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Round 4, Toyota Challenge, September 20-23, 2007, Salt Lake City, Utah, Energy Solutions Arena.
www.dewtour.com: If you caught the BMX Dirt contest in Portland, you know that it was one of the craziest, most incredible Dirt comps of all time, so the action in Salt Lake has a lot to live up to. However, the Toyota Challenge boasts 30 of the most talented Dirt riders in the world, and they don't back down from a challenge, ever. Instead of letting the Portland comp stand as the best, they'll use it as a hot fire under their asses to make SLC even more memorable. It's not an easy task; the course here has a gnarly hip section and an off-camber last jump (four hits with a total of seven take-offs to choose from) that some of the riders were struggling with. Fuzzy Hall and his local building crew got the best dirt in the state and didn't go easy on the riders. Here are a few highlights from Prelims, check the results to see who's going to be throwing down in the Finals.
Hometown hero Mike Aitken earned a wildcard spot for this contest, and made it count with effortless style, landing in ninth and heading for the Finals. Oh yeah, he was riding with no brakes. On a downhill course.
Flipwhips, once a rare occurrence, were all over the place in SLC. Dennis Enarson, Luke Parslow, Diogo Canina, and Cameron White all let them fly in their runs – on the first set. Frontflips were also rampant (including no-handers from Anthony Napolitan and tables from Parslow), and unique moves like Joey Marks' double downside whip.
Dennis Enarson broke his frame earlier in the day, built up a brand-new bike, double whipped the second set, missed the pedals and unintentionally did a crankflip (spinning his cranks and pedals 360 degrees); yet he still managed to land cleanly and finish his run. Skills.
Seconds after blowing a tire on a practice run, Cory "Nasty" Nastazio frontflipped the first set and superman flip whipped the last.
Park killer Morgan Wade is still making forward moves in Dirt, getting one of the biggest crowd responses of the night with his wild, stretched-out one-handed super whip.
James Foster went bananas. How about a triple whip on set one followed by a double whip on set two, garnished with a turndown and topped with a turndown flip? Delicious.
No matter how many times you watch Corey Bohan ride, you'll fall in love with Dirt all over again. Barspin to tailwhip, lookback 360, and a frontflip with style for miles.
Busy man McCann made Vert Finals, rushed outside for Dirt Prelims, and made the cut for that Final, too. He should add “multi-tasker” to his resume.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com: The dirt part of the Dew Tour was pretty sick. Fuzzy and his crew had brought in the premiere dirt and it was good. The course had a drop off for a start where some people did a little variation before hitting the first big set. After that three sets of big hips followed which made for a good course. The crowd during prelims and the finals was big which added to the pressure for the riders. The comp was held at night when the win had slowed down. The generators that provided energy for the extra lights were more poluting than anything I've seen. They even warmed up the Friends and Family stage with black smoke. A big difference between the Dew Tour and European events is that it was not posible to drink alcohol during the contest in the crowd. Some backpack beer runs and Rockstar drink bottles helped out during the dirt finals. The sign said: "Alcohol Violators Will Be Ejected" but if there's a will, there's a way. The State of Utah is kinda strange when it comes to drinking anyway with their maximum of 3.2% alcohol in beers and membership rules for the clubs which have to close at 1am on every night. It was definitely not the favorite state of the Hardcore Drinking Team. Some really big names did not make it to the 12 man finals. Messing up during a run got scored very low so to make it to the finals you had to stay on your bike and show some great (new-original) riding. The level was so high that the following people did not make it, either by crashing out or playing it safe: Chris Doyle, Corey Nastazio, Ryan Guettler, TJ Lavin, and Morgan Wade. Those who did make it to the finals were: James Foster (qualified in first), Cam White, Luke Parslow, Ryan Nyquist, Corey Bohan, Fuzzy, Dennis Enarson, Dave Dillewaard, TJ Ellis, Mikey "Utah WIldcard" Aitken, Stevie McCann, Colin MacKay and Joey Marks. If you go over the names you notice that half of them are Australian. One of them being half Dutch (Alles goed Dave?).

