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Sources: www.hellonearthstore.com, Ride BMX UK, www.eastcoastterminal.com, ...
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Greg Walsh in Ride BMX UK #53 june 2001: We were talking about doing smaller contests and got affiliated with Skate Street (Ventura, California) and then just determined that if we did it as a series then we'd be able to go to cool parks all over the country like Skate Street. Later on this plan, Jay (Miron) talked about his portable street course. We're going to basically pick a couple of parks as our primary parks that we'll use each year for comps, then it looks like we'll do an annual comp at the bike show and something in Vancouver, Canada. So we're kind of planning our schedule that way. Four or five events all at similar spots each year so people can plan for it.
PART 1 ?
Date: March 2000
Place: the new Skate Street skatepark in Ventura, California.
Medias: www.ridebmx.com
PRO PARK 1.Dave Osato 2.Josh Heino 3.Jay Miron 4.Brian Terada 5.Rob Darden 6.Ian Munro 7.(tie) Dustin Guenther 7.(tie) Dave Parrick 9.Shaw Leonard 10.Mike Escamilla

AMATEUR PARK 1.Robert Archer 2.Joey Cobbs 3.Andrew Arroyo 4.Will bissell 5.Troy Henderson 6.Mike O'Donnel 7.Jeff Brower 8.Lance Elliot 9.Bleu Fatino 10.Brian Martin
PART 2 ?
Date: August 27th, 2000
Place: the new Skate Street skatepark in Ventura, California.
Medias: wwww.ridebmx.com

Primo and Etnies teamed up to throw this contest.
40 entries in Pro, 17 and Over, and 16 and Under.
With so many people in the contest they decided not to have finals but give everyone two runs to be judged with the average score determining the winner.

The amateur session began with 16 and Under and there were some definite rippers involved in the younger class. Then, the amateur division the 17 and Over field took over the park. The 17 and up's stepped things up to a higher level. Variations of all kinds were taking place and there were a lot of kids in this division that are going to be at the Pro level pretty soon.
(...) Jay Miron showed us a preview of "Innovation" the video that he and some of the other Canadian riders have been working on and it had some crazy stuff in it. Including the rail-to-rail gap that Jay did in his Ride interview. Also shown were Dave Osato, Andrew Faris, and Jason Enns. Jay said that it wouldn't be ready until next Spring, but by the looks of it it's going to be good.
After the videos were shown it was time for the Pros to warm up. 40 Pros flying around a small skatepark can be pretty nerve wracking. (...)
The Pro was broken into three groups just as they had the other divisions that day. This way they were able to get both of their runs in while they were still warmed up from practice.
Things didn't go quite so well for Dave Freimuth in his runs as it had in practice and he didn't make the top ten.
The three Canadians, Jason Enns, Dave Osato, and Jay Miron rode well in the competition and made it hard on the judges. They were all throwing out a variety of technical lip tricks and big airs over the hip and spine.
Joe Rich ripped the park up with style and Nate Hanson showed everyone what an X-up is supposed to look like. (...)
Troy McMurray sacrificed himself for the contest by trying a 360 air to grind on the jump box. Troy ended up crashing into the grind box and going straight to his face. He broke a couple of teeth in half and fractured his nose as well. (...)
To take first place in a contest like this took a combination of technical prowess, big air, style, and crowd support and Taj Mihelich had all of these. I can't even begin to list all of his tricks, but he used the sub-walls better than anyone and came out on top of the Pro division.
By Scot McElwaney, www.ridebmx.com, 2000
PRO PARK 1. Taj Mihelich 2. Jay Miron 3. Troy McMurray 4. Jason Enns 5. Nate Hanson 6. Dave Osato 7. Mike Daly 8. Joe Rich 9. Rob Darden 10. Sandy Carson

17 and OVER PARK 1. Ty Hathaway 2. Walter Oiorager 3. J.W. Barton 4. Mike Castillo 5. Ryan Fudger 6. Tim Bosticl 7. Josh Kopp 8. Frank Reily 9. Tom Lopez 10. Brian Martinez

