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Pro/Expert Street and Flatland Competition
Date: March 5th-7, 2004
Place: Toronto International Bike Show, Ricoh Coliseum, Toronto  CANADA
Purse: $10,000 U.S. Pro purse / Expert prizes, $1,500 U.S. Oakley Hard Trick contest
Sponsored by: Little Devil, Orchid Footwear, MacNeil Bikes, Kink BMX, Oakley, RideBMX Magazine, We The People, Federal Bikes, Ten Pack Distribution and BacklashBMX.com
chris doyle props 52
Chris Doyle on the cover of Props 52.

Pro Street: 01 Gary Young 02 Cory Martinez 03 Dustin Guenther 04 Ryan Nyquist 05 Chris Doyle 06 Rob Darden 07 Alistair Whitton 08 Tobias Wicke 09 John Heaton 10 Van Homan 11 Brian Foster 12 Dan Seig 13 Dave Osato 14 Max Vincent 15 Joe West 16 Jim Cielencki

Oakley Hard Trick (during the contest finals) Cory Martinez - 'Ruben' style wallride to barspin on the Orchid Billboard
Oakley Hard Trick (on the driveway rail) Cory Martinez - no-handed gap across the driveway to icepick down the rail
Pro flatland: 01 Jesse Puente 02 Kataro Tanaka 03 Matt Wilhelm 04 Ryoji Yamamoto 05 Dane Bearrdsley 06 Pete Brandt 07 Ed Nussbaum 08 Terry Adams 09 Shintaro Misawa10 Brandon Fenton 11 Steph Royer 12 Jeff Desroche