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Session january 2008: The King of New York is one of those comps that have a much different vibe than your big TV type of event. This is probably why this year, the comp is 12 years old (even though this is the 12th year, we had only five different winners.) There are only a couple of BMX events that have been around longer. KoNY was originally started by Louis Perez and is now organized by Danny Parks (Baby Bean Productions) and crew.
www.kingofnewyorkbmx.com, 2006: The 2006 King of New York will be held Saturday July 29 and is free to all spectators (If needed, the rain date will be the next day, Sunday July 30.) There will be free drinks throughout the day along with giveaways and prizes. DJ Supertremendous will be spinning on the turntables - can you say block party?
The BMX Freestyle competition is open to all amateur and professional BMX Freestyle riders. All the riders will be treated to new ramp additions built by everyone's favorite ramp designer, X Games and Woodward Camp course builder Nate Wessel. Nate and Lou Perez, the guy who started this whole King of New York shindig, will be putting their heads together and moving some stuff around to make the park flow and ride better with a new layout.
Pros: The pro class is only $50 to enter, U.S. funds only, with a $3000 pro purse paying down to 10th place. Pre-registration is available, click on the "Registration Information" link above. The comp will be jam format. Helmets and pads are required.
Ams: Amateur classes will consist of Beginner and Expert and are free to enter. There will be a cap on the Amateur classes at 40 riders per class so sign up as soon as you can because these classes will fill up fast. Pre-registration is available, click on the "Registration Information" link above. The comp will be jam format. Helmets and pads are required. The ams this year have the opportunity to win prize packages never before offered at the King of New York. First place Novice class winner will receive a one week Woodward Camp Scholarship featuring Guest Pro Instructor and 2001/2002 King of New York Champion Jorge Jovel. First place Expert class winner gets to be "Pro For A Day" and ride with the FreeCycle Action Sports Team during one of their summer performances. FreeCycle Team Owner and Pro Rider, Jay Rodriquez, will give the King of New York Amateur Champion a taste of the "on the road" Pro lifestyle as a guest demo rider.
Mullaly Ramp Park was created in May 1989 and was the only ramp park available to BMX Freestyle bike riders in the five boroughs for almost ten years. As the first-of-its-kind public ramp facility in New York City, most BMX Freestyle pros, from X Games gold medallists Dave Mirra, Allan Cooke, and TJ Lavin, to veterans Dennis McCoy and Ron Wilkerson have experienced Mullaly in some way, shape, or form throughout its 17-year existence. Free to the public, Mullaly Ramp Park has been kept alive by the passion of the BMX and local communities, their supporters in The New York City Parks and Recreation Department, and the generous donations of corporate and other contributors and sponsors.
www.kingofnewyorkbmx.com, 2007: Bring it! For 2007 the one and only King of New York returns to Mullaly Ramp Park in the Bronx, NY. The premier Pro/Am BMX Freestyle Competition in New York City, The King of New York™ is one of the longest running bicycle stunt competitions in the world and the only one of its kind in New York City. This year's dates are Saturday September 1 (Prelims) and Sunday, September 2 (Finals,) 2007. Come chill and ride open practice on Friday, August 31. Mullaly Park in the Bronx - where it all started, the hottest ramp park in the five boroughs. Easily accessed by numerous forms of transportation and located at 164th Street between Jerome and River Avenues in the Bronx, Mullaly is just three blocks up the street from that 'other' famed, historic landmark, Yankee Stadium.
Along with X Games and Dew Action Sports Tour participants, all of the previous King of New York Champions will be at Mullaly to battle it out, including Hector 'Terremoto' Restrepo, KoNY 2003 and 2004; Dave 'Littleman' Garcia, KoNY 1995-1999; Lou Perez, KoNY 2000; Jorge Jovel, KoNY 2001 and 2002; and the reigning King of New York, Steve McCann, KoNY 2006. Featuring Professional and Amateur Park contests, the best riders in the Tri-state area and beyond will be treated to the ramp additions built in 2006 courtesy of creative genius and renowned X Games and Woodward Camp ramp designer Nate Wessel.