16 and UNDER PARK 1. Mike O'Donnell 2. Jack Johnson 3. Kade Kates 4. Jacob Whisenand 5. Anthony Lee 6. Ricky West 7. Mitchell Trollape 8. Jake Schuman 9. Matt Goldsmith 10. Daniel Chavez
Date: Sunday, November 12th, 2000
Place: the new Skate Street skatepark in Ventura, California.
Medias: www.ridebmx.com, www.lifelounge.com

The contest went down as flawless as ever with 92 entrees including 32 Pros.
Instead of getting individual runs, pros went in four-person jam sessions that lasted five minutes each. The jam session made it hard to see what was going on because something would be happening at one end of the park while you were paying attention to the other end. (...)

Ruben Alcantara (Mongoose) pulled an inverted wall tap out of a four-foot mini, handplanted the spine, and came damn close to pulling a tailwhip-to-feeble over the fun box.
Brian Terada (WTP) did several different stalls on the sub-wall including a huge icepick on the top. Brian's best trick, and probably the best trick of the day, was a crazy inverted icepick on the bottom of the balcony that hangs over the mini-ramp.
Josh Heino (WTP) was riding with a severely beat up knee but still managed to pull a huge transfer out of the vert ramp and over the stairs and sub wall into the transition below. I don't know how far it was but it was completely nuts. I like watching Josh ride because he is always on a mission and he looks like he's totally pissed off.
Mike Ardelean (Mosh) took over the spine with sprocket disasters-to-fakie transfers, 360-to-sprocket-to-180 in, and a barspin-to-double peg stall.
Ryan O'Connell (2-Hip) showed some tech-prowess with a hang-five across the platform of a long wedge ramp, and then spinning around fakie to roll down the wedge.
Taj Mihelich (T1) was pulling all of the amazing tricks that he makes look totally effortless. My favorite was a huge alley-oop wall tap.
When the dust settled, Brian Terada came away with a well deserved first place finish followed closely by Taj and Ruben.

But this thing wasn't over yet. Immediately after the last Pro heat was over, Gregg Walsh started calling out Pro's names for a best trick contest. When Gregg called their name they had two tries to pull the sickest trick that they could think of. With Gregg flying through the list things went down pretty quickly. Here's a quick rundown of what caught my eye: Rob Darden (S&M) pulled a 360 tabletop over a huge gap, and then went back around to tailwhip the same gap. Mike Aitken did a 360-lookback over the box jump followed by a lookback air on the quarterpipe that set him up to hit the box again and nail a 360-turndown. Sandy Carson tailwhip transferred from the street course into the vert ramp. Joel Moody (Trend) had tried to manual a flat rail and barspin off in his normal run but couldn't quite pull it clean. During his best trick run Josh came back to nail it first try. Sick! Most people thought that Joel had the sick trick comp won, but next up was Taj Mihelich. Taj made a few practice runs towards the vert ramp before making everyone clear the way and firing off a huge transfer from the street course to the deck of the vert ramp. Doesn't sound that impressive to you? Well, what if I told you that he landed in a manual and pulled it clean all the way across the deck before dropping in ? Oh, and the vert ramp's deck is a good six-and-a-half feet taller than the roll-in that Taj launched off of. When the results came in, Taj and Joel tied for the best trick award. Everyone seemed to think that was a pretty fair assessment of the contest. (...)
By Scot McElwaney .ridebmx.com .2000
PRO PARK 1. Brian Terada (WTP) 2. Taj Mihelich (T1) 3. Ruben Alcantara (Mongoose) 4. Sean Emery (Tip Plus) 5. Chris Ariaga 6. Rob Darden (S&M) 7. Ian Munro 8. Nate Hanson (Fit) 9. Mike Ardelean (Mosh) 10. Josh Stricker (Trek)

17 and OVER PARK 1. Tim Bostock 2. Jeff Brower 3. Andy Morgan 4. Tom O'Donnell 5. Justin Brown

16 and UNDER PARK 1. Jake Honesto 2. Scott Foster 3. Alex Hewrrera 4. Jacob Whisenand 5. Jack Johnson
Primo La Revolution Contest Toronto march 2001
Ten Pack/Macneil founder Jay Miron decided to host the Toronto contest. He brought Hell on Earth's Greg Walsh INTO the fold and they produced the Toronto La Revolution contest.

