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Birmingham, UK. May 6th, 2001
Medias: Dig #17, ...
Birmingham, UK. May 6th, 2001
Medias: Dig #17, ...
Red Bull Circle of Balance
BMX Flatland, October 26, 2002, Gasometer, Oberhausen, Germany.
Red Bull 3º Shipyard Street, September 7, 2003, Newcastle, UK.
Red Bull Circle of Balance.
BMX Flatland, April 24, 2004, Gasometer, Oberhausen, Germany.

Footage from the unreleased Flatland Manifesto 7. Contest fooage from the Red Bull Circle of Balance 2004 contest in Germany. Filmed by Nev, edited by P.
Three Degrees Heats up Cardiff.
Around 6,000 people flocked to Cardiff Oval Basin on Sunday 13th June 2004.
Red Bull Elevation. november 2005
KC Badger is on the cover of Twenty magazine november 2005 doing a sweet turndown at the Red Bull Elevation dirt contest.

Backyard build off.
Red Bull Bridge Master.
Amsterdam, 22 April 2006
Tobias Wicke from Berlin proved himself to be the ultimate winner of today's Red Bull Bridge Master. This international BMXcontest was organised on the most touristic spot in Amsterdam, the Magere Brug over the Amstel river. About five thousand enthusiastic spectators witnessed tricks and moves performed by the best European BMX-riders on the best-photographed bridge in The Netherlands.
Redbull Elevation.
Red Bull Elevation 2006 final results. Saturday, July 1, 2006: 1.Corey Bohan 2.Luke Parslow 3.Ryan Nyquist 4.Chris Doyle 5.Cameron White 6.Anthony Napolitan 7.Alejandro Caro Ospina 8.TJ Lavin 9.Darren Barrecloth 10.Romuald "Bibi" Noirot 11.James Foster 12.Dave Dillewaard 13.Brian Foster 14.Kye Forte 15.Kym Grosser 16.Paul Kintner 17.TJ Ellis 18.Dane Searls 19.Gary Young 20.Adam Baker
RedBull 14
Red Bull Circle of Balance 2007.
February 24th, 2007, Tokyo, Japan.
Red Bull Elevation 2007.
July 1st 2007. Whistler, BC, Canada.
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Red Bull Elevation 2008.
The fourth Red Bull Elevation - one of the worlds most acclaimed and anticipated BMX dirt events - traveled south this year to Guadalajara, Mexico.
Report, results, video.
2008 Red Bull Empire of Dirt.
Press release, www.fatbmx.com, may 2008: Today Red Bull & Kye Forte announced the much anticipated ‘Red Bull Empire of Dirt’ course design. This year’s course will be more aggressive than ever and promises to challenge even the best riders on the planet. Last year the innovative and downright scary course, which swallowed thousands of tons of dirt, took more than a month to build. This year it will take almost three times as long, making it a mouth watering prospect for the riders and public alike. The construction of the Red Bull Empire of Dirt course has been underway for a few weeks already. The course crew have been hard at work and it is starting to take shape. Thousands of tons of dirt have been used to create a huge dirt superpipe, massive double jumps and hip… and there is still plenty more to follow! Once all the dirt’s in place a team of carpenters have the skilled job of assembling the technical street obstacles including rails, boxes and wall rides. Like a true slopestyle course, traditionally found in freestyle snowboarding, it has been designed to offer riders multiple lines. This truly gives the riders infinite ways to showcase their skills and create new, never seen before, trick combinations. Course designer and BMX legend Kye Forte comments: ‘The route of the course is fairly similar to last year, just bigger and better. We decided to keep almost all the major features including the huge dirt pipe and the big curve wall ride. One of the exciting new areas is the elevated quarter pipe which also has a large bridge ledge. I think it’s going to be the gnarliest part of the course!’ He continues: ‘To make sure it challenges all the riders, whatever their discipline, this year’s course has been designed with more of a divide between the dirt and street side. There really is something for all the riders.’
Red Bull Circle of Balance 2012.
www.expn.com: A decade ago, Red Bull introduced the BMX flatland contest known as the Circle of Balance. Considered by all within the subculture of flatland to be the premiere competition in the world, the Circle of Balance has made several appearances in Germany before traveling to Japan in 2007. Five years later, it returned to Kyoto, Japan.
Red Bull invited 18 of the top flatland riders from throughout the world to Kyoto to compete in a one-on-one battle format. The level of energy at the Circle of Balance is unsurpassed in terms of flatland competition, and allows for the riders to take chances and execute their toughest and most innovative tricks. Red Bull also ensures that the surface is perfect for the riders -- something once overlooked in past flatland competitions.
Veteran flatland pro Kerry Gatt represented his home country of New Zealand in his inaugural Circle of Balance competition. Although Gatt was knocked out early in the competition, his inclusion in the Circle of Balance demonstrates that the event organizers recognize the need to represent the many different passages flatland riders take through riding. Gatt, 39, now lives in Northern California and rides for Chad Degroot's Deco brand.
Representing the small and innovative faction of flatlanders that have shed their pegs, Greece's George Manos made his inaugural Circle of Balance appearance in Kyoto. Manos' style of flatland riding was probably the most unique of all of the COB competitors. Manos glides on his front wheel in circles by standing on the pedal, bracing his chest against his handlebars and removing his hands. Not easy. Part of the new breed of Canadian flatland riders, Jean William Prevost traveled from Montreal, Quebec for his first Circle of Balance competition. Prevost's command of the inner-circle gliding junkyard allowed for him to finish in third place overall in Kyoto.
The judges included an international assortment of respected flatland talent: Kotaro Tanaka from Japan, Chad DeGroot from the United States, Travis Collier from Canada, Michael Steingraeber from Germany, and Martti Kuoppa from Finland. All pro riders themselves, several of whom have also competed in past Circle of Balance competitions. Again, COB spares no expense when it comes to making everything right for their brand of flatland contests. Paying homage to Darren Pelio, Japan's Moto Sasaki made his first Circle of Balance appearance and came as close as possible to grinding his handlebars on the ground during this Karl Kruzer link. A former NORA Cup winner, 27-year-old Sasaki started riding at a later age than most (18) but quickly shot to the top of the Japanese flatland scene.
Since the late '90s, Spain's Viki Gomez has been at the forefront of innovative flatland riding. With roots in Madrid, Gomez has appeared in every Circle of Balance competition to date and continues to progress. Gomez has won two other COB competitions, and added a third win following Saturday's competition in Kyoto. At age 31, he remains virtually unstoppable. France's Alex Jumelin won the rider's choice award, and on the bus ride back to the hotel after the contest, Terry Adams was stuffed in a luggage compartment.