www.dewtour.com: Dew Tour Dirt contests have a tendency to go down to the wire, with plenty of jostling around in the leader board right until the last second. Since the best two of three runs are averaged for each rider, the standings going into the third round start jumping around like cheerleading squads on hot lava. The biggest surprise of the night came in Cameron White's first run – he threw out a barspin to tailwhip backflip attempt that was completely unexpected. There's only a small handful of riders who can even pull a straight spin to whip, so to go for it in a backflip is unheard of. He missed the landing, and everyone started wondering if he'd go for another one or play it safe for his second run. Meanwhile, Corey Bohan posted a high score in round one, but James Foster topped it with the triple whip/double whip sequence he fired out in Prelims. Current Tour leader Ryan Nyquist had trouble in his first run, as did Vans Invitational winner Dennis Enarson, who pulled the plug after a triple tailwhip attempt. Luke Parslow and Utah local Mike Aitken both posted big scores, but with totally different tricks. Parslow had the big flip variations, while Aitken slithered through unbelievably stylish 360 variations and a killer no-footed can-can to turndown. Steven McCann, who had just placed third in Vert, got off to a great start with a no-handed 720. The second round brought more bad luck for Nyquist, who crashed on a 720, and Bohan couldn't repeat his first round performance, missing the pedals on a no-handed one-footer to tailwhip. McCann turned in another great run, as did Aitken and Parlsow. Dave Dillewaard broke into the 90s with an awesome tailwhip to barspin 360, but Foster took a hit on a tailwhip to tailwhip back attempt. Cam White decided to give the barspin to whip flip another shot and pulled it clean, posting the highest score of the night so far. In the third round, McCann put up yet another great run with another no-handed 720 and a tailwhip to x-up, pushing him into the lead. Aitken followed with impossible 360 combos on every set, which then gave him the lead. The Salt Lake crowd was obviously pretty psyched on this, as it looked like the local kid was going to take the win. There were still eight riders left to run, though, so it was definitely still up for grabs. Dillewaard unveiled a toboggan to turndown 360, and Enarson killed it with a flipwhip, double whip, and double whip 360. Bohan pulled the no-handed one-footer to whip, but crashed on an opposite 360 whip, so that left Parslow, White, and Foster as the only guys left with a legit chance at moving into the winner's circle. Parslow hit a huge flip whip on set one but it got a little away from him and he had to hit the brakes. White had the high score of the night, so another good score would move him into first. He hit hard with a flip whip, double whip, and frontflip, and took over the top spot. It would take a lot to move him out, and Foster was under a lot of pressure as the top qualifier to come through. Foster threw out any plans of playing it safe and went for the glory, barspinning the drop-off, triple whipping the first set and double whipping the second. Just getting through to that point was nuts, and he just needed one more banger. He threw a barspin to x and nailed the tailwhip to tailwhip back on the last set, and everybody went completely nuts. White and Foster had both come through in the clutch with amazing runs, and it was up to the judges to decide who would come out on top. Foster ended up with the highest score of the night, and his very first Dew Tour win. It was another great Dirt comp, and a telling preview to what's going to be an all-out barn burner in Orlando. The points are tight, everyone's hungry, and the new tricks just keep on coming. Hats off to the Dew Tour Dirt riders for bringing the heat in SLC.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com: The finals were a wild one. James Foster whipped his way into first place. A little more variety in his runs wouldn't have hurt but the judges liked it and gave him his first Dew Tour win. He has triple tailwhips on lockdown now which is insane and so was his windshield wiper on the last set. Cameron White had the trick of the comp with a barspin flipwhip over the first set. Just try to imagine that one. You start to go upside down, spin the bars, grab them, kick the frame around while you're still upside down and find the pedals before you complete the vertical spin. Seriously nuts and it shows that there is still room for progression. A well deserved third place went to Mikey Aitken. Yup he rode brakeless but if you have so much bike control you don't even miss the brake. Mikey goes 3 feet higher than everyone else, has more flow than a lot of people out there and is not afraid to mix it up in tricks and even makes a nacnac seatgrab look sweet. 8 grand for a night's riding put a smile on his face.

www.lat34.com: .