Date: March 2-4, 2001.
Place: Toronto, ON, Canada.
Medias: Ride BMX UK #53 june 2001, Props #40.

The street course was designed by top pros and the street contest was more of a jam than a contest that promoted fun. The flatland area was doubled for practice purposes and the flat jam format was arranged by top Canadian flatlander Jamie Macintosh. And what happens when you invite riders to ride under such productive circumstances? You get amazing riding.
by Brian Tuney.

Bruce Crisman: All I wanted to do the whole time was no-handed barspin the spine and I got that done and... The one-handed fufanu on the sub-rail... and probably the brakeless nosepick tailwhip on the spine... I was stoked.
Ruben Alcantara
wallride to 540, wallride to tailwhip.
John Heaton flip to manual to barspin.
Jim Cielencki handplant 180 over the spine.

Alistair Whitton. Photo by Large Edward.

PRO STREET 1.Ruben Alcantara 2.(tie) Taj Mihelich 2.(tie) Van Homan 4.John Heaton 5.Pat Juliff 6.Bruce Crisman 7.Alistair Whitton 8.Josh Stricker 9.Sean Emery 10.Jason Enns 11.Dustin Guenther 12.Brian Terada 13.Greg Nicholson

PRO FLAT 1.Nathan Penonzec 2.Kataro 3.York Uno 4.Hiro 5.Yanmar 6.Aaron Benkhe 7.Matt Wright 8.Brian Tuney 9.Mike McPhadden 10.Stephan Clarke 11.Cory Stratychuck 12.Jamie McIntosh 13.Yasushi Tanabe 14.Kenji Horikawa 15.Jeff Desroche 16.John Dowker 17.Aaron Wright 18.Brandon Fenton
Primo La Revolution Contest New York may 2001
Date: Memorial Day weekend, may 26-27, 2001.
Place: East Coast Terminal, Binghamton, NY.
Medias: Dig #17, bmx.cc, ...

bmx.cc: Once again a Primo contest went on and bike riders from around the world showed up to push their maneuvers and stunts to new levels.  The highlight of the weekend was the qualifying heat when the whole Macneil team rode, after the smoke cleared  kids were skaking their heads in disbelief, saying "WHAT JUST HAPPENED??!!??"    Miron, Freimuth, and Alcantara just went off and destroyed everything in their paths.  Tons of good stuff happened all weekend, the riders at the contest were just doing incredible things, the Little Devil video was premiered and it just blew everybody away, people blew stuff up and had drunken brawls at hotels.  Everything was just as it should be, for this is BMX, and it's all about craziness.
Pro Street winner, Dave Freimuth took subbox stunts to a whole new level at this contest, there was a little bit of pipe sticking out of the wall about 7 feet above the 2 quarter pipes, and 4 feet above the wedge to wall thing.  Dave nosepicked the pipe a few times and alleyoop grinded it.
Edwin Delarosa is everybody's new favorite street rider, this kid rocked the place with crazy street stunts with no brakes, 540 tailtaps off off the bank to sub ramp to kickflip back in, bunnyhop barspin to manual across a grindbox, this kid is bringing some hi-tech manuevers to the streets near you.
Van Homan ruled the course, flowing around and doing hard stunts all over the place, icepicking the little pipe that Friemuth nosepicked, and tailwhipping out of the miniramp, over the deck, and onto the little subbox quarter. After seeing his part in the new Little Devil video, everybody agrees that Van is the best street rider period.