Highlighted throughout the past 17 years by media such as Ride BMX, Bikini, and GO magazines, ESPN's X-2day, and in music videos from Thalia and Fat Joe, Mullaly Ramp Park was created in May 1989 and was the only ramp park available to BMX Freestyle bike riders in the five boroughs for almost ten years. Always representing the most insane riding by the best NYC has to offer, and attracting entrants and spectators from all over the globe, King of New York contest craziness in the past has included performances by live DJs, raving lunatic wrestlers in leather masks, and NYC's own Sick Of It All.
Winning the King of New York allows bragging rights and a place in New York City BMX Freestyle history. Providing intensity and that intangible New York City block party atmosphere, the King of New York has always been known for offering adventure and spontaneity with elements of danger and drama.
Lou Perez, founder of the King of New York, says proudly, 'I remember the time we had wrestling and 'Rambo' jumped off the roof. The time 'Yellow' hitchhiked from Colorado only to spear himself in the chest on our just finished handrail. The time Sick of It All played for free. The time I won. Every King of New York was awesome. If you were ever there, I don't need to say anything else. If you only heard about it, you need to see for yourself. The best underground riders, the best times, the only ramp park of true New Yorkers.'
Thanks… Much love should go out to all who have contributed to the 2007 King of New York event and building this website: Logo concept: Lou Perez, Jorge Jovel, Pablo Perez, Rob Ramos, Casio Perez, Danny Parks; Final logo design: Marcus Jergensen-Autographik; Website design: Jae Yoon and Hector Duarte; Ignacio Soltero at Brooklyn Bike Riders, Al and Rich at BMXInvasion, and Danny Ortiz for their great photos used on this site and elsewhere; 2006/2007 Mullaly Park layout and upgrade: Nate Wessel and WesselBuilt Ramps, Lou, Danny, Casio, Rob. 2006/2007 Judges: Todd Aikens - Head Judge, Marvin Henry, Remo, Sammy Lopez, Brett Downs, and Ivan Avilez. 2007 Sponsors for their awesome support: Scot and Mike at Scion, Nicole and De at Home Depot, Nardelli at Zoo York, Gary and Russ at Woodward Camp, Commissioner Aponte, Chief Rodriguez and Wright, Deputy Chief Jones, Hugo Chance, Twywana Bush, and everyone from the New York City Parks Department, Jay at FreeCycle, Mark, Jeremie, Mat, April and everyone at Hoffman Bikes, Ralph and Shane at Animal, Al and Rich at BMX Invasion, Ginny at Tri-Flow, Stephanie, Emily, and Stephanie at Alpine Stars, Ed at Group Home Bikes, and Brad and Ben at Maxxis. Rakim for the great rhymes here that speak NYC with every word - amazing lyrics from the Master. Go buy his stuff! Special thanks: Tavian Parks, John Rokos, Romina Birnbaum, and the many, many others who gave advice and took time out of their schedules to give their ten cents. Finally, thanks to Lou Perez for his constant support and for creating it all - never give up, never give in!

www.kingofnewyorkbmx.com, september 2007: The judges at the 2007 King of New York had one of their most difficult challenges ever this year in deciding who the King of New York Pro Champion would be but in the end, Jorge Jovel edged out Craig Mast to bring the King of New York Pro Title back to the Bronx.
First-place qualifier, Craig came out swingin' in the Jam on Sunday with bangers like double whips over the box and alley-oop flairs on the 6-foot quarter. But Jorge was not to be outdone, has been riding hard at Woodward Camp all winter long and the consistency and strength of his riding came through. His big transfers, huge front flips over the WesselBuilt box, and flairs and tailwhips on the 8-foot quarter put an exclamation point on his smooth, solid riding all weekend. When all was said and done, Jorge walked away $1000 richer and with a grip of new digs from Zoo York clothing. This is Jorge's third KoNY Pro title - he claimed victory in 2001 and 2002.
Other highlights of the Pro class were Jeremiah Smith, who blew everyone away all weekend with brakeless shredding that would put most back and front brake riders to shame. Charlie Bowers definitely had the trick of the day on Sunday though, landing an over ice-pick and back on the shaky Terremoto Wall, 13-feet off the floor. Full commitment, landed perfectly - first try! The top ten pro riders who qualified for the finals on Sunday all came out with A-game riding.