Keith Mulligan, www.ridebmx.com: Finals in Dirt went down last night in SLC and the tricks were wild, as could be expected. James Foster mixed a triple tailwhip, a double tailwhip and a windshield wiper (tailwhip-to-tailwhip back) to take the Dirt win—edging out Cameron White who pulled a barspin-to-tailwhip backflip, a first-ever in competition.

Dirt prelims results:
1. James Foster
2. Cameron White
3. Luke Parslow
4. Ryan Nyquist
5. Corey Bohan
6. Dennis Enarson
7. Dave Dillewaard
8. TJ Ellis
9. Mike Aitken
10. Steve McCann
11. Colin Mackay
12. Joey Marks

Dirt finals results:
1. James Foster 93.25
2. Cameron White 92.92
3. Mike Aitken 90.50
4. Steve McCann 90.50
5. Luke Parslow 90.00
6. Dennis Enarson 89.25
7. Dave Dillewaard 89.08
8. Corey Bohan 89.00
9. TJ Ellis 88.17
10. Joey Marks 87.75
11. Ryan Nyquist 83.83
12. Colin Mackay 83.25
www.dewtour.com: The crowd watching BMX Park Prelims in Salt Lake City was one of the best of the Tour so far; this city knows BMX and is good at getting the riders fired up. That always means a better show with bigger tricks, which is exactly what they got. Zach Gerber got so amped in his second run that he went for a double frontflip, which has never even been attempted in competition. Unfortunately, he came up a little short and crashed, but walked off the course fist-pumping the crowd into a frenzy anyway.
Morgan Wade really knocked the roof off the place with a series of massive gaps. After a crash in his second run, he climbed up top and went for one more, just for the crowd, doing a huge pocket flair gap into the wall ride, easily one of the top two tricks of the day. The other came courtesy of Ryan Guettler, who landed his first-ever 1080 over a box, and did it clean as a whistle. He double backflipped the box in his second run but blew off the pedals on the landing, so look for him to take another shot at that in the Finals.
Also making it to Sunday’s Finals are Daniel Dhers, who qualified first despite badly bruising muscles in his stomach and hip yesterday, Mike Spinner, who did a clean turndown to x-up 720, and Scotty Cranmer, who flair whipped a small quarter and did a no-handed frontflip up the big step-up. Ryan Nyquist did an alley-oop 270 out of the curved wallride, and Kevin Kiraly landed a clean 720
Other highlights include Alistair Whitton's superman backflip, Dennis Enarson's massive flip whips, Dave Dillewaard's tailwhip up the step-up to manual to barspin, Diogo Canina's opposite double tailwhip, and Josh Harrington's big, stylish tables over the step-down hip. Allan Cooke had great flow in his first run, hitting every corner of the course and doing a nothing over the box backwards. It's also worth noting that Steven McCann narrowly missed making the Final for all three disciplines in Salt Lake City, landing only three spots outside of the qualifying twelve in Park.
Tomorrow's Final event is going to get crazy; Nyquist and Cranmer can always be counted on to double the nutball factor for their runs in the Finals, and everyone else will be on their "A" game as well. Everyone thought that the ultra-consistent Dhers had a dent in his armor with the hip injury, but he proved that he can still pour it on when he needs to. Spinner will be looking for another win, and Guettler is as hungry as ever for a first place finish, so kick back and see what happens on the final day of the Toyota Challenge.