Kris Marcum, bmx.cc: friday- 16 and under class started their contest. Some kid named Ben from New Jersey launched a transfer. tailwhips, 360s, and backflips. and the kid was in 16 and under and wearing an Infantry shirt. He got second.

saturday- 17 and over comp started. The 2 top qualifiers were Stevie Jessome and Teddy VanOrman. A lot of neat stunts were going down during the finals but teddy came out victorious with almost enough parts to build a complete bike and a very nice guitar. everyone was then kick off the course for pro practice and prelims. Everyone was riding really good. Suchan pulled a 450 over a step-up-hip-transfer thing and tailwhipped the same thing. Ruben, Freimuth, Maineiac (Derek Girard), and Dosantos all made the finals. Colin Winkleman flaired over a 12 foot wide wedge in his fun, then messed up his wheel.
sunday- pro finals. alot of tricks - Fremuth- nosepick on the angle iron, alley-oop double peg on angle iron, and other various awesome stunts.
Ruben- smooth style, tailwhip over the transfer, feeble to rodeo, ruben-style wallride.
Mike Tag- pedal icepick to manual to abubaca, and a manual to double peg thing to fakie.
miron- miron rode in the finals like he should have in qualifiing. wedge-to-wedge to footplant on the angle iron huge sub-box smith. smooth 360tables on the spine. good.
van- it seemed like van didn't ride too much in the finals all i can remember is a tailwhip on the spine and a wall-slap.
magilla-rode really good and did a bunch of stuff i cant seem to think of. but he rode really really good. oh yea. 540 tiretap to icepick on the spine, 360 tiretap to icepick on the spine to fakie, and barspin 360 sprocketchunk on the spine were some of the tricks.
dosantos-alot of barspinny and kickflipy tricks. brakeless. alot of fakie stuff i cant do. i think he's from new york.
cilencki-attempt at a 360 walltap over the spine, attempt at 360 handplant over the spine, pulled a downside pedal grind after alsost getting killed by...
maineiac- super fast and super high on everything. did an accidental wallride over JC that made folks cheer with glee.
PRO PARK 1.Dave Freimuth 2.Ruben Alcantara 3.Jay Miron 4.Derek Girard 5.Van Homan 6.Sandy Carson 7.Jeremy Reis 8.Chris Arriaga 9.Chris Stauffer 10.J.D. Heino

over 17 Am: 1st.Teddy VanOrman 2nd.John Lee 3rd John Sanders 4th.Dave Grover 5th.Fisher 6th.Randy Villsy 7th.Nick Warren 8th.Chris Hancock 9th.Robin Femlow 10th.Steve Jessone

under 16 Am: 1st.Dennis Condusta 2nd.Ben Corbitt 3rd.Jason Conger 4th.Scott Cranmer 5th.Sean Lucy 6th.Joe Walker 7th.Dan Bartholomew 8th.Jeff Breman 9th.Joel Barnett 10th.Mathew Rempowski
La Revolution Milwaukee, Wiscontin november 2001
Date: November 3-4, 2001.
Place: 4 seasons skatepark, Milwaukee, Wiscontin.
Medias: Ride BMX UK #57 feb02, Ride BMX US #70 march 2002, Props #43.

The pro comp was a jam format; 5 riders/5 minutes. No finals.

Taj Mihelich won the best trick contest with a 360 tailtap from the miniramp into the bowl on the four-foot wall
1. Sean Arata
2. Mike Hinkins
3. Andy Kent

1. John Heaton $1.600
2. Brian Foster $1.000
3. Taj Mihelich $500
Date: march 1-3
Place: Toronto, Canada.
Medias: Chase #14, Dig, www.notfreestylin.com, www.bmx.cc, Ride BMX UK #59.

It was twice as insane as the year prior.
In pro street, Mike Aitken took the win and a Fender Stratocaster home after pulling an icepick to fakie on the 6 ft. sub rail and airing incredibly high over the spine.
Following in a close second was Colin Winkelmann who pulled flairs over some big gaps and a cool little icepick on the sub where he jumps to his back wheel and stalls for a second standing on his back wheel before coming back in.
In the number 3 spot was Alistair Whitton, who pulled a downside tailwhip 360 over the spine and some nifty wallrides to downside whips and lookbacks.

