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Event: third and final stop of the Vans Triple Crown of BMX 2001
Date: Oct. 3-7
Place: Oceanside, CA.
VERT RESULTS 1. Dave Mirra 2. John Parker 3. Dennis McCoy 4. Koji Kraft 5. Jay Eggleston 6. Josh Harrington 7. Jim Burgess 8. Scott Wirch 9. Jeremy Fanberg 10. Chad Kagy
Joey Marks did a backflip tailwhip. DIRT RESULTS 1. Ryan Nyquist 2. Joey Marks 3. Mike Aitken 4. Steve McCann 5. Todd Walkowiak 6. Colin Mackay 7. Ryan Jordan 8. Allan Cooke 9. Kris Bennett 10. Cory Nastazio
Dennis McCoy pulled out an amazing run to beat out Colin MacKay and Mirra and grab first place in the Street competition. Mirra's scores were nonetheless enough to earn him the Best Overall title for Street and $10,000. He also took top honors as the Best Overall Vert champion and an additional $10,000. STREET RESULTS 1. Dennis McCoy 2. Colin Mackay 3. Dave Mirra 4. Alistair Whitton 5. Mike Parenti 6. Ryan Nyquist 7. Dave Osato 8. Mike Szczesny 9. Mike Laird 10. Scott Wirch
BOWL RESULTS 1.Dave Mirra 2.Dennis McCoy 3.Koji Kraft 4.Chad Kagy 5.Jay Eggleston 6.Jim Burgess 7.Rick Thorne 8.Ben Snowden 9.Matt Berringer 10.Kurt Yeager