www.dewtour.com: The Salt Lake City crowd came through once again on Sunday, driving the riders in the BMX Park Final to let it all hang out. Scotty Cranmer nailed a brand-new trick and Ryan Guettler fired out a dream trick combo in not just one, but both of his runs. The action just kept getting hotter in the arena, with Cranmer emerging victorious for his first win of the 2007 Dew Tour. Every rider in the Final had their own unique tricks to bring to the table; here are a few of them: Josh Harrington's blasted huge inverted tables over the step-down hip and barspin superman seatgrabs over the box. Diogo Canina threw out his signature opposite double tailwhip and frontflips up the big step-up. Dave Dillewaard dialed in a whip to manual up the step-up, holding it all the way to a tailwhip out into the wedge. He also did a table 360 over the box backwards. Kevin Kiraly double whipped the step-up, rolled hang fives, pulled a barspin to footjam nosepick, and spun a clean 720. Allan Cooke dropped a perfect double tailwhip 360, a curved wallride to barspin, and a barspin to walltap on the sub. Alistar Whitton stretched killer superman flips over the box and a long tailwhip transfer. Landing in sixth was Dennis Enarson, who had some trouble in his first run but rallied back for his second and landed an amazing curved wallride to tailwhip. He also did a couple of double tailwhip 360s and a big flip whip. Fifth went to the winner of the last Tour stop, Mike Spinner. He was sitting in last place going into his second run, so he came out with a turndown to x-up 720 and a 540 whip to move way up in the standings. Current Tour leader and '06 champ Daniel Dhers got fourth with a truckdriver to tailwhip, frontflips over the spine, and a flatspin turndown 720. Ryan Nyquist came out hot with a barspin 720 over the box and double truckdrivers all over the course. Everyone was psyched on his alley-oop 270 out of the curved wall, and his barspin 540 and truckdriver over the box backwards helped him stick the third place spot. Ryan Guettler was simply on fire, landing two incredibly hard tricks in both of his runs. He is now only the second rider to land a 1080 on the Dew Tour, and he topped it off with clean double flips, a two-trick combo that's unheard of for a single contest run, much less two. He also did huge flips over the step-down hip, a step-up 720, and a no-footed can-can flair to finish in second. First place was all Scotty Cranmer. In addition to his usual attack of no-handed frontflips and double tailwhips, he pulled a triple tailwhip and a first-for-Dew-Tour frontflip tailwhip, a trick he unveiled in a web video just last week. After a slow start on the Tour this year, he definitely reminded everyone just how good he is here in Salt Lake City.

Greg, www.lat34.com: It was an amazing BMX Park final that went down Sunday at the Toyota Challenge in Salt Lake City. The fourth stop of the AST Dew Tour featured both new and huge trick, with previous Dew Tour champs stepping up in a thrilling dual, while more recent champs couldn't keep up. In the end, Scotty Cranmer took the night with a 93.17 scored on his second run, which featured a never-before-seen in competition front-flip tailwhip..
Cranmer's first run featured an attempt at the front-flip tailwhip, but he couldn't land it cleanly, hurting his score. Veteran rider Ryan Nyquist followed in his first run to score a 91.67, setting the bar high. But Ryan Guettler laid down the guantlet with his first run, which featured a 1080 and a double backflip, scoring a 92.00. Last month's tour stop winner Mike Spinner and four-time winner and highest-qualifier Daniel Dhers tried to follow, both crashing in their first runs.
The second run was just as exciting, with Cramer coming through with a clean front-flip tailwhip and scoring the winning 93.17. Guettler followed with another jam-packed run, including another 1080 and double backflip, but he was only able to add .50 to his score, taking him to 92.50, keeping him behind Cranmer. Spinner did well on his run but the 90.17 he scored was only good for fourth. Daniel Dhers came out blazing and gave it his all, landing tricks like the 360 turndown backflip ("Nipple Twister") and Ally-oop Flair but in the end he managed a 91.50, good for fourth. While he was out of the top three, he still holds a comfortable lead over Spinner in the Dew Cup standings.
For Cranmer, the win is sweeter because last year he was in the running for a Dew Cup up into the last race in Orlando until a massive crash knocked him out of the comp.
"The only thing I came here to do was land a front-flip tailwhip, so when I rolled away on that, I did not care what happened after that," Cranmer said after the contest. He also revealed he got a flat tire during his run, making it difficult to do all the tricks he intended.
"That's all my hard tricks, all put together in a run," Guettler said after finishing his first final this season. "It's amazing just to keep up with those guys."