In pro flat, Viki Gomez was unstoppable, FROM practice to the final moments of the finals, so he won. Following behind him was Hiro Morisake, who pulled a half tailwhip to fork wheelie and some other nifty moves that you should watch Flatland Manifesto VM to understand. And in third was Phil Dolan. Phil's got straight up nose wheelies with no feet off the bike down and can coast them effortlessly.

The last event of the weekend was Best trick. It came about in a jam format with people killing themselves left and right. In the end, three people tied for the best trick win. Those three were: Brian Terada (180 hop over to backwards grind on the flat rail), Rob Tibbs (720 to fakie), and Edwin Delarosa (360 to smith). Other highlights include We the People's Dave Osato coming oh so close to a tailwhip to fufanu on a 6 foot sub rail.
1.Mike Aitken
2.Colin Winkleman
3.Alistair Whitton
4.Taj Mihelich, 5.Ruben Alcantara, 6.Dave Freimuth, 7.Bruce Crisman, 8.Chris Doyle, 9.Dave Osato, 10.Sandy Carson, 11.Brian Foster, 12.Brian Terada, 13.Garrett Byrnes, 14.Kris Bennett, 15.Mike Szcznesny, 16.Brian Wizmerski, 17.Kevin Porter.

1.Jorge Gomez
2.Hiro Morizaki
3.Phil Dolan
4.Matt Wilhelm, 5.Ryoji Yammer, 6.Jeff Deroche, 7.Matt Wright, 8.Gabe Kadmiri, 9.Travis Collier, 10.Brandon Fenton.
La Revolution Contest New York 2002
Date: Memorial Day Weekend 2002
Place: East Coast Terminal, Binghamton, NY.
Medias: ...

The La Revolution contest was a huge success again this year. A chill atmosphere and insane riding made for a great time. Some highlights were; Nick Warren icepicking the conduit in the Am comp, Chris Doyle, double barspin 180 over the spine, Brian Yeagle riding along a piece of angle iron on the wall way above the trojan and George Dossantos nearly pulling a feeble to whip on the flat rail. No trick list could ever truly do the weekend justice though; you needed to be there to get the whole feeling. If you missed this for whatever reason, stop reading this and go mark your calendar for next year. It was that good.
Pros: 1st.Van Homan 2nd.Ryan Jordan 3rd.Brian Terada 4th.Derek Girard 5th.Garrett Byrnes 6th.Brian Yeagle 7th.Dennis Condusta 8th.Markus Wilke 9th.Chris Doyle 10th.Sandy Carson

17 and over Am: 1st.Chris Hancock 2nd.Shanton Wilson 3rd.Chris Moore 4th.Mike Hinkins 5th.Tim Bruskirk 6th.BJ Gruitza 7th.Beeler VanOrman 8th.Jason Carger 9th.Steve Coesta 10th.Aaron Cook

16 and under Am: 1st.Scott Cranmer 2nd.Brad Simms 3rd.Chris Kulharek 4th.Adam Armstrong 5th.Keith Yarling 6th.Joel Barnett 7th.Anthony Esgro 8th.Shawn Kessler 9th.Terry Richards 10th.Rashir Wested
Date: november 10th, 2002.
Place: Ventura, CA.
Organisation: Hell On Earth Productions.
Medias: www.etnies.com

