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Birmingham, UK. May 6th, 2001
Medias: Dig #17, ...
Birmingham, UK. May 6th, 2001
Medias: Dig #17, ...
Red Bull Circle of Balance
BMX Flatland, October 26, 2002, Gasometer, Oberhausen, Germany.
Red Bull 3º Shipyard Street, September 7, 2003, Newcastle, UK.
Red Bull Circle of Balance.
BMX Flatland, April 24, 2004, Gasometer, Oberhausen, Germany.

Footage from the unreleased Flatland Manifesto 7. Contest fooage from the Red Bull Circle of Balance 2004 contest in Germany. Filmed by Nev, edited by P.
Three Degrees Heats up Cardiff.
Around 6,000 people flocked to Cardiff Oval Basin on Sunday 13th June 2004.
Red Bull Elevation. november 2005
KC Badger is on the cover of Twenty magazine november 2005 doing a sweet turndown at the Red Bull Elevation dirt contest.

Backyard build off.
Red Bull Bridge Master.
Amsterdam, 22 April 2006
Tobias Wicke from Berlin proved himself to be the ultimate winner of today's Red Bull Bridge Master. This international BMXcontest was organised on the most touristic spot in Amsterdam, the Magere Brug over the Amstel river. About five thousand enthusiastic spectators witnessed tricks and moves performed by the best European BMX-riders on the best-photographed bridge in The Netherlands.
Redbull Elevation.
Red Bull Elevation 2006 final results. Saturday, July 1, 2006: 1.Corey Bohan 2.Luke Parslow 3.Ryan Nyquist 4.Chris Doyle 5.Cameron White 6.Anthony Napolitan 7.Alejandro Caro Ospina 8.TJ Lavin 9.Darren Barrecloth 10.Romuald "Bibi" Noirot 11.James Foster 12.Dave Dillewaard 13.Brian Foster 14.Kye Forte 15.Kym Grosser 16.Paul Kintner 17.TJ Ellis 18.Dane Searls 19.Gary Young 20.Adam Baker
RedBull 14
Red Bull Circle of Balance 2007.
February 24th, 2007, Tokyo, Japan.
Red Bull Elevation 2007.
July 1st 2007. Whistler, BC, Canada.
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Red Bull Elevation 2008.
The fourth Red Bull Elevation - one of the worlds most acclaimed and anticipated BMX dirt events - traveled south this year to Guadalajara, Mexico.
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2008 Red Bull Empire of Dirt.
Press release, www.fatbmx.com, may 2008: Today Red Bull & Kye Forte announced the much anticipated ‘Red Bull Empire of Dirt’ course design. This year’s course will be more aggressive than ever and promises to challenge even the best riders on the planet. Last year the innovative and downright scary course, which swallowed thousands of tons of dirt, took more than a month to build. This year it will take almost three times as long, making it a mouth watering prospect for the riders and public alike. The construction of the Red Bull Empire of Dirt course has been underway for a few weeks already. The course crew have been hard at work and it is starting to take shape. Thousands of tons of dirt have been used to create a huge dirt superpipe, massive double jumps and hip… and there is still plenty more to follow! Once all the dirt’s in place a team of carpenters have the skilled job of assembling the technical street obstacles including rails, boxes and wall rides. Like a true slopestyle course, traditionally found in freestyle snowboarding, it has been designed to offer riders multiple lines. This truly gives the riders infinite ways to showcase their skills and create new, never seen before, trick combinations. Course designer and BMX legend Kye Forte comments: ‘The route of the course is fairly similar to last year, just bigger and better. We decided to keep almost all the major features including the huge dirt pipe and the big curve wall ride. One of the exciting new areas is the elevated quarter pipe which also has a large bridge ledge. I think it’s going to be the gnarliest part of the course!’ He continues: ‘To make sure it challenges all the riders, whatever their discipline, this year’s course has been designed with more of a divide between the dirt and street side. There really is something for all the riders.’