BMX Park Prelims:
1. Daniel Dhers
2. Mike Spinner
3. Ryan Guettler
4. Ryan Nyquist
5. Scotty Cranmer
6. Kevin Kiraly
7. Diogo Canina
8. Allan Cooke
9. Alistair Whitton
10. Dennis Enarson
11. Dave Dillewaard
12. Josh Harrington

Park Final Results:
1. Scotty Cranmer
2. Ryan Guettler
3. Ryan Nyquist
4. Daniel Dhers
5. Mike Spinner
6. Dennis Enarson
7. Alistair Whitton
8. Allan Cooke
9. Kevin Kiraly
10. Dave Dillewaard
11. Diogo Canina
12. Josh Harrington
www.dewtour.com: .

www.dewtour.com: With his wife Kerry and son Samuel watching from the flatbottom, Jamie Bestwick claimed another Dew Tour win, this time with what were most likely his highest airs of the Tour. He was killing it all through practice; he usually keeps it low-key in those sessions, but here in Salt Lake, he was throwing big variations and massive stalled-out inverts in the 12-foot range. He topped out way ahead of the rest of the field with a 94 after his first run, but believe it or not, he was planning to better it in his second. Unfortunately, a crash on a tailwhip to turndown cut his second effort short, but the tricks he threw down in run one more than made up for it. In particular, his invert 540 was completely maxed out and got the other riders fired up – it was that good.
Simon Tabron nailed a solid second with huge can-cans, a 900, and tabletop, invert, and no-handed 540s, all with a fractured hand. Tabron has the skills and experience to power through an injury and make it look non-existent, and you can tell he's always having fun doing it.
Steven McCann landed his second podium of the tour in third. Big superman seatgrabs, no-handed and turndown flairs, floaty 540s, and perfect double tailwhips at max height started his day off well. He's headed into Dirt Finals tonight, so we'll see if he can keep the momentum going.
Other highlights include Dennis McCoy's 540 to barspin 540, and a 900 that sent him spinning into another 540 on the bottom of the ramp right as he landed – he was spinning like a tornado that never touched down. Jimmy Walker popped off 540s and flairs like they were set-up airs, and Jay Eggleston rivaled Bestwick's height with huge no-handed one-footers and 540s, all on a borrowed bike.
Zack Warden did regular, downside, and double tailwhips along with two perfect handplants. Kevin Robinson did huge no-handers and supermans and no-handed and opposite flairs, but a crash on a 540 tailwhip cut his run short. John Parker pulled a double whip, an opposite whip, a no-handed 540, and an alley-oop downside whip, and Mike Mancuso pulled another tailwhip flair, still a fairly new trick for him.
Tabron's still got a chance to catch Bestwick for the year-end title, but he'll have to go all out and hope for a bad day for Jamie. That's not the way these guys roll, though; the better they each do, the more psyched they'll be to throw crazy stuff of their own. The vibe's been good on Vert this year, so the final event in Orlando is going to be an all-out trickfest and a great party to boot. Don't miss it!

Keith Mulligan, www.ridebmx.com: Finals in Vert went down last night in SLC and the tricks were wild, as could be expected. Jamie Bestwick combined his huge air and carving flow with his flair variations and multiple trick combos to claim the Vert win ahead of brakeless Simon Tabron who landed a smooth 900.

