../events/ 2009 Dew Action Sports Tour round 5

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Orlando, FL - October 15 - 18, 2009.
bmx.transworld.net, october 2009: After getting rained out and postponed until late this evening the dirt prelims finally went off—and they went off in a big way. Tons of riders had amazing runs, but only nine made it to the finals. The BMX Dirt Finals will take place Saturday, October 17th from 7:30-9pm EST. The top three athletes in the Dew Cup points standings automatically advance to the Finals – Ryan Nyquist (282pts), Brandon Dosch (248pts) and Dennis Enarson (226pts).

2009 Orlando Dew Tour dirt qualifying results: (*Top 9 Ride In Finals) 1.Anthony Napolitan 2.Colton Satterfield 3.TJ Ellis 4.Rob Darden 5.Chris Doyle 6.Chris Gerber 7.Ryan Guettler 8.Luke Parslow 9.Cameron White 10.Scotty Cranmer 11.Josh Stead 12.Scott Wirch 13.Ronnie Napolitan 14.Diogo Canina 15.Jaie Toohey 16.Zak Earley 17.Corey Bohan 18.Joey Cordova 19.Ben Voyles 20.Ricky Moseley 21.Dave Dillewaard 22.Cory Nastazio 23.Fuzzy Hall 24.Morgan Wade 25.Josh Hult 26.Nate Berkheimer

www.dewtour.com, june 2008: a nail-biter at every stop.

Results: 1.
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Park Qualifying Results: 1.Ryls

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Park Final Results: 1.Da
bmx.transworld.net, october 2009: After injuring himself at the last stop of the Dew Tour, then fighting off a bad case of pneumonia recently, Austin Coleman took the top qualifying spot in tonight’s prelims. The top three athletes in the Dew Cup points standings automatically advance to the Finals – Jamie Bestwick (300pts), Steven McCann (246pts) and Chad Kagy (236pts).

Vert Qualifying Results: (*Top 7 Ride In Finals) 1.Austin Coleman 2.Kevin Robinson 3.Tim Wood 4.Jimmy Walker 5.Vince Byron 6.Simon Tabron 7.Francisco “Coco” Zurita 8.Zack Warden 9.Jay Eggleston 10.Jorge Jovel 11.Dennis McCoy 12.Mike Mancuso 13.Jason Branham 14.Rob Nolli 15.Mykel Larrin

www.dewtour.com, june 2008: skills to make another bid for the overall Dew Cup title in Cleveland next month.

Fat Tony, www.ridebmx.com, june 2008: Ver0.

Vert final results: 1.Ja