The expert and beginner classes were packed full of action too. Colin Varanyak catapulted from fourth place qualifier to first in the Expert finals winning new gear from Zoo York, a free-week at Woodward Camp, and a Diamond Back Accomplice complete bike. Daniel DeJesus could not be denied, and was the hungriest rider of all the Beginners, qualifying first and winning finals in his first contest ever. He will be enjoying a weekend at The Lodge at Woodward Camp decked out in Zoo York gear on his new Diamond Back Mr. Lucky.
Last but certainly not least, 10th place pro James Lukas out of Virginia had the ups to beat out the locals in the long jump contest, jumping 26-feet to win a Diamond Back Lucky 24. And in the first ever King of New York BMX Drag Races, Desmond Guthrie won it for his soon-to-be daughter Gabriella Morgan.
Thanks go out to all the King of New York sponsors for supporting the 2007 event and helping make the event a success again in its 12th year. King of New York sponsors are Scion, Zoo York, Home Depot, and Woodward Camp. Associate sponsors are Diamond Back, Alpine Stars, Tri-Flow, Maxxis, FreeCycle Action Sports, BMX Invasion, Hoffman Bikes, Group Home Bikes, Animal, Brooklyn Bike Riders, and Baby Bean. Don't front - support those who support BMX!
Below are the full results from the comp. New photos are up too, check out the Visuals section! Thanks to our photographers Danny Ortiz, Iggy Soltero, and Peter Marney. Thanks go out to everyone who took part and made the 12th year of the King of New York another great success!

King of New York Pro Final Results: 1. Jorge Jovel, Bronx, NY - $1000, plus Zoo York gear 2. Craig Mast, Warren,.OH - $600, plus Zoo York gear 3. Charlie Bowers, Ridgway, PA - $420, plus Zoo York gear 4. John Rodgers, Burlington, IA - $270 5. Zak Earley, Eliot, ME - $210 6. Mike Fede, Baer, DE - $100 7. Robert Dedeaux, Bronx, NY - $100 8. Ronnie Napoltan, Youngstown, OH - $100 9. Jeremiah Smith, Maineville, OH - $100 10. James Lukas, Manassas, VA - $100 11. Nicholi Rogatkin 12. Hector Restrepo 13. Desmond Guthrie 14. Daniel Pereira 15. Curtis Boggs 16. Michael Colantonio 17. Sammy Lopez

KoNY Expert Final Results: 1. Colin Varanyak, Hamilton, NJ 2. Kevin Tierney, West Haven, CT 3. Justin Spear, Milford, CT 4. Noel Gonzalez, Trenton, NJ 5. Kyle Biller, New Jersey 6. Chris Boustead, Milford, CT 7. Eddie Navarro, Bronx, NY 8. Ivan Piloti, Milano, Italy 9. Danny Rivera, Norwalk, CT 10.Eddy Hernandez, Plainfield, NJ 11. Wayne Yu 12. Cristian Maya 13. Brandon Olivero 14. Billy Kobavitch 15. Giacomo Caravati 16. Michael Seawright 17. David Holzer 18. Jose Ramirez 19. Derrick Smith, Jr. 20. Ian Bresnahan 21. JP Fragola 22. Niles Harris 23. Jarrit Manfredy 24. Brian Pichardo 25. Zane Bradley 26. Bryan Close 27. Raphael Lawrence 28. Fabio Pacifici 29. Matthew Brown 30. Kris Kucab
31. Jesus Patino 32. Ryan Surillo 33. Alexandro Kontopoulous 34. Terrell Middlebrooks 35. Mario Martinez 36. Thuraman Bonner (Rambo) 37. Kwabena Brown

KoNY Beginner Final Results: 1. Daniel DeJesus, Bronx, NY 2. Tim Starr, Trenton, NJ 3. David Lawrence, Bronx, NY 4. Ian Bradley, Troy, NH 5. Sean Goldberg, Brooklyn, NY 6. Tom McFillin, New Jersey 7. Lashon Hires, Bronx, NY 8. Chad Phaire, New York, NY 9. James Brandi 10. Reginald McNeal 11. Ikeem Allen 12. Michael Almodavar 13. Brendan Schmitt 14. Miguel Romero 15. Brandon Giaseffi 16. Will Allen 17. Jaime Benvenutti 18. Emmanuel DeLaRosa 19. Eddie Haller 20. Rakim Pleasant