Wina Sturgeon, www.lat34.com: Sick, sick, sick. The only words that can describe the AST Dew Tour de force on day two with the vert and dirt BMX finals. The laws of physics were broken by riders who used the air for playtime and made gravity hang its head. Jamie Bestwick won vert, but by the time he dropped in, the crowd had been worked to a frenzy by a plethora of riders that amped bigger as each run went on. Chad Kagy couldn't ride this one, but he got pipetime anyway, volunteering to bring his considerable knowhow to the boards as the announcer. Kagy missed the finals on his return after shattering his collarbone in the X Games during practice for BMX Big Air. He was tied for second in the Dew until it happened, now he brings it to the crowd with a mic, ignoring the plate and seven screws in his shoulder.
There was a lot more excitement in the BMX Vert finals than in Thursday's Skate Vert. Of course, it was Friday, so there was a bigger crowd, but the working sound system helped a lot as well. They rode to 60's hits and surf songs, but the roar of the enthusiastic crowd was constant, and pumped the riders as much as the tunes.
Mike Mancuso busted a perfect tailwhip 540, a favorite trick of many of the athletes, including Kevin Robinson, who combined it with some amazing air time. He probably would have been on the podium if he hadn't crash landed hard. He seemed to be looking at another rider on the deck rather than his landing; he came down a trifle sideways, and his feet slipped off the pedals. Simon Tabron hit a 900 to amazed screams, but the crowd fell surprisingly silent while waiting for his score. When 92.50 flashed on the screen, the screams were deafening.
When it was Bestwick's turn the crowd knew they had a treat in store. He delivered, first with a superman seat grab, then a downside whip to x-up, and an amazing 20-foot out tailwhip to late turndown. He tossed in a few double tail whips and a backflip 180, plus his signature reverse front flip and a flair with a goon down.
Salt Lake's local comp rider Nick Fletcher was in awe. "Jamie Bestwick is so smooth and so hot, he's like the Michael Jordan of vert riding. He's got the reverse front flip in the bag, and that's something no one else is doing," he said.
Bestwick's first run score was so high, none of the riders in the second run could catch up. Even Tabron bagged it after landing low on a trick and losing speed. He just called it and rode off the tranny. Bestwick didn't even need to take a second run for the win but came out for a victory lap to a frenzied crowd. And he didn't take it easy. Invert, flair whip, a top no-hander, flair turndown---then his finale, a flair turndown, tailwhip to turndown---to crash. Yes, Bestwick gave them everything he had, and lay in the tranny laughing.
On the podium during the awards ceremony, Bestwick took the top step with his two-year-old son, Samuel, who grinned and held up a mini trophy just like his dad's.
The British rider said he owes his success to hard work. "I put about five or six hours of riding in every day to make sure that when it comes time to compete, I'm the best I can be. Putting me hours into riding, I know how to get out of a bad situation and turn it into a positive, even if it's the end of my run and I'm dying for energy," he said.
He also gave away a secret: "I put helium in my tires, a lot of the guys don't know that. Also, I run a fast bike. I'm a tall guy, I'm six foot one inch, and I can pump this ramp with pretty good force."
The tail whip to late turndown is his newest trick, the one that floored him in the victory lap. "I couldn't pull it off. It's a hard trick, because you have to shift your weight a couple of different time. But I'll work on it so I have it for Orlando."
Bestwick wasn't happy with his runs, even though he won. "Winning is a great feeling, but sometimes you can only take winning when you feel like you've put in 100%."
When told that ski racer Bode Miller has said the same thing, Bestwick said, "Everybody knows who that guy is, hats off to Bode!" And he lifted his cap in the air.
Vert prelims results:

