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Place: Berlin, Germany.

www.rebeljam.com, 2005: With rebeljam we want to try to create a new from rider-to rider platform. A platform for both, BMX pros and amateurs in the same way. The interaction between riders, visitors and industry acts as an important role. All arrangements should effectively be for the benefit of the sport itself as well as of the athletes. Positively influenced by event formats like the Backyard Jams and the Metro Jams we want to lean against these kind of BMX events with rebeljam here in Germany and Central Europe. They communicate and represent the latest status of BMX and its lifestyle in the most honest and purest way. Indeed we want to try to form rebeljam with minor differences. A lot of events and competitions are set up with portable ramps in empty locations and are then removed after the event. Accordingly the scene has no advantage of the ramps and jumps after the event is over. With rebeljam we deliberately want to focus on already existing infrastructure. We think that it make sense to take an existing park with “history”, for us this is also a way of expressing respect. Apart from that the park is already available for the scene, also in the future. The park and the park management should significantly be involved in the realisation of event. We want to realize the idea in close teamwork with the park, which understands the idea of the lifestyle and ideology of BMX. Furthermore we think that like this we support and boost the continuity of park facilities. When thinking about which discipline could be carried out in addition to street, it was clear pretty fast that dirt and miniramp would fit very well. Everybody who rides street also has an affinity to dirt or/and miniramp. In addition both lost a bit of attention in the past years. Also all of these three disciplines can be ridden by all classes, i.e. the pros as well as the amateurs.With a special and new format we want rebeljam to create a real smooth competition atmosphere. No pressure should be to hard so the riders can arrange their runs as free as they like. We would like to emphasise a “together” and not a “versus”. Nevertheless rebeljam is a contest with quite attractive prize money for the pro classes winners. In all three disciplines the same amount of prize money can be won. Normally the price money is reserved only for the pro classes and the amateurs are usually rewarded with no money prizes and certificates. To have an additional incentive for them they will in addition have the opportunity to win a special highlight. We think that this way we honour the efforts of the rookies and give them the opportunity to expand their talent. Keep an eye on the news about this! Another platform thought is the integration of a small BMX expo. There are spaces for exhibitions at a few BMX events but most of them totally overpriced. So smaller rider-owned companies, shops or distributions do not have the economical opportunity to rent these spaces. And not to forget the distance to the event and thus the transport and travel expenses. The BMX industry should not be under estimated but is not comparable with other industries and their economic status. At rebeljam we would like to offer these shops, distributions, magazines or companies the opportunity to represent themselves and offer their products for sale. Up to eight exhibitors can take part. Like this we might boost the BMX industry a bit. Also for the visitors it is nice to be able to buy new products or to just look what is new on the market.

Sandy Carson, www.rebeljam.com, 2007: The Rebel Jam is like Disneyland and Woodstock for BMX all at once crammed into one weekend. It has the perfect balance of Riding, and Partying with the most laid back atmosphere. This sort of thing would not fly in the USA and that's what makes it unique. There's an amazing art show put on and a magical mystery tour bus ride through Berlin thrown in. What else can you ask for in a Jam?
Date: Friday August 11, 2006 - End: Sunday August 13, 2006.
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Location: Mellowpark - Berlin/Germany
Date: 10.-12 august 2007.
What: Street - Trails - Miniramp.
Classes: pro & amateur (limited on 70 riders each class, each category)
Prize (pro): • 24.000,- €