This was the third Etnies La Revolution contest of the year. The am contest went off. There are so many good kids out there these days, that you could definitely expect some impressive stunts to go down. Many of these kids were total unknowns, yet they were killing it. With the am portion of the day completed and the crowd at capacity levels, everyone was prepped for the pro contest up next. The practice was out of control, which meant that when it came down to qualifying, it was gonna get crazy. Quite a few Etnies riders were in attendance: Jason Enns, Brian Terada, Adam Baker, Joey Cobbs and flow rider Chris Slope were there to hold it down for the big E.
Joey Cobbs is one of the fearless brakeless kids out there, and one of the few who can actually ride to his full capability without 'em. He made the finals, and ended-up in 12th place, showing his skills on the course with a 360 to fakie over a grind ledge from the spine to the wedge, can-can foot jam nose-picks on a six-foot quarter, hurricane to bar spin out, a bunch of barspin fakie tricks, and a big 180 over the spine.
Other highlights from the Etnies representatives were Adam Baker repeatedly trying ('til he was pretty much broken) a wall tap to tail-whip on the wall out of the wooden bowl. He came damn close, and almost made it on one try. His wheel looked like a taco by the end of the weekend. Adam also did some 360 tailwhips and big 360s on the box jump.
Chris Slope has a very silky, trail-riding style. He flowed all around the course doing big opposite airs, look-backs, pedal grinds all over the place, some nice manual lines and a fakie wall ride attempt on the mini-ramp wall ride that put him on his ass.
Jason Enns came from Vancouver, which was a real treat for the crowd. He signed a bunch of autographs at the Etnies booth, had fun with the kids and basically had a good time all weekend. In the contest, Jason was kicking ass in practice, but he couldn't land his tricks when qualifying came around. He just wasn't pulling the stuff he normally pulls -which ended up leaving him out of the finals. Some of Jason's highlights were big table tops over the six-foot hip, 180s over the spine, tail-whips over the box, and a tail-whip 180 attempt over the box jump that is more of a video trick than a contest trick.
Brian Terada is mental. This kid is one of the most talented riders I know, and he can really lay it down when it counts. Of course, it helps to be on your home turf. Brian knows this park like the back of his hand, and it showed. He did some of the biggest, most insane stuff of the whole contest -barspin to icepick (as well as an ice pick to barspin in) on a sixteen-foot tall vert wall. He also busted a fufanu on it. Brian pulled a downside icepick on the underside of the balcony that overhangs the wall ride out of the mini. He also did a manual on the deck of the bowled fourteen-foot tall vert wall. He threw in some tailwhips, 360s, and, to finish off the winning run of the weekend, Brian did a barspin to wall tap to barspin in on the wall ride behind the mini-ramp. The crowd was going nuts, and, as you could expect, the contest was a done deal! 1st place to Mr. Brian Terada.
Overall, the contest was a huge success due to help from all the Hell on Earth Productions Skate Street employees, the guys from Primo and Fender Guitars. Thanks to everyone for a kick-ass contest!
PRO STREET 1.Brian Terada
The annual Toronto freestyle contest will not be a La Revolution event associated with Hell on Earth or Greg Walsh this year. Jay Miron and his Ten Pack crew will be running the event. The event will be held at the Toronto International Bicycle Show: the METRO Jam.
La Revolution Contest New York may 2003
Place: East Coast Terminal, Binghamton, NY.

Taj Mihelich, www.terribleone.com, may 2003: It took me about 3 days to drive from Austin to Binghamton, New York for the Etnies/ Primo La Revolution contest. It was a good drive though. Had the iPod loaded up and rocking, my dog Roscoe was riding shot gun and I was glad to escape Austin's premature heat wave....

I had my tent with me and my intent was to drive for a while, and then camp each night. I even bought a campsite guide which rated all the campgrounds in america and listed which ones had clean showers and stuff. After driving for 12 hours the first day it was obvious that the rain I'd been driving through the entire day was not going to stop. I'm down to camp, and in fact I'd prefer it to sleeping in a hotel, but I wasn't into trying to set up my tent in the rain. I also couldn't find a hotel that had an empty room. I kept on driving. Eventually I was too tired to keep going so I pulled it over at a truck stop and slept in the van. My van is actually really comfortable to sleep in so no big deal. The next day I drove all day again and this time I got a cool campsite in the mountains in Virginia. After a warm morning shower and a bit of hiking with the dog I got back on the gas and finally made it Binghamton late evening after 3 days of driving. I've done drives like this with out sleeping or resting at all, but this way was a hell of a lot less stressful on my body. I actually felt pretty good and couldn't wait to get out and ride the next day.

The park is cool. It's ramps are built into the shape of the building and that leads to a very unique flow and a bunch of interesting obstacles. I spent all of my riding time there trying to figure out ways to use the parks shape to do some new things. Downstairs from the park is where FBM is located too. I got a quick tour of the factory and it was really amazing. FBM is has a really incredible set up there and it was awesome to see how they make bikes right there. They also hosted a mini BMX tradeshow. I see lots of friends and bike shop people and customers alike got to see new stuff from most every BMX company around (except Terrible One because I was too lazy to set up a booth or show any products!).

