, wowed the crowd at the Rose Quarter’s Memorial Coliseum Thursday evening with a run featuring an arsenal of tricks during BMX Vert Finals.  Bestwick executed some of the most technical tricks BMX has ever seen to take first place at his second appearance on the Dew Action Sports Tour.  He also finished in first place at the Tour’s Right Guard Open last month.  Bestwick currently sits in second place in the Dew Action Sports Tour points standings with 200 total points. 
It was Bestwick’s first of two runs that stole the show and scored a 92.50.  That run was highlighted by impressive downside tailwhip flair into a 540. 
“This Dew Tour is amazing,” said Bestwick.  “I’m chasing the title and am now only 20 points behind [first place].”
Finishing in second was Kevin Robinson, 33, of East Providence, RI, with a score of 91.75.  Robinson finished in first place at the Panasonic Open and in sixth place at the Right Guard Open.  He is currently the Tour’s overall BMX Vert points leader.
Dave Mirra, 31, of Greenville, NC, rounds out the top three with a score of 91.50.  Mirra finished fourth at the Panasonic Open and third at the Right Guard Open.  He is currently tied with Chad Kagy for third place in the overall Dew Action Sports Tour standings.
The night ended with Kevin Robinson captivating the crowd by trying to land the world’s first double flair.  The Tour’s skateboard and BMX athletes congregated on the deck of the vert ramp in support of Robinson.   Despite coming up short in his attempt at history, Robinson earned an extended standing ovation from the Memorial Coliseum crowd.  
1 Bestwick Jamie
2 Robinson Kevin
3 Mirra Dave
4 Kagy Chad
5 McCoy Dennis
6 Eggleston Jay
7 Miron Jay
8 Parker John
9 Walker Jimmy
10 Stober Tom
Free flow tour
California Bmx rider wins free flow tour finals at dew action sports tour’s vans® invitational

Amateur wins WILD CARD SPOT to compete against the pros AT final dew action sports tour stop

PORTLAND, OR - August 19, 2005 - BMX rider Kevin Kiraly, 17, of Livermore, CA, won the Free Flow Tour BMX Finals today in front of thousands of spectators at the Dew Action Sports Tour’s Vans® Invitational at the Rose Quarter in Portland, OR.  Kiraly qualified for the Free Flow Tour Finals after he won his local stop in Petaluma, CA.  The jam-style contest included 7 amateur athletes from across the country and took place on the Dew Action Sports Tour’s professional competition park course.  

Kiraly’s big airs and technical tricks won him a wild card spot to compete against the pros at the Dew Action Sports Tour’s PlayStation® Pro, October 13-16 in Orlando, FL.  Nearing the end of his run, Kiraly excited the judges and crowd with a flawless backflip. Finishing in second and third places respectively were Michael Spinner, 17, of Coral Springs, FL, and Casey Barrett, 19, of Salt Lake City, UT. 

“This is a new start and the best thing that has ever happened to me,” said Kiraly of his win.  “I just tried to pull the best tricks during my run and have fun.”

The Dew Action Sports Tour’s official amateur series, the Free Flow Tour traveled across the United States this summer, searching for the best new skate and BMX talent.  This is the only amateur series that develops the action sports stars of tomorrow by granting competitors the opportunity to compete against the pros in a nationally televised world-class action sports event. 


The Free Flow Tour, the official amateur series of the Dew Action Sports Tour, drew hundreds of enthusiastic participants and spectators to each of its scheduled stops.  All competitors took home Free Flow Tour giveaways with event registration.  Following each contest, there were post-event parties where event attendees received autographs from visiting professional action sports athletes, free gear, and much more.  Judged by Free Flow Tour staff and guest judges, the tour was open to all amateur skateboarders and BMX riders.

The Dew Action Sports Tour’s website, www.dewactionsportstour.com, is the source for all Free Flow Tour event results including, event recaps, photos and video from across the season and travel diaries from each of the Free Flow Tour stops.  Check the site for additional updates including 2006 tour dates and information. 
PlayStation Trick of the Week

Fans Choose Ryan Guettler As Winner
After Front Flip at Tour’s Vans Invitational

NEW YORK - August 30, 2005 - The Dew Action Sports Tour, the first-ever, season-long professional multi-sport tour in action sports, today announced the winner of the PlayStation Trick of the Week Award from the Vans Invitational.

Voting began after competitions at the Dew Action Sports Tour’s Vans Invitational ended Sunday, August 21.  Fans were able to view video clips and vote online at www.dewactionsportstour.com until Sunday, August 28.  Ryan Guettler won the Trick of the Week after he performed a flawless front flip en route to winning the BMX Dirt Finals.  Guettler also leads the Dew Cup points standings in BMX Dirt and BMX Park.

“This is motivation to keep on pushing the rest of the season,” said Guettler.  “I’m happy to be consistent this year across two disciplines and leading the points standings in both.  I’m also thrilled that the front flip won - it was just a part of my normal routine.”     

Guettler beat out BMX Vert competitor, Jamie Bestwick, who completed a flair tailwhip during Vert Finals.  That trick was enough for him to win the competition, but not to take the PlayStation® Trick of the Week.  BMX Park winner Ryan Nyquist was also nominated for Trick of the Week after he nailed a 720 over the box during Park Finals.  Sandro Dias completed the elusive 900 in Skate Vert finals.  Dias is one of only a few skaters who can land the trick.  Skate Vert points leader Bucky Lasek’s run in Vert Finals included a cab heelflip that was good enough to get him nominated.  In the end, the online community chose Guettler’s trick as the best.

Guettler wins $5,000 and will compete for the PlayStation® Trick of the Year versus all the other Trick of the Week winners from other Dew Action Sports Tour events, including the upcoming Toyota Challenge (September 8-11).  Online polls open on the last day of each event. 

Polls will be open throughout the week of October’s PlayStation® Pro, when online voters will choose the PlayStation® Trick of the Year winner from the four Trick of the Week winners.  The winner will be announced during the Dew Action Sports Tour NBC broadcast on Sunday, October 16.  This athlete will take home $10,000 in cash as well as other PlayStation® prizes.