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PlayStation® Pro
Orlando's TD Waterhouse Centre hosts the Dew Action Sports Tour's PlayStation® Pro, October 13-16. 
BMX Dirt
press release: Australian rider Ryan Guettler concluded a historic season in BMX Dirt competition winning the first Dew Cup of the inaugural Dew Action Sports Tour at the PlayStation® Pro in Orlando’s TD Waterhouse Centre on Thursday night. With a second place finish, Guettler secured the overall points lead and earned a $75,000 year-end bonus and a 2006 Toyota Tacoma.
Guettler, 22, also winner of the Right Guard Open in Denver and Vans® Invitational in Portland, Ore., had a score of 90.25, an average of his best two of three runs, to place second in tonight’s competition, and clinch the overall points lead and year-end title.
"I can’t believe I won the Dew Cup," said Guettler. "This win was so sweet. I am still in awe of this dream season."
Ryan Nyquist, 26, of Los Gatos, Calif., finished with an average score of 90.88, which earned him first place in the PlayStation® Pro’s BMX Dirt competition. His defining run of the evening included a one-handed X-up backflip.
Nyquist finished the season in fifth place in the overall points standings.
Australian Cameron White, 21, finished third in tonight’s competition with an average score of 90.25 and also secured third place in the season standings.

www.dewactionsportstour.com: For the BMX Dirt riders, everything they have been working for all season came down to how the Finals panned out under the lights at the PlayStation Pro. Guettler had the lead going in, but Bohan and Nyquist were serious threats after placing first and second in Prelims. See who's going home with the Dew Cup here...
The relative humidity in Orlando was high, but the tricks the dirt riders were busting were even higher. The intensity was even further increased since the points race concludes at this last stop of the Dew Action Sports Tour, and the Dew Cup would finally be awarded. The event was business as usual, everyone working hard for the win. However, a serious race was on between fellow Aussies Ryan Guettler and Corey Bohan.
With just a little more than 50 points between the two, the 75-Grand could go to either mate. Both Bohan and Guettler laid down two strong runs right off the bat. Bohan mixed things up a bit with an inverted opposite 360 in his second run. In their final runs, both went for huge tricks but couldn’t ride away clean. Guettler, taking second, out-placed Bohan and took home the prestigious Dew Cup, “Its been the best year of my life,” Guettler stated. It’s a good attitude to have considering his recent bad luck. On the last stop of the Tour, Guettler was knocked out before the Finals, but came back to ride, and won. Then, two weeks later his car and bike were stolen in Vegas. After all that, and taking home the Dew Cup in Orlando, Guettler feels like, “Nothing can stop me.”
Ryan Nyquist, showing his experience and skill, rolled out three good runs in the Finals to take home the win at the PlayStation Pro, “I just wanted to get two good runs in,” he said, and he did just that. His second and third runs boasted high scores and crazy tricks, including an amazing no-handed backflip. It was all about consistency and Nyquist pulled it together for the win. “I didn’t think I could win,” he modestly said as he was handed the PlayStation Pro Trophy.
It has been an amazing season in BMX Dirt on the Dew Action Sports Tour. Ryan Guettler has become a legend in his own time and has made a huge name for himself in the BMX world, taking three wins in BMX Dirt, two wins in BMX Park, and the BMX Dirt Dew Cup. Ryan Nyquist has proved why he's been a legend for so long in the sport, taking home home his first BMX Dirt win in Orlando, as well as the BMX Park win at Portland's Vans Invitational. And, Corey Bohan, Cameron White, and the rest of the Aussies have certainly proven their worth on US soil, taking home second and third in the overall BMX Dirt standings and hefty bonus checks as well.