Matthias Dandois, facebook.com, september 2012: Red Bull circle of balance 2012 is the best contest I've ever been at. Hands down.

Manu Massabova, www.agoride.com, septyembre 2012: Victoire de Viki amplement méritée, le Flat vient encore de vivre un grand moment... 3ème victoire de COB pour notre ami espagnol avec un run complètement maitrisé et aussi complètement fou ! Que ce soit sur l'avant et son tout dernier links avec pas moins de deux kick flip dedans ou sur la roue arrière avec ses passages en pivots et cross foot sans jamais toucher au pneu et toujours avec un time machine en finition, Viki a largement dominé le Circle of Balance cette année devant une horde de japonais en furie! Second sur le podium, le japonais Hiro avec un run constitué uniquement de « air tricks », des whooper et half whip entre chaque tricks et même un megaspin whooper complet to time machine mais beaucoup trop de pied pour pouvoir faire mieux que l’espagnol. En même temps avec ce sol glissant, il faut reconnaître qu’à part Viki justement, il y a eu beaucoup de pieds et de glissades. En 3ème position on retrouve un homme que j’admire vraiment, le canadien Jean William Prevost qui est aussi le rider le plus énergique du monde, une vraie pile électrique ! Et pour un gars qui n’existait pas il y a deux ans, se retrouver sur le podium du Circle of Balance devant les meilleurs riders de la planète, c’est déjà un exploit. Malheureusement, «Dub» s’est surtout concentré sur la roue arrière (alors qu’il est aussi fort sur l’avant) avec un run assez redondant et malgré un pivot de ouf sur la pédale to time machine, il aurait difficilement pu faire mieux que 3ème. 4 : Matthias Dandois qui avait du mal à cacher sa déception et je le comprends bien car il a tout donné et perso je l’aurais plutôt mis second même s’il a foiré son last trick, son fameux hammer de fin de run (half cab whooper to time machine), il a quand même rentré un putain de gros links sur l’avant qui à lui seul le plaçait selon moi au moins à la deuxième place. Enfin, on va pas revenir sur les résultats parce que c’est toujours comme ça les contests. Dur de se mettre à la place des juges. Rider Choice: Alex Jumelin. Même si pour des raisons évidentes, j’aurais préfèré qu’Alex gagne le contest, je suis quand même content (et lui aussi je suppose) qu’il ait remporté le vote des riders qui l’ont élu comme le meilleurs rider du week-end et c’est déjà pas mal. En même temps sa 1ère battle fut contre Viki donc il se tapait direct le boss en ouverture, pas facile même pour Alex de vaincre l’espagnol et son contrôle absolu du vélo. En tout cas, beau match et surtout beau contest. Encore un grand moment du flat et du bmx en général. Merci Red bull.