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Sources: Ride BMX UK, ...
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Date: august 27-28, 1994.
Place: Southsea, Hampshire, UK.
Organisation: Catlow family.

KING OF CONCRETE 1.David Frame 2.Gary Forsythe 3.Effraim Catlow
Prince of Concrete:

Mark Noble, Ride BMX UK october 1997:

Novice bowls: 1.Dennis Wingham 2.David Frame 3.John Pratt
Mark Noble, Ride BMX UK october 1997: Expert fun box: 1.

C group flatland: 1.

B group flatland: 1.

Michael Steingraber. Photo by Mark Noble.

Effraim Catlow. Photo by Mark Noble.

A group flatland: 1.James White 2.Effraim Catlow 3.Phil Dolan 4.Thomas Fritscher 5.Rodolphe Mabille
Mark Noble, Ride BMX UK october 1997: Novice street: 1.

A-group street: 1.Stuart King 2.John Taylor 3.Gary Forsythe

C group halfpipe: 1.

B group halfpipe: 1.

A group halfpipe: 1.Jamie Bestwick 2.John Taylor 3.Oliver Mathews
C group miniramp: 1.

B group miniramp: 1.

Markus Wilke Toothpick to fakie.

A group miniramp: 1.Jamie Bestwick 2.Markus Wilke 3.Stuart King