After the first day of the contest I got to have dinner with Dave, the owner of the park. He's a real nice guy and I could tell he works real hard to try and keep that skatepark growing and doing well. Binghamton is a pretty hard town, and having a nice indoor bike friendly park like that is no small feat. It made me real sad when he told me about how some riders from the comp were fucking around drinking on the roof of the building and broke some expensive windows, and another kid got caught tagging a neighboring building. It's just a shame to see people showing total disrespect for all of Dave's hard work and for such a good skatepark. Anyway, Dave was real bummed out about all the trouble (and the money he was going to have to pay to fix it all), so I made a promise to myself that if I won any money from the contest I would donate it to the park.

In the pro contest I was impressed by a lot of the riders. Jeff Degryse was a new face that really stuck out. He had style and big tricks. He looked super comfortable and natural on his bike to me. The Maine-iac was killing the place too. Aside from doing half of his finals run with no shoes on, he also had a bunch of lines that no one else could touch. Shawn Arata could easily have won the comp. He had rode so good and had everything... lines, style and good tricks. Chris Doyle probably should have won though. He did lots of big tricks like he's known for (like perfect 360 tailwhip and 360 x-up to look down transfers) and also really tech stuff like fast carving hang fives and hang nothings on the mini ramp. This is a really lame pun, so I hope no one actually sts saying this to Chirs, but I heard a number of specators saying that Chirs was so dialed that he was "doyled".

In any event, I ended up being the judges pick for winner of the contest. Looking back at my runs they seem kind of comical. I would sit on the deck and try to think of something the I could maybe do, then put my head down and st cranking at it and hope. I probably crashed 75% of the time, but it was fun and I was laughing about it. I pulled a few really harsh transfer to wall ride things and would land in some confused monster truck sketch, or even on occasion land completely flat. Oh well, maybe I didn't deserve to win, but I stuck with my promise to myself from the night before and donated the cash to the park (so at least the money went to a good cause). I kept the guitar though!! Thanks Fender!

Well, thanks to Greg Walsh and Hell on Eh for putting on a good comp. Thanks to East Coast Terminal for putting up with all of us bike riders.
Pro Results: 1.Taj Mihelich 2.Chris Doyle 3.Brian Foster 4.Markus Wilke 5.Sean Arata 6.Jeff Degryse 7.Maniac 8 Chase Hawk 9 Steve Westa 10 Sandy Carson 11 Mark Mulvile 12 Anthony Napolitan 13 Jeff Harrington 14 Billy Kibler 15 Chris Arriaga 16 Corey Martinez17 Adam Rager18 Rob Tibbs 19 B.J. Gruitza 20 Steve Schwartz 21 Chris Morse 22 Chris Hancock 23 Matt Sparks 24 Nate Moroshan 25 Ed Pollio 26 Seth Kimbrough 27 Jamie McParland 28 Burger 29 Fisher 30 Ryan Sher 31 Kurtis Elwell 32 Dennis Condusta 33 Ryan Lively 34 Edwin De La Rosa 35 Robbie Morales36 Eric Hough

