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Salt lake city.
www.dewtour.com, july 2008:

Prelim results Dirt. Salt Lake City 11 September 2008: 1st Enarson, Dennis 93 2nd Aitken, Mike 92 3rd Guettler, Ryan 91.83 4th Bohan, Corey 91.67 5th Dosch, Brandon 91.5 6th Foster, James 91.17 7th Nastazio, Cory 91.17 8th Napolitan, Anthony 91 9th Ellis, TJ 89.83 10th Darden, Rob 89.5 11th McCann, Steven 89.33 12th Cooke, Allan 87.67 13th Gerber, Chris 87.33 14th Gethard, Brad 85.5 15th Bowers, Charlie 85.33 16th Canina, Diogo 84.5 17th Hall, Tim 83 18th Wade, Morgan 81 19th O'hara, Kyle 80.33 20th Wirch, Scott 79 21st Berkheimer, Nate 78.33 22nd Mackay, Colin 75.33 23rd Aloise, Adam 74.83 24th Hult, Josh 74.17
The top nine will meet Nyquist, White and Parslow in the finals.

www.dewtour.com, july 2008:

Press release, september 2008:
In BMX dirt, style prevailed over technical tricks when Aitken won the competition. Aitken said he rode his bike as a testament to BMX trail riding style of the past, rather than the technical, cutting-edge, progressive style executed by today’s top riders. “It’s rare to see me upside down,” Aitken said. The 25-year-old Aitken, of Salt Lake City, finished at 92.08 points. Australia’s Corey Bohan finished second at 91.92 and fellow Australian Cameron White was third at 91.92, but with a lower scoring earlier run than Bohan. Aitken’s winning run included a variety of stylish 360 tricks. “To win it doing the things that I’m into and the things that I love makes it that much more special,” Aitken said. “I went in there and I did what I normally do. I tried to keep the nerves down. I honestly didn’t think I had a chance. I’m just shocked and happy to be up here.”

FatTony, www.ridebmx.com, August 22nd, 2008: I

Dirts Finals results: 1.
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Park Qualifying Results:

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Press release: In BMX park, Dhers remained perfect this year in AST competition, winning the event for his fourth victory of the season. The 23-year old Dhers, from Venezuela, fell at the end of his first run and was fourth at the end of the first round, but rebounded in the second run to finish at 93.33. Mike Spinner, of Miami, had the lead after his first run, but was bumped into second by Dhers, the last rider to compete in the second heat. Spinner finished with 93.00 points. Garrett Reynolds of Toms River, N.J. was third at 92.00. “I didn’t have the best first run, and then the second round when Spinner started bobbling with his first trick, I said, ‘OK, I think that the door is open for me to win,’” Dhers said. Dher’s winning run included a double whip on a big hip, a 360 X up and a table flair to 720. “I thought, ‘The line is working, don’t fall now, you’re really far ahead,” Dhers said. “So, as I kept going everything just started working. I was so happy. It feels awesome. This is my ninth contest that I’ve won this year out of 11.”

