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Date: August 26-28, 2005.
Place: Southsea, Hampshire, UK.
Organisation: Catlow family.

King of Concrete: .
Prince of Concrete:
The KOC is experimenting with some new ideas. The overall King of Concrete winner will be the rider with best combined score from the two contests in the bowl area, snake run/jump bowl with pool and mogul/keyhole. Hence the winner will truly be crowned the 'King of Concrete.' KOC is this year part of the Braun Cruzer tour (flat/spine mini), with year end rankings at stake. Flatland will be run over 2 days, prelims and finals plus battle, guest dj's spinning the tunes throughout weekend. And following success of last year highest bunnyhop returns, other events include vert and long jump. Come down to Southsea for a hopefully sunny weekend and support BMX's longest running event.

Novice bowls: 1.
Expert fun box: 1.

C group flatland: 1.

B group flatland: 1.

A group flatland: 1.
Novice street: 1.

A-group street: 1.

C group halfpipe: 1.

B group halfpipe: 1.

A group halfpipe: 1.
C group miniramp: 1.

B group miniramp: 1.

A group miniramp: 1.