Am Results 1 Anthony Hamlin 2 Brian Hunt 3 Joel Barnett 4 Mark Potoczay 5 Brad Jameson 6 Mike Yungman 7 Joe Newderbagh 8 Markus Tooker 9 Dave Pastor 10 Nick Warren 11 Jeremy Cruz 12 Clint Reynolds 13 Scott Eisel 14 Scott Ackerman 15 Justin Spear 16 Mike Silk 17 Kevin Reilly 18 Jon Saunders 19 Anthony Esgro 20 Michael Skolnik 21 James English 22 Dennis Chick 23 Keith Goguen 24 Augie Simoncini 25 Mike Potoczay 26 Chunk Calzone 27 Dominic Condusta 28 Michael Puorro 29 Mike Finn 30 William Trowbridge 31 Colin McFadden 32 Rashir Wested 33 Joe Hastreiter 34 Chris Martorano 35 Jake Seeley 36 Bugsy 37 Christopher Wodock 38 Eric Russi 39 Paul Horan 40 Albert Herrera 41 Joey Appleton 42 Evan Smoglinsky 43 Chad Rosh 44 Peter Miranda 45 Cody Abatoy 46 Doug Connolly 47 Arthur Daley 48 Steve Way 49.John Krispin 50.Keaton Smith 51.Colley Smith 52.Mike Osborn 53.Steve Currey
La Revolution September 27-28, 2003
X-Dreams Skatepark - Rochester, New York.
1.John Heaton 2.Corey Martinez 3.Shanton Wilson 4.Brian Kachinsky 5.Dan Bogart 6.Tony Hamlin 7.Eben Fischer 8.Brad Simms 9.Quinn Semling 10.Trey Hinton 11.Anthony Napolitan 12.Derek Girrard "Maniac"
La Revolution May ??, 2004
East Coast Terminal - Johnson City, New York
Pro Class
1st Tony Hamlin
2nd Max Vincent
3rd Chase Dehart
4th John Pratt
5th Brian "blue falcon" Foster tied
6th Sean Arata
7th Bradd Simms
8th Eben Fischer
9th Jake Finley
10 Dennis Condusta "ramp or two"
11 Ceasar Monzon tied
12 Matt Sparks
13 Scott Eisel
14 Joe West
15 Joel "don't call me Jesus" Barnett
16 Jeff "X Harrington
17 Matthew "i did better in pro" Plassman
18 Stephen Lilly
19 Al Dimino
20 Markus Tooker
21 Rob Tibbs
22 Randel Somerset
23 Joe Riley
24 Brandon "better late than never" Bellen
25 David Healy
26 Hector Restrepo
27 don't call me Maniac
28 Brad Jameson
29 Ryan Mills
30 Keith Googan
31 "Dirty" Dan Bogart
32 Jacob Pudliner
33 Chris Morse
34 Justin Clappison
35 Mike Fedde
36 Ed Pollio
37 Cole Dow
38 Michael Brennan
39 Jared Washington
40 John Riccaboni
41 Jamie McParland
42 Brian "you need duffs?" Tunney

Am Class
1 Clint Reynolds
2 Kenny Hirsch
3 Zach Warden
4 Andre Postell
5 Ryan Smith
6 Mike Gripp/Luke McGarry
7 Ryan Garlock
8 Tim Raymond
9 Coty "my hair is" Brown/Chris Bates
10 Joel "don't call me Jesus" Miller
11 Scott Twiford
12 Justin Brace "the flavor"
13 Jeff Sylvain
14 Sean "Sloth" Keesler
15 Justin Spear
16 Dave Wagner
17 Kevin Reilly
18 Jane Seeley
19 Matt "i've got the" Power
20 Hunter "medicine man" Quinn
21 Anthony "blackpowder" Gundry
22 Mike "how'd i place" Reynolds
23 Morgan "2short" Long
24 Ben Cole
25 Billy Griggs or do i mean Kevin Briggs
26 John "Pizzle" Pinho
27 Stephen Murry no it's Curry
28 Mathew Chizanowlei what!
29 Dan Coller
30 Mat "i'm an-pl" Plassman
31 Dave Guthrie
32 Hat Stack
33 Brad Kresser
34 John Ovellette
35 Fateem Williams
36 Dan "i wish my sister was Jenny" McCarthy
37 Johnathan Richardson
38 Seth Bernard
39 Christian Pubon
40 Joel Shawl
41 Darren " i'm winning next year" Ryan
La Revolution Pro/Am
Rochester, New York.

Saturday and Sunday September 25th and 26th 2004.

Saturday- Am comp and pro practice.
Sunday- Pro comp/ prizes.

Entry: Am- $50. Pro- $80. Spectate $5:00

at: X-dreams Park
3195 Brighton-Henrietta Townline Road.