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Chicago, june 2009.
Dirt Qualifying Results: 1.Ryan Nyquist 2.Josh Hult 3.Brandon Dosch 4.TJ Ellis 5.Luke Parslow 6.Rob Darden 7.Cory Nastazio 8.Chris Doyle 9.Jaie Toohey

press release, june 2009: Josh Hult won the BMX dirt competition on Friday at the Nike 6.0 BMX Open, with Brandon Dosch coming in second, marking the first podium finishes in Dew Tour history for both athletes. Ryan Nyquist rounded out the podium in third. Hult, a 25-year-old Idaho native, pulled out a 92.50 finish over Dosch’s score of 92.31, with a truckdriver tailwhip, superman tailwhip and 360 to downside whip. "It feels absolutely amazing to win, but I don't know if it's really sunk in all the way yet. I kind of messed up my first run, but I made up for it in my second run with double tailwhips both ways,” Hult said. “When it came to my last run, I knew I could either gamble and go for the win or play it safe. I rolled the dice and it paid off. It's unbelievable to even be in this situation, let alone to win the first stop of the Dew Tour."
Dosch’s second place finish included numerous tailwhip variations like a 360 double whip and a 360 downside tailwhip. His runs secured his first-time podium finish on the Dew Tour, coming in a close second. “It’s a feeling that I’ve been waiting for forever,” Dosch said.
Nyquist finished with a score of 91.38 and pulled out a suicide 360 double barspin. No stranger to the podium, Nyquist secured the third place spot on the first stop of the Tour and showed his support for first-time podium finishers, Hult and Dosch. "I'm incredibly excited for both Josh and Brandon. It's huge for both of them, especially at the first stop of the 2009 season,” Nyquist said. “They've both been around for a while, so it's nice to see their hard work pay off. Something like this definitely makes BMX dirt more interesting. Nobody could have predicted it, and this just shows that there are so many talented riders on the Dew Tour and that any of them can win."

Kevin McAvoy, espn.go.com, june 2009: A nuts dirt comp just finished up. And Redline's Josh Hult took the win. It all came down to one trick; the truckdriver to downside whip in Hult's third and final run. After finishing the run, Hult grabbed the first place spot and remained there for the rest of the third heat. It was nuts. In second place was another Redline rider, Brandon Dosch. Dosch went for it in his second run and pulled a no-hander drop in to 3 whip to double tailwhip to a floating 360 downside tailwhip that almost didn't come around. In third was Haro's Ryan Nyquist, who stuck to his guns and stayed away from the tailwhip game, going instead for his trademark truckdriver repertoire, which included a suicide no-handed double truck in the second heat. Fourth place went to TMZ's favorite BMXer, Corey Bohan, who rode the course brakeless and flowed 3s, opposite 3s and opposite trucks with ease. And rounding out the top five was Haro's Dennis Enarson, whose final run, a barspin to 3 whip to no-hander one-footer to tailwhip, was awesome. The rest of the results are below. I'll have some photos up within the hour as well. Check back soon-ish.

Results: 1.Josh Hult 2.Brandon Dosch 3.Ryan Nyquist 4.Corey Bohan 5.Dennis Enarson 6.Rob Darden 7.Cory Nastazio 8.TJ Ellis 9.Chris Doyle 10.Jaie Toohey 11.Cameron White 12.Luke Parslow
Brian Tunney, espn.go.com, june 2009: Results from the Nike 6.0 BMX Open Dew Tour in Grant Park, Chicago. IL. Park prelims just went down, and Dave Mirra proved that he's not done just yet with the BMX thing. Dave's second run was nuts, including a wild flair whip on the vert wall, a fairly inverted 720 and smooth, no brakes lines all over the course.

Park Qualifying Results: 1. Dave Mirra 2.Garrett Reynolds 3.Marcus Tooker 4.Dennis Enarson 5.Craig Mast 6.Mark Webb 7.Brandon Dosch 8.Morgan Wade 9.Steven McCann 10.Jeremiah Smith

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Park Final Results: 1.Dave Mirra 2.Garrett Reynolds 3.Marcus Tooker 4.Steven McCann 5.Brandon Dosch 6.Mark Webb 7.Craig Mast 8.Ryan Nyquist 9.Daniel Dhers 10.Dennis Enarson 11.Morgan Wade 12.Mike Spinner
Only seven of the 17 riders made it to finals so everyone had to lay down their biggest tricks.

Vert Qualifying Results (Top 7 Move To Finals): 1.Jimmy Walker 2.Dennis McCoy 3.Francisco Zurita 4.Kevin Robinson 5.Jay Eggleston 6.Koji Kraft 7.Steven McCann

Brian Tunney, espn.go.com, june 2009: No big surprise here. Jamie Bestwick is still on top of the pro vert game, with his latest win going down just under a hour ago as the sun set over the Chicago skyline. Bestwick's first run was a complete washout, slipping out on his first flair, but he came back in the second heat with an unstoppable run that boasted more height, style and stretched variations than anyone else in the vert class. I should also note that after slipping out in the flat bottom of his first run, Jamie did some one-handed push ups for the crowd. But that wasn't the only highlight of tonight's vert comp.
Coming in second was fellow UK vert vet Simon Tabron. Simon's first run was huge, with a 900, stretched Hoffmonian can can airs and a never before seen can can lookback 540. In his second run, he went for a one-handed one-footed 900, but looped out upon landing. If I know Simon at all, he's definitely already pulled a few of them, so be sure to watch for it later this year.
Third place went to Aussie Steve McCann, who finished up park finals, then made his way over to the vert ramp to throw down a triple whip, a 540 whip and a huge no-handed flair. I think I can safely say that there's a vert win very soon in McCann's future.
In fourth was another vert vet, Kevin Robinson. As always, Kevin kept it high and upside down. For myself though, Kevin's true colors showed after his runs were done. Friend and fellow competitor Chad Kagy went down hard on a double flair attempt, and was carried off the ramp by the medical team to undergo testing. And at that point, the mood was pretty somber. So Kevin dropped in and pulled nine back-to-back flairs to reinvigorate the crowd, and it worked pretty darn well. I should also report that Kagy seems to be doing okay, but it's times like that when I'm reminded that these guys might compete against each other, but deep down, they're the best of friends and would do anything for each other. That's just another cool thing about BMX. I guess I should move onto fifth place though.
Fifth went to local boy Jimmy Walker, who used to be a window cleaner on skyscrapers in Chicago. And I'll use the same pun everyone else used today: he's not afraid of heights. Jimmy's riding is awesome. New to his repertoire was a seat grab 540, which was complimented by a no-handed 540, opposite flairs, a barspin 540 and pure vert flow.

Vert final results: 1.Jamie Bestwick 2.Simon Tabron 3.Steven McCann 4.Kevin Robinson 5.Jimmy Walker 6.Dennis McCoy 7.Jay Eggleston 8.Francisco Zurita 9.Chad Kagy 10.Koji Kraft
Keith Mulligan, bmx.transworld.net, june 2009: With three teams of three riders and a tight course packed with rails, pallets, gaps, ledges, and more the judged jam session saw some rapid fire moves go down…
PlayStation Pro Moment Award
The Dew Tour today announced that Craig Mast was voted the winner of the PlayStation® Pro Moment Award from the Tour’s first event, the Nike 6.0 BMX Open, which took place June 26-27 in Chicago’s Grant Park. The PlayStation Pro Moment is awarded to the athlete at each stop of the Dew Tour who landed the best trick of the event, as voted on by fans. Voting began on Sunday, June 28, the day after competitions ended. Fans could view the videos at allisports.com/playstation or on V CAST Videos from Verizon Wireless in the Sports channel folder and the PlayStation®Network.
Voters selected Mast for his impressive front flip down the step down during the BMX park finals at the first stop of the 2009 Dew Tour. Landing the trick for the first time ever, Mast captured seventh place in the competition. “This is the best news I’ve gotten in a long time!” Mast said. “Thank you so much to the fans who voted for me. This is a trick I tried unsuccessfully three years ago in Orlando, so I am very happy it worked out for me this time.” Mast faced stiff competition for the PlayStation® Pro Moment Award. Other Pro Moment nominees included: Josh Hult (BMX dirt – Hult landed an opposite double whip, taking first place in the BMX dirt competition and claiming the first Dew Tour victory of his career.) and Steven McCann (BMX vert – McCann executed a triple tailwhip during the BMX vert finals, finishing in third overall in the competition.)
Mast wins $5,000, a PLAYSTATION®3 system and a library of games to reward his skills.