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2005 Vancouver Metro BMX Jam
September 1-4, 2005.
www.metrobmxjam.com: We wrap the 2005 Metro contest season with Josh Harrington (Premium Products/Oakley/Vans) taking his second consecutive Metro win, as well as taking the Oakley Best Trick for his gap over to second stage toothpick grind. Morgan Wade (Mutiny/Etnies) took a close second, and Gary Young (MacNeil/Vans) rounds out the top with his 3rd place finish. The best trick of the contest went to WeThePeople's Dave Osato who pulled the trick he started back at the Toronto Metro – the 360 tailwhip drop-in... what a treat it was to see him land that trick in only a few tries. Just amazing...
The Expert class was incredible, definitely the best one ever with the loudest crowds I've ever heard, thanx to some friends of LaserDick (Andrew Lazaruk), and Jordan Hango took the win in his last ever Amateur contest with burly moves like his hop-up the gap to double peg on the flatrail.
The girls contest was everything we wanted it to be, with the girls going out with nothing but fun in mind. Nina Buitrago (MacNeil/Etnies) took the win, and an impressive Kari Olandese getting the crowd right behind her for the wallride to double peg. The girls brought some much-welcomed estrogen to the contest, which of course carried itself into the nightlife... dancing on the pool tables and DJ booths became the norm down at The Bourbon, and we have the pictures to prove it. Thanx to all the girls for coming up, and special thanx to Nina for helping us rally up the women which came from near and far.

We've had a long, hard couple weeks of contests – putting on two of the largest contests back-to-back has definitely taken it's toll on all of us, but we couldn't be happier with how everything turned out and couldn't think of a better way to end the '05 season. We hope everybody that came up and hung out in Whistler and Vancouver had a blast, and we definitely look forward to doing it all again next year.
Pro Street Finals:
1.Josh Harrington
2.Morgan Wade
3.Gary Young
4.Chris Doyle
5.Colin McKay
6.Corey Martinez
7.John Heaton
8.Brian Hunt
9.Alistair Whitton
10.Brian Kachinsky
11.Dave Osato
12.Hannu Cools
13.Max Vincent
14 .Wade Lajlar
15.Chase Hawk
16.Clint Reynolds

Best Trick during the contest:Dave Osato: 3-whip drop in

Oakley Hard Trick: Josh Harrington: Gap over to second-stage toothpick grind.

Expert Street Finals:
1.Jordan Hango
2.Andrew Lazaruk
3.Cory Clarke
4.Ben Armstrong
5.Brent Webb
6.Guy Marsh
7.Jonathan Dempsey
8.Chris Lichti
9.Matt Desson
10.Luke Santucci
11.Steve Roders
12.Josh Yvon
13.Brett Bates
14.Dave McNab
15.Nick Goodridge
16.Robert Culver

Girls Street Finals
1.Nina Buitrago
2.Kari Olandese
3.Sam Lyons
4.Natalie Wagner
5.Kari Bennet
6.Betsy Olsavsky
7.Jessica Ausec
8.Amanda Sciandra
9.Adriane Franscini
10 .Stephanie Brown
11.Lindsey Reed
12.Sarah Bloom