Vert finals results:
1. Jamie Bestwick 94.00
2. Simon Tabron 92.50
3. Steve McCann 91.00
4. Dennis McCoy 89.50
5. Jimmy Walker 88.17
6. Jay Eggleston 87.33
7. Zack Warden 87.33
8. Kevin Robinson 86.67
9. John Parker 86.33
10. Mike Mancuso 85.33
www.dewtour.com: A total of 88 BMX racers from around the world congregated in Salt Lake City at the Toyota Challenge for the first of two days of intense BMX racing action. The Friday of the Toyota Challenge, an official time trial was held and racers gave it their all around the track, one by one, to see who was fastest. The top 64 racers will advance to the Olympic Qualifying race on Saturday. USA Olympic hopeful and time trial specialist Mike Day (USA) proved once again that he is the fastest man on the track and claimed top spot on the 88-man roster. Following Day was Robert DeWilde (NED) and Manuel DeVecchi (ITA) in respectable second and third positions. These three athletes will go into the pro race as the crème de la crème and the ones to beat on Saturday.

www.dewtour.com: For the third year running, the Toyota Challenge hosted BMX racers from around the world, in a special Supercross event. This weekend, a total of 88 BMX racers flew into Salt Lake City and began their competition with Time Trial Qualifiers on Friday. From Time Trials, 64 racers moved through to race in the Olympic Qualifying Supercross race on Saturday. Mother Nature was unfortunately not on the racers’ side, and five heats into the eight heat race, the skies opened up and the rain started coming down. That coupled with a dash of thunder, was enough for event organizers to pull the plug on the BMX SX event. Due to the unfavorable weather conditions, final results have been determined from Friday's Time Trials, and it was American BMXer Mike Day who was fastest on the track during Trials. Coming in second place (based on Friday's time trials) is Robert DeWilde (NED) and third place goes to Manuel DeVecchi of Italy.
Race prelims results:
1. Mike Day (USA)
2. Robert DeWilde (NED)
3. Manuel DeVecchi(ITA)
4. Michal Prokup (CZE)
5. Raymo Van Der Biezen (NED)
6. Steven Cisar (USA)
7. Kyle Bennet (USA)
8. Jamie Gray (AUS)
9. Damien Godet (FRA)
10. Luke Madill (AUS)
www.dewtour.com, October 1, 2007: The AST Dew Tour, the world’s premier season-long action sports tour, today announced the winner of the PlayStation® Trick of the Week Award from the Toyota Challenge.  Voting began on Monday, September 24, the day after competitions ended.  Fans were able to view video clips and vote online at www.astdewtour.com until Monday, October 1. Fans selected Cameron White as the PlayStation® Trick of the Week winner after he performed a Barspin Tailwhip Backflip in competition during the BMX Dirt Finals.  White finished in second place in the finals. “I want to thank everyone who made this possible: my friends, family, and especially the fans,” said White. “I’m totally shocked and excited to have won, because I was up against tough competition. The Toyota Challenge was the best contest this year. The jumps were awesome, the crowds were amazing, and Salt Lake was a fun city to be in.” White faced stiff competition for the PlayStation® Trick of the Week Award. Trick of the Week nominees included:
Cameron White (BMX Dirt), landed the first Barspin Tailwhip Backflip in competition during Finals, placing second. 
Scotty Cramner (BMX Park), completed the first Frontflip Tailwhip in competition, which helped him secure his first Dew Tour victory this year.
Jamie Bestwick (BMX Vert), performed a Tailwhip to Turndown in his first place run in the Finals.
Fabrizio Santos (Skateboard Park), landed a Caballerial Backside Tailslide during Finals, finishing in seventh place.
Buster Halterman (Skateboard Vert), displayed smooth style with a Stalefish Backside 540, placing sixth.
Dustin Miller (FMX), landed a Pendulum to Double Seat Grab, placing fifth in the Finals.
White wins $5,000 and his trick will compete for the PlayStation® Trick of the Year at the upcoming PlayStation® Pro in Orlando, Fla. (October 18-21).
Fans will vote for the PlayStation® Trick of the Year winner from the four Trick of the Week winners.  Polls will be open throughout the week of October’s PlayStation® Pro.  The winner will be announced during the AST Dew Tour NBC broadcast on Sunday, October 21. This athlete will take home $10,000 in cash as well as other PlayStation® prizes.