Park Final Results: 1. Daniel Dhers, Venezuela, 93.33.  2. Mike Spinner, Miami,  93.00.  3. Garrett Reynolds, Toms River, N.J., 92.00.  4. Craig Mast, Champion, Ohio, 91.83.  5. Ryan Guettler, Australia, 91.50.  6. Kevin Kiraly, Livermore, Calif., 91.00.  7. Rob Darden, Greenville, N.C., 90.33.  8. Gary Young, San Diego, 90.00.  9. Drew Bezanson, Canada, 89.33.  10. Alistair Whitton, Great Britain, 88.17
www.dewtour.com, 2008: The AST Dew Tour showcases the world's premier pro action sports athletes, but it also keeps an eye on the hot up-and-coming amateur riders. AST Dew Tour's am series, Free Flow Tour, features a total of 40 different skateboarding and BMX events across the country, seeking out the best ams and giving them an opportunity to ride with the big dogs on the Dew Tour. The winners of each Free Flow stop earn a trip to the Toyota Challenge in Salt Lake City for the Free Flow Tour Finals, and the winner of the Finals scores a trip to Orlando for the Dew Tour Finals at the PlayStation® Pro , where they get to ride with the pros in Prelims. The Free Flow BMX Vert Finals went down first in SLC, with Kevin Colla, Kyle Noble, and Tyler Chamberlain throwing down on the same ramp that Jamie Bestwick and Chad Kagy ride (both riders were even on hand to check out the action). Skateparks are plentiful around the country these days but Vert ramps are a little tougher to find, so there are fewer emerging Vert riders. Although the quantity may have been low, the three riders in the Free Flow BMX Vert Finals definitely made sure the quality was high. Third place went to 21-year-old Kevin Colla from South Windsor, Connecticut. He pulled an invert, a no-hander, and a can-can, but couldn't stick the landing on a flair. Kyle Noble took second with a few more tricks, including a one-hander one-footer, a toboggan, front tire grabs, and a handplant on the coping. The top spot was all Tyler Chamberlain, a 21-year-old rookie from Herrick, Illinois. Chamberlain went a couple of feet higher than the other riders and threw a barspin, toboggan, tire grab, and an x-up before crashing on a 540 attempt. In addition to earning his way to the Dew Tour Finals next month in Orlando, Chamberlain picked up a new Verizon wireless phone, an Ogio travel bag, a Playstation® Portable, and a $100 Wendy's gift certificate. Chamberlain was psyched on his Free Flow Tour experience. "It's been awesome," he said after the contest. "Getting to hang out with guys like Bestwick and the other pros is just so amazing." The next time he hangs out with them, he'll be dropping in head-to-head with them in Vert Prelims in Orlando. "I need to learn some new tricks!" he said with a laugh. "I'm just going to try to have fun with it." Chamberlain's the latest rider to go from flow to pro; check out his professional debut next month at the Playstation® Pro!


Vert prelim results Salt Lake City Dew Tour stop. Thursday 11 September 2008: 1st Walker, Jimmy 91.17 2nd McCann, Steven 90.17 3rd McCoy, Dennis 90 4th Warden, Zack 89.17 5th Coleman, Austin 89 6th Eggleston, Jay 88.33 7th Zurita, Francisco 87.67 8th Parker, John 87 9th Mancuso, Mike 86.83 10th Byron, Vince 86 11th Robinson, Kevin 85.83 12th Kraft, Koji 85.67 13th Jovel, Jorge 84.33 14th Williams, Danny 83.67 15th Snowden, Ben 82 16th McElhinney, Keith 75.67
Top 7 meets Bestwick, Kagy and Tabron in the finals.

www.dewtour.com, july 2008:

Press release, september 2008:
The 37-year-old Bestwick, from England, earned his third victory of the AST Dew Tour season with 93.00 points, despite competing with an injured back. Kagy, from Gilroy, Calif., ended up second based on a lower second-run score. England's Simon Tabron was third at 92.17. Kagy took the lead in his first run with 93.00 points in a performance that included a Superman seat grab and a 540 tailwhip. His fellow competitors were unable to best his score for the remainder of the first heat. Kagy retained the lead throughout the second heat, until Bestwick, the last competitor, performed. Bestwick tied Kagy in his run, which included an alley oop downside tailwhip and multiple 540s. Their remaining scores in the two-run finals decided the tiebreaker. Bestwick's 92.00 bested Kagy's 89.17. "I did what I could do tonight," Bestwick said. "Chad rode fantastic and Simon rode the best I've ever seen him move. My legs are feeling fine, but my back hurts. It feels horrible that my body is starting to fail me." Bestwick will take a 30-point lead into the finals in Orlando, Fla. "I was glad to come out and lay it down at the Toyota Challenge and I did what I could today," Bestwick said. "The goal is to go to Orlando and take this thing."

www.fatbmx.com, september 2008: The current top three vert riders that joined Thursday's seven vert qualifiers, did it again during the finals on Friday at the SLC stop of the Dew Tour. Jamie Bestwick scored one full point more than Chad Kagy. Brit Simon Tabron reached thrid place on his rainbow bike.

Vert final results: 1st Bestwick, Jamie 93 2nd Kagy, Chad 93 3rd Tabron, Simon 92.17 4th Walker, Jimmy 91.5 5th McCann, Steven 91.33 6th Warden, Zack 90.33 7th McCoy, Dennis 89.33 8th Zurita, Francisco 88.5 9th Coleman, Austin 88.33 10th Eggleston, Jay 86.83
PlayStation® Pro Moment Award
Press release, August 18, 2008: