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NFA stands for National Freestyle Association.
The National Freestyle Association is formed. Also known as the NFA. It was funded by the owner of Hutch Hi-Performance products in 1985.
Rockville BMX NFA Comp, September 29th, 1985.
NFA Fall Winternationals in Timonium, MD, December 14-15, 1985.
Medias: BMX Plus! april 1986, Super BMX april 1986, Freestylin may 1986.
BMX Plus! may 1986: Hutch president Richard Hutchins told us recently that he had been talking with Rod Keeling and Walt Ehnat of the USBA about the possible sale of the National Freestyle Association to the USBA. The NFA has been doing very well with its freestyle contests, but Mr. Hutchins felt the sanctioning body would do better without its connection with Hutch Hi-Performance. In the past, other bike manufacturers have said they had no intention of doing anything that was going to help one of their competitors-such as sending riders to a freestyle contest put on by Hutch. Anyway, the final terms of the agreement were finally worked out, and Hutch has now officially turned the NFA over to the USBA. As a result, the USBA will be in the freestyle business and will run the remainder of the NFA's 1986 contests. Incidentally, the first two NFA events of the season were changed. The first was canceled due to cold weather. The second was postponed until May.
wikipedia.org, march 2010: In early 1986 to obtain more members, the USBA brought the freestyle BMX National Freestyle Association (NFA) sanctioning body in early 1986 from Hutch Hi-Performance BMX, a bicycle company that had created the NFA originally in 1985. Within a couple of months the USBA itself would be bought out by the ABA.