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Event: Vans Triple Crown Series 2001 .round 1
Date: June 14-16, 2001
Place: Salt Lake City, Utah
They paid through tenth place and only had eight vert entries, so of course a lot of non vert riders got in on the contest for some easy money. VERT 1.Dave Mirra (Haro) 2.Dennis McCoy (K2) 3.John Parker (Hot Wheels/GT) 4.Jay Eggleston (Schwinn) 5.Ryan Nyquist (Haro) 6.Jason Davies (Mongoose) 7.Rick Thorne (Hoffman) 8.Scott Wirch (Mongoose) 9.Allistair Whitton (MacNeil) 10.Mike Seward
The dirt course was amazing. Fuzzy and crew built the excellent course and a happy Fuzz made the finals, something he's been long over due for. The jumps were laid out as a six-pack, all with multiple lips, followed by a 180-degree turn and a four pack. The berm seemed to give some of the non-trail riders some trouble, something we like to see. DIRT RESULTS 1.Ryan Nyquist (Haro) 2.Mike Aitken (Fit) 3.Cory Nastazio (Huffy) 4.Mike Parenti (GT) 5.Steve McCann (Mongoose) 6.Brian Foster (Airwalk/Fox) 7.Tim "Fuzzy" Hall (Mongoose) 8.Stephen Murray (Nirve) 9.Ryan Jordan
The park course was pretty good and the organizers listened to rider input for improvements. Ryan and Dave fought it out for the top spot in street with Ryan taking first. STREET RESULTS 1.Ryan Nyquist (Haro) 2.Dave Mirra (Haro) 3.Colin MacKay (Mountain Dew) 4.Alistair Whitton (MacNeil) 5.Rob Darden (S&M) 6.Scott Wirch (Mongoose) 7.Dennis McCoy (K2) 8.Markus Wilke (Mosh 9.Todd Walkowiak (Mongoose) 10.Victor Murphy (Dirt Bros)