Courtney **Alex** Bonsella, www.fatbmx.com, november 2005: Ryan Guettler's "mum" had made the 18-hour flight to America to support Ryan and just to give him a good surprise! NBC was planning to have Kaylene present Ryan with the trophy for first place in that night's events had he won, but Guettler came away from finals that night with 2nd after a failed 360-double tailwhip on the final jump. Nyquist took 1st after a final run that included a suicide no-handed backflip, a one-handed x-up 360, a 360 barspin, and ended with a fully extended HUGE no-handed/no-footed can-can over the final jump. Once it was announced that Nyquist won, Colin MacKay poured a celebratory bottle of water over Nyquist's head. Remembering that he did the same after Nyquist's park win in Portland, we're wondered if that was just something to be expected... so we'll be watching for it again next season! Dirt finals' end standings were DK Doyle puts a smile on 1)Ryan Nyquist, 2)Ryan Guettler, and 3)Cam White. Cam pulled off his first front flip in competition that night over the last jump in his second run. Guettler took home the overall Dew Cup for BMX Dirt with a final season ending total of 412 points. The Australians took the top three places in the over-all standings for BMX Dirt in this inaugural year of the Dew Action Sports Tour with Guettler in 1st, Corey Bohan in 2nd with 324 points, and Cameron White in 3rd with 262 points.
BMX Park
Courtney **Alex** Bonsella, www.fatbmx.com, november 2005: Park finals were held Saturday night in the TD Waterhouse Center. After a day of practice and preparation, riders came into the finals ready to go! However, it was still unsure whether or not Morgan Wade was going to ride. Riding practice earlier that day, Morgan came down from a flare, landing hard on the flat and his handlebars hit him in the chest. Medical checked him out and gave him the okay to ride, but Morgan kept saying he felt a sharp pain over his sternum. As riders lined up on the course for introductions, Morgan ran up to join the line at the last minute! He went on to pull incredible runs in finals and was the only rider that night to even touch the rail! His runs included a flare into another flare, and of course his signature bike flip! The crowd jumps to its feet as soon as that glove comes off! For his second run, Morgan landed the bike flip clean to end overall that night with 4th place and a score of 90.5.
Dave Mirra took 9th that night in finals. After losing momentum in his second run, Mirra rode around the course without a plan and headed up to the top of the course where he attempted his high drop-in backflip but fell. He called his run there, but the audience was impressed! The audience was also thrilled by Diogo "Joe" Canina's final run! Although he fell early in the run and was going to call it, support and encouragement from fellow riders and the crowd pushed Joe to go for the no-handed front flip over the box! He attempted it three times before finally calling it, but he wasn't able to clear it, although he came close! Joe ended up with 10th place finish that night but was "just happy to make finals and have fun."
Guettler took 3rd in park finals after a clean first run that left him in first place. In his second run he fell but got back up to try the 720-double tailwhip over the box. With the crowd on its feet in support, Guett attempted it three times before he gave it a miss and, with a wave to the crowd, called it done. By that point, however, he already knew he had his second Dew Cup for the year for BMX Park locked! So he took that home along with third in park for the Playstation Pro.
Nyquist took second with Cranmer taking 1st for his first win of the series! After falling in his first run, Scotty's bike needed a bit of work. Jerry Badders went to work on it, not thinking about which side the chain was on and ended up breaking his finger! Ahh the things team managers go through for their riders! Scotty spent some time in medical where he had to get a shot in his shoulder to decrease swelling. Such a trooper to get back out there and ride again pulling a solid final run and taking 1st at the Playstation Pro!

press release: Ryan Guettler, 22, of Brisbane, AUS won his second Dew Cup of the inaugural Dew Action Sports Tour at the PlayStation® Pro in Orlando's TD Waterhouse Centre on Saturday night.  With his third place finish in BMX Park, he secured the overall points lead and earned a $75,000 year-end bonus and a 2006 Toyota Tacoma. 
"This is a dream come true," said Guettler, "and I couldn't be happier.  I came into this series hoping to win one, and to win two [Dew Cups] is really unbelievable."  Guettler also took top honors in the Panasonic Open in Louisville, Ky. and Denver's Right Guard Open. 
Jackson, NJ native Scotty Cranmer, 18, finished with a score of 93.50, which earned him first place in the PlayStation® Pro's BMX Park competition.  His winning run was highlighted by a front flip over the box to earn him his first win on the Dew Action Sports Tour.   Cranmer finishes the season in second place in the overall Dew Action Sports Tour 2005 standings. 
Ryan Nyquist, 26, of Los Gatos, Calif. finished second in Saturday night's competition with a score of 92.25 and also secured third place in the season standings.   

www.dewactionsportstour.com: The level of riding and the level of crowd anticipation inside the TD Waterhouse Centre for BMX Park Finals was at an almost indescribable level. We have never witnessed such and insane display of BMX riding. With so much at stake, no one was holding back, even after time was up. See who took the win and the Dew Cup here…
The fans were going crazy and no seat was empty as BMX Park Finals got underway at the PlayStation Pro. The ten riders would battle it out for the PlayStation Pro win and the Dew Cup. The first runs gave the anxious crowd a glimpse in to the future of BMX Park riding with an incredible display of tricks like double tailwhips, 720s, and a bikeflip. Diogo Canina really proved that he’s been working hard. This was his first Finals appearance of the Tour and he stuck back-to-back flairs, double barspins, and a frontflip.
Nyquist’s first run posted the high score benchmark with a big 540 on the hip, a 720, and an alley-oop 360 transfer. He definitely got bonus points for originality. After first runs, Nyquist and Guettler were 1 and 2. Scotty Cranmer was all the way down in seventh, followed by Mirra in 8th.
As second runs got underway, the level of riding rose even more dramatically. Morgan Wade put together a sick run of technical whips, spins, and airs. He was also the only rider to hit the handrail, gapping all the way to the last section down. He stomped it and rode away like he owned the course. He also did the craziest stretched out 360 tailwhip. This bumped him up to the fourth spot. After time was up, he didn’t stop. He tried the bikeflip again, which he landed in his first run, but couldn’t stick it a second time.
After run two, Guettler was sitting comfortably in second, but he wanted more, not for the points or the win, but for the love of the sport. After time was up, he got the crowd going and decided to unleash his bag of tricks for the screaming fans who were all on their feet. He tried the 720 tailwhip, not once, but three consecutive times, just barely missing the landing. This became the standard for the rest of the competitors. Diogo Canina, after time was called, gave the fans everything they were looking for as he attempted the frontflip no-hander three times after time was called.
Dave Mirra surprised everyone in his run, and probably even himself a bit, as he decided to try to backflip all the way down the wallride to the transition. He scoped it out a couple of times, took a deep breath, crossed his chest, and went for it as the crowd screamed with approval. He actually over rotated the huge flip and washed out on the landing, but did not disappoint the crowd. The level of riding in BMX just keeps rising.
Scotty Cranmer, since qualifying second was the second to last to ride. He had a lot of catching up to do if he wanted the win. But Scotty wanted it bad. He dropped into the course and continued to stomp big trick after big trick including a double tailwhip followed immediately by another incredible tailwhip off the wall. And he didn’t stop there. He rode fast and busted the biggest and smoothest frontflip of the night, keeping the already ecstatic crowd on its feet. This run posted the highest score of the night, 93.5. At this point, Ryan Nyquist was the only rider who could take the win away from Cranmer.
Nyquist dropped in and stomped a clean combo of tricks with his signature effortless style, but then fell on a huge transfer attempt. As he stood up, he knew he would have to settle for second. Guettler took third, and will leave Orlando with his second Dew Cup, clinching it in BMX Park. “It was a dream come true,” Guettler said, “I couldn’t be happier. I came into this series hoping to win one event, and to go home with two Dew Cups is unbelievable.” About his first win of the Tour, Scotty said, “I’m really really psyched. I never thought I would be in this position. I grew up having posters of these guys on my wall. It’s amazing just to be here.” Here’s how it ended in BMX Park.
1 Cranmer Scotty
2 Nyquist Ryan
3 Guettler Ryan
4 Wade Morgan
5 Mackay Colin
6 Harrington Josh
7 Cleveland Michael
8 Young Gary
9 Mirra Dave
10 Canina Diogo
BMX Vert
press release: Jamie Bestwick, 34, of Nottingham, GBR took top honors today in BMX Vert at the PlayStation® Pro at Orlando’s TD Waterhouse Centre.  With his win, Bestwick clinched the Dew Cup in the inaugural Dew Action Sports Tour and receives a $75,000 year-end bonus and 2006 Toyota Tacoma.   
Bestwick led Kevin Robinson of East Providence, R.I. by just five points entering Sunday’s event, but Bestwick clinched the title with a brilliant tour-best first run of 97.75. Fellow Briton Simon Tabron finished second at 93.25. Robinson was third at 92.25.  Bestwick’s fourth consecutive Dew Tour event title gave him 400 points to win the BMX Vert season crown.  Robinson finished second with 358 and Chad Kagy of Gilroy, Calif., was third with 303.  Bestwick was the only four-time winner on the Tour.
“I didn’t compete in the first event, so I knew I needed to win the other four,” Bestwick said. “I rolled the dice (in his first run Sunday) and went for it. I wanted to do something that would blow the socks off everyone and I was able to do it.”  Bestwick’s first run was highlighted by a double downside tailwhip flair.   

www.dewactionsportstour.com: The Finals of BMX Vert unfolded in Orlando and a champion has been crowned. There is only one word to describe Jamie Bestwick. . . amazing. He was the first ever to land a double tailwhip flair in competition, which he executed with perfection in his initial run sealing the win and the Dew Cup. See what happened here...
The last event on the last day of the last stop of the Dew Tour and the crowd couldn’t have asked for anything more. BMX Vert Finals was full of insane tricks and heated competition. The riders were riding their hearts out because the glory and the Dew Cup were on the line. The overall points race was very close between the top three competitors. With only five points separating Jamie Bestwick and Kevin Robinson, the coveted Dew Cup was up for grabs.
“Five points is nothing,” said Bestwick. It would take an insane run to beat the field and it did come me down to, “who would roll the dice,” Bestwick noted. That is exactly what Bestwick did with an incredible first run that included a tailwhip flair over the gap, the biggest airs of the night, and an insane double tailwhip flair at the end. As soon as Bestwick landed, everyone in the TD Waterhouse Centre went off. He knew that he needed to dial his first run or, “the second run would be twice as stressful.” Bestwick takes the Dew Cup home to Great Britain and is the only athlete on the Tour to win four straight stops in a row.
Second in points, Kevin Robinson, brought a great run to the Vert ramp that was packed with 540 variations, a no-handed flair, and great intensity. Every wall was a difficult trick. However, his run was out-placed by Simon Tabron' run which included a 900. Tabron put together a solid run incorporating other tech tricks and big spins.
The PlayStation Pro, the last and final stop of the Dew Action Sports Tour, was, “one of the toughest contests,” Bestwick added. All of the riders brought their best, and raised the level of competition dramatically. The Dew Tour is a catalyst for the progression of action sports, and this event was proof. Check below for the full results of BMX Vert Finals.
1 Bestwick Jamie
2 Tabron Simon
3 Robinson Kevin
4 Kagy Chad
5 Miron Jay
6 Walker Jimmy
7 Parker John
8 Stober Tom
9 Kraft Koji
